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Любители шахмат со всего мира задают в фейсбуке вопросы президенту ВСИ на самые разные шахматные и не шахматные темы. С некоторыми такими беседами нам хотелось бы ознакомить и читателей "Шехины". Большинство собеседников предпочитают сохранять анонимность, поэтому мы просто будем обозначать публикуемые диалоги, как "чат №1", "чат №2" и т.д. Эти беседы могут быть в дальнейшем продолжены, но мы постараемся сохранить их нумерацию, чтобы все желающие имели возможность восстановить нить того или иного разговора.


Чат №1 с бразильским любителем.

P: The match carlsen x anand is a lie too?? Similar like karpov x kasparov?

I can't say exactly about Carlsen-Anand. In some way it is influenced for sure. But to what extent the players are involved in the lie i can't say.

For instance the match between Kasparov and Anand in New York in 1995 was rigged for sure and in such a way that it was practically impossible to do [so] without wilful collaboration of Mr. Anand. It is proven beyond any doubt.

Well, Carlsen follows exactly the same patterns as the two K before him.
Chess is very closely related to politics. That is the problem. And besides chess is a very important part of the cabbalistic matrix, of the general scheme of deception of the fallen mankind.

But when u started in chess u already knew about problems with alekhine,, steinitz,,, morphy or corruption,, and neverthless you follow playing indo ches
Playing in tournaments

No, I didn`t know then.

And u follow destroyed karpov in Buenos Aires 1994 anda wijk aan zee 1998,, lol
Corruption didn knew,,, but what happens with steinitz,,, morphy and anothers about madness u knew,,,
I go read Graziano s book
And about chess have some books to índicate me?

Well, madness is not the point with Steinitz, Morphy, Rubinstein, etc. There are lots of crazy people around. The point is they all served a wrong cause and were involved with criminal activities.
I can't even recommend you a single decent chess book - they are all misleading and sometimes even consciously misleading.

Wich wrong cause?
And which criminal activities?

Messianic wrong cause.
World revolution.
Destruction of human civilization.
Construction of the planetarian Auschwitz.

Using chess like tool?

This is what the chess project is all about.
Yes, [using] chess like a tool and like a symbol of all these changes.

I play chess and i dont think that stimulate violence only for be a war about two oposite colour pieces
Movies can stimulate violence
Chess is a toy
A funny entertainment
Worse is manufacture guns

Why don't you try to defend this point of view at a public forum?

I think that u dont have guilt chess

No, ***, i don't say chess is bad in itself. It is the way it is being used nowadays that is horrible. The way it is constituted into a professional sport, the whole system of values it represents and the purpose it serves.
The first thing we must do to change this embarassing situation is to disqualify the most corrupt players.

I agree
About the chessplayers
In corruption,,,
But for me its a minor part of the grandious chess
A small part of
I think u should be grateful that the chess gave u,,, and should honor the sacred and beautifull game

***, the point is HOW should we honor the game of chess. Perhaps, by taking part in the general scheme of corruption, putting a deaf ear and a blind eye to it? Or rather by eradicating the corruption in chess and by getting rid of the most corrupt individuals who parasitise on chess?

That does not bother most of amateur chessplayers
And is dificult to most of amateurs chessplayers change the cúpula of the game,,, fide

And why do you speak on behalf of the "most of amateur chessplayers", ***?

Look, these guys are not only corrupt and crazy - they are profoundly criminal. They have committed lots of crimes in ex-Russia (ex-SU). They are culpable of millions of deaths. And now they are determined to bury all these crimes in the flames of the third world war.

The governament have the guilty
Not the chessplayers
Kasparov is bad or good??
They was against Putin,, no?

Do you read in spanish, ***?


Then let me invite you again to visit the forum Madrid Mueve, read our discussion there and after that try to defend your points of view publicly.

Who are the enemies?,, fide?,,, EUA,,, puttin,,, iluminatis??

OK, i'll answer these questions of yours at the forum.

And who are the Friends? Gorbachov?,,, schwarzenegger?,,,,snowden?,,,
But Karl Marx was good,, agree?
A saint,,
Yes or no?
Your opinion about Karl Marx is very important

now i have nadie vio to matrix,,,
in the begginer remember me NOAM CHOMSKY
but things that i like in BERTRAND RUSSELL is that he teaches us never  have dumb  fears,,
ant he tell us that we are training in schools only to make work when adult
the enemy are the евреи?
karl marx helped workers gain labor rights

You know, ***, by profession i am a professor of marxism, i was trained for that and i know marxism from within and from outside quite well. That is why i think you are right - i am not only entitled to speak publicly on the issues of marxism and the problems related to it, but it is my direct duty to do so.
There are too many people totally deceived on all these issues.
I have posted some of your questions at Madrid Mueve and invite you again to join our discussion.

Seguimos con la respuesta:

Desde el punto de vista filosófico el marxismo ha sido un craso error, peor todavía – una gran impostura del ocultismo europeo. Económicamente – un desastre, históricamente – un fraude, politicamente – una barbarie, moralmente – repugnante, intelectualmente – degradante.

Esta absurda e irracional doctrina babilónica ha sido la base de la involución intelectual y del retroceso moral, cultural, social y civil jamás vistos antes.

Jurídicamente el marxismo ha sido el mayor crimen en la historia de la humanidad con tres holocaustos llevados a cabo sólo en Rusia y con el resultado final de un gran agujero negro creado en el terriotorio desolado de la ex-Rusia.

Con la ayuda de esta plaga mental los místicos babilónicos consiguieron criminalizar a Rusia, exterminar su élite intelectual, expoliar todas sus riquezas y convertirla primero en la SSSR-USSR-Egipto-Mitzraim y luego en el Cocodrilo Egipcio "RF", con su patético culto del cadáver del anticristo Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Lo más importante para nosostros tal vez sea el hecho de que el Marxismo constituye uno de los derivativos directos del Talmud Bavli y de la cábala luriana y por esa razón el marxismo es absurdo y falso exactamente en la misma medida en que es absurda y falsa la gemarah babilónica, el "Zohar", las enseñanzas de Itzjak Luria y los escritos de Hayyim ben Joseph Vital.


Вопрос любителя о шахматных книгах.

Zurich 53 and some of botvinnik are good books??
Or neither these?

Look, ***, I have a book of Michael Botvinnik "Half a Century of Chess" presented to me by the author himself.


The dedication says: "To my friend Valery with a kind request not to read this book! 22-09-92"

Traducción al español:
"A mi amigo Valeri, con el ruego de que no lea este libro!
Linares, 22.9.92."
(firma) Mijaíl Botvínnik

Botvinnik's books are of the best quality available at the market. How on earth can I recommend to you chess books if even the best of them are misleading and might damage your perception of the chess realities?




Вторая часть чата №1 с бразильским любителем.


My objective is known the chess tecnique reality,, dont the chess reality,, or conspirations teories about chess,, judeus,,, iluminates organização marcians
Or religion
I hate religion
I like filosophy only

and history? do you like history?

Yes,,, but the true hystory
Because they change the true hystory
Anda history of chess,,, like a book from Edward lasker
I want know,,, which the biggest talent in chess all the times?? Capablanca or Paul morphy?

***, i have answered your question about Marx at Madrid Mueve.

And about these two legendary players??

A few years ago I have authored a political biography of Alexander Alekhine. In that article i ponder a bit on the personality of Capablanca. I can give you a link if you like.

Of sure
Send me
And another question,,, who are your Friends in chess,,, Mikhail tahl was one,?


Следующая биографическая статья о "4-м чемпионе мира по шахматам" Александре Александровиче Алехине была размещена на форуме http://wpc.freeforums.org в мае-июне 2010 года.

Well, I have lots of articles dedicated to the memory of Mikhail Tal.

Евреи являются злом человечества?

Hello, ***!
That is what Robert Fischer used to say.
But i say exactly the opposite: the Jews are very good. There is only one problem with them - THERE ARE NO JEWS ON THIS PLANET.

Genuines jews??
Old jews?

The problem with the term "jews" nowadays is that it is devoid of any positive meaning.

Can explain better?

It neither denotes any kind of traceable ethnic ascendency (no one can trace his or her genealogy up to 150 generations), nor the adherence to the religion of the Old Testament (because Babylonian Talmud not only contradicts the Bible but in many respects is utterly incompatible with it).


And if we just want to denote some kind of membership in an international criminal syndicate or a secret society based upon ultra-fascist ideology, chaldean kabbalistic mysticism and necromancy - then we should better do it with some other term somewhat less charged with historical and religious implications.
Besides the very term “jew” is of recent invention. As far as I know it made its first appearance late in the XVIIIth century. And it was completely artificial and misleading from the very beginning. It was invented to deceive.

Well, i had said that jews are evil in the world in sense that they want to dominate the world, are intelligent,,,
Jews are not jewels

All that you say, ***, refers to the babylonian satanists, they are not jewels, it's true.




Публикуем "Чат №2" (беседа с латиноамериканским любителем), "el diálogo teológico".


estas alejado del tablero?

estamos llevando a cabo el proyecto de lucha por la limpieza deportiva en ajedrez
te invito a participar en el foro Madrid Mueve: http://www.madridmueve.com/Hilo-Ajedrez-Leontxo
hablamos de Leontxo y de los demás temas interesantes

una pregunta
sos ruso?



sí, soy ruso

y hablas en español

un poco

porque vives en españa

sí, correcto

interesante ese articulo
http://chesscom-chesscoach.blogspot.com … alery.html
CHESS COACH , ajedrez a la orden: El campeón Mundial que no fue, GM Valery Salov.


me encantaria tener tu participacion aqui
estamos alejados de todo club o asociacion
para incentiar el ajedrez sano en personas que no estan en el ambiente
me gusta tu vision de rechazo hacia el ajedrez corrupto
en donde yo vivo es muy corrupto

sí, te entiendo perfectamente, siempre se puede hacer re-posting desde MM - allí hay mucha información útil e interesante


para ahorrar el tiempo se puede hacer el seguimiento del nuestro debate aquí:
También podeis formular preguntas que os interesan, las responderé.

muchas gracias por tu invitacion
asi tambien te invito

Gracias y hasta pronto!


Hola valery

Hola, ***

Muchos están leyendo tu foro
Les parece interesante

Muchas gracias. La verdad es que tengo muchos escritos en ruso que esperan ser traducidos.

Seria muy bueno
Alguna anecdota ajedrecística tuya
Que no salga en internet?

Creo que la mayor anecdota de ajedrez de todos los tiempos ha sido el tongo de KK en 1984-90.

...he visto partidas tuyas
me fascinaron

fue hace mucho tiempo
me gustaría enseñar algo útil...
pero no sé como entrar con mis temas
son muy importantes y la gente está más bien en plan de relajarse
a lo mejor hacemos un quiz? con esa imagen:

¿Que significa eso?

no comprendi

es la imagen de la parte final de la ceremonia de inauguración de la Copa del Mundo en Brasil 2014


¿que significa el gesto?

interesante verlo
la verdad no lo se

a ver si alguien es capaz de descifrarlo, tengo la explicación y es muy interesante, muy sorprendente, hasta es chocante

me lo puedes decir?

está relacionado con el culto religioso reinante en el Occidente

mira vos
por el numero de dedos?

Sí, por el numero que están mostrando con dedos y mucho más.
en el foro Madrid Mueve les dí todas las pistas y sin embargo nadie lo descifró
requiere un poco de cálculo, eso sí
aquí está la canción:

Ceremonia Inauguración Mundial Brasil 2014 Pitbull ft Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte - We Are One

Habría que juntarla con la imagen y escuchar con atención.
Es muy ajedrecistica: "We are one" (Gens Una Sumus")
La pregunta es: ¿por qué la señorita Leitte muestra dos dedos en vez de uno?

(se interrumpe la conversación)

hola, y a esta imagen la reconoces?


no la reconozco

entonces sería muy dificil resolver el problema
en este campo también hay que conocer un montón, más que en ajedrez

me intriga la primer imagen
el tema de los numeros
con los dedos

Sí, es intrigante: ¿por qué Claudia Leitte muestra dos dedos (con las palabras "somos uno")?
we are one

solo dos?
no serian 3?

en la grabación se puede apreciar que son dos

porque serian dos?

Doy otra pista: ¿sabeis cuál es la fiesta principal en la "Rusia" actual?

no lo se
requiere de mucho conocimiento cultural

bueno, la fiesta principal es el mismo día cuando se celebró la ceremonia en San Paulo
12 de junio
se llama "el día de Rusia"
y nadie sabe por que se llama así
en realidad es la fiesta ocultista

mira vos

el yahrzeit del viejo en la foto, el día de su muerte


casi nadie lo sabe en Rusia y sin embargo lo celebran como la principal fiesta nacional

lo busque y sale como una declaracion de independencia

sí, antes se llamaba "el día de la independencia"
pero como nadie sabía explicar de que clase de "independencia" se trata (de qué y de quién), cambiaron el nombre

Bien, y porque le dan tanta importancia en un mundial?

porque ahora ya no es la fiesta de Rusia, ya es internacional el culto:
este hombre por primera vez en 2.000 mil años ha sido oficialmente proclamado "anticristo" por el concilio de rabbis
firmaron dos documentos al respecto

mira vos

es oficial, puedo presentar los documentos con todas las firmas
y le reconocieron como "anticristo" despues de su muerte

yo soy un poco distante en cuestion de religiones
soy agnostico
mucho lo del ocultismo me parece que lo hacen para infundir miedo
soy un defensor de la razon

son todos místicos y odian a la razón

estan un poco chiflados

mucho, no poco, están enfurecidos

y lo raro es que sea internacional
es raro que tanta gente se deje llenar la cabeza por eso
seguramente se relacionado con lo de los iluminati
y todos esos mitos ocultistas

esta secta se llama Chabad
está en todas enciclopedias
tienen montón de websites
hacen mucha pùblicidad en los medios
y sin embargo nadie se da cuenta
están hipnotizados todos
Sin embargo, habeis oído hablar de Jesucristo?

que raro que esten hipnotizados con algo malo
cuando era chico
era muy creyente en jesus
aun llevo algo de su esencia en mi
pero se mezcla todo
el cuestionamiento por las cosas
el uso de la razon

pues esa gente ha conseguido sustituir el culto de jesucristo con el culto del "rebe rey-moshiaj"
Así se llama este hombre.
murió el 12 de junio de 1994

mientras no le hagan daño a las personas
podran creer en lo que ellas quieran

y póstumamente le reconocieron como anticristo

siempre y cuando concuerde su ideal de bien con el nuestro

el vuestro no les interesa para nada
para ellos no contais
no existis

y bueno

no os hay

sinceramente para mi no existen tampoco
no son imprescindibles para la realizacion de mi vida

la diferencia entre ellos y vosotros está en vuestro status político y social
tienen control total sobre vuestras vidas y pueden hacer con vosotros lo que les plazca

en cuanto al materialismo
en cuanto al espiritu no pueden tocarlo

pueden mataros sin incurrir en ninguna falta jurídica

la creencia en jesus hace que elimines lo material

el problema con el cristianismo es que nadie entiende ya su esencia

la esencia del cristianismo
esta en sentirse bien uno
sin acudir al daño al projimo
porque si asi sucediere te estarias dañando a ti mismo

no he encontrado ningún hombre en España capaz de ver la diferencia entre el cristianismo y anticristianismo

en realidad todo rije en amor al projimo
si no amas al projimo no te amas a ti mismo
ahi esta la diferencia

¿y quién es tu prójimo, ***? ¿y como le amas a él? ¿y que está por delante del amor al prójimo? ¿no pretenderás ser el único creyente en España?
¿Estás al tanto que la Iglesia Católica ha renunciado oficialmente a la fe cristiana en 1965?

era evangelista
y aun me quedo algo de esas enseñansas
catolico nunca lo he sido
el projimo sos vos
es todo el mundo
y en cuanto a amar
es una sensacion dificil de explicar
se siente
Tu en que crees?

Así responden todos - "difícil de explicar".
¿Y qué está por delante del amor al prójimo?

tu puedes explicar lo que es amor?
no comprendo esa pregunta

¿antes de amar al prójimo qué hay que hacer?

me lo puedes decir?

El mandamiento número uno es amar a Dios. ¿Y qué significa eso?

no conozco los mandamientos
no soy religioso profeso
de chico fui a una iglesia

No hay nadie en este pais capaz de explicarlo bien.
por eso digo que no hay nadie que sepa la diferencia entre el cristianismo y anticristianismo
por eso os van a engañar siempre y con gran facilidad

hay de cierto y mucho en la frase
Dios es Amor
sinceramente no me interesa mucho la religion
todas las religiones hablan de lo mismo
del bien y del mal
yo elijo el camino del bien

para eligir el camino del bien hay que conocer qué es el bien
y eso no es tan facil como cree la gente

que es el bien para vos?

la principal diferencia entre el bien y el mal para mí es el grado de la libertad espiritual que te permiten
el mal está siempre relacionado con las mentiras
y con la falta de libertad
y también con la sinrazón
pues eso es el mal: el odio a la verdad, a la libertad y a la razón
el grado segundo del mal es la indiferencia a todo esto
Me duele mucho confesarlo pero todo el mundo de ajedrez está totalmente poseído por el mal, en mi modo de entenderlo

porque el ajedrez esta poseido por el mal?
es cierto lo de las mentiras
pero suponte tu que el mundo fuera lleno de verdades
no habria diferencia entre las personas
y seria asi uno solo
lo que hace a las personas es la diferencia
tu puedes decir todo lo que haces?

Es falso ese razonamiento por una sencilla razón: el mal no desaparecerá jamás, es imposible que desaparezca.
pero eso no quiere decir que hay que dejarlo impune

en cuanto al ajedrez
porque esta lleno de mal?

¿Por qué? Por que son todos muy indiferentes en los temas del bien y del mal, nadie se interesa por la verdad, nadie tiene amor a la verdad.
Y eso siempre supone la gran influencia del mal en la formación de tales personas.

Seria grandioso que todo el mundo pueda tener amor a la verdad
Pero lamentablemente el mundo no es chico
Lo mas importante es tu mundo
Y sentirte bien con vos mismo
Allí vas a sentir de otra manera al mundo

El amor a la verdad no pueden tenerlo todos. Sólo los elegidos, los mejores lo tienen.
En una sociedad sana.

Porque elegidos?
Quien los elige?

En una sociedad enferma lo tienen muy pocos.
En una sociedad mortalmente enferma no lo tiene nadie.
Son elegidos espiritualmente.
No son como los demás.

Crees en alguien que elige?

Ahora tenemos un problema muy gordo en este planeta - los falsos elegidos.

Cual es el problema?

los elegidos por la carne no por el espíritu

Te hacen mucho daño los demas
Tenés que sentirte bien por vos

es el ultra-fascismo talmúdico y también el ultra-fascismo místico de la cábala

La única verdad que debe interesarte es la tuya
Porque de los demás nunca sabrás si lo es o no
Solo de la tuya lo sabrás

la Verdad es una sola y también hay un montón de verdades secundarias particulares

pero como sabes si es verdad lo que te dice alguien si no lo puedes verificar?
vos supones que es verdad

eso de la relatividad de la Verdad lo inventaron para el consumo de los borregomatrix
es muy facil saber
los que mienten siempre intentan limitar tu libertad de expresión

es cierto

así que tenemos un criterio muy seguro
para distinguir entre el bien y el mal

estas muy enojado con el ambiente ajedrecistico

es un ambiente muy decadente, muy enfermizo

te ha hecho el ambiente del ajedrez algo en particular
por lo cual has adquirido esta manera de pensar?

ya lo expliqué en gran detalle en Madrid Mueve
tenemos un problema muy gordo: los tres holocaustos organizados por los bobosdebakú y los gélidos de Thulé en Rusia
y todavía no están en la carcel
y ni siquiera permiten hablar de estos tres holocaustos en los medios
es muy grave

porque no juegas a ajedrez?

y para qué?

para divertirte
para asombrarte nuevamente de un calculo tuyo

no me divierte el ajedrez

es un ambiente limpio el que creamos en este grupo
sin contaminacion de politica

os prometo jugar un torneo con vosotros después de que consigamos descalificar a los tres K.
un trato


la política contamina cuando es sucia
cuando es limpia ennoblece

de todas formas
no es nuestra intencion mas que jugar
y acercar la posibilidad de jugar con grandes jugadores a chicos que recien empiezan

es un deber dedicarse a la política
para cada persona sana
es un deber civil y un deber moral
De todas formas, ***, muchísimas gracias por esta charla.
¿Espero que no estarás en contra de que se publique en el foro?

esta charla?

prefiero que no
porque fue en privado contigo
estarias en falta con tu razonamiento
de no haberme dicho que era para publicarlo

Por supuesto, si no quieres, no voy a mencionar tu nombre.
Mientras tanto podeis buscar otros argumentos, algo mejores.

el bien se asemeja al respeto
publicar esto sin haberme dicho en un comienzo
y sabiendo yo que era privado
es ocultar

¿Publicar es ocultar? Un nuevo argumento interesante.
No te preocupes, amigo, no voy a mencionar ni tu nombre, ni tu website, ni localidad, ni voy a utilizar ninguna imagen tuya. Todo será completamente anónimo.
Asi que tus dereches personales no van a ser violados.




Вторая часть чата №2 с латиноамериканским любителем шахмат. Поскольку публикация первой части вызвала энергичные протесты любителя, который, даже сохраняя полную анонимность, пожелал, тем не менее, скрыть от общественности свои взгляды и попытался перевести диалог в русло ни к чему не обязывающего масонского политического словоблудия, этой новой публикации было предпослано небольшое вступление.


A gran pesar nuestro tenemos que informaros, estimados amigos, que nuestro muy amable contertuliano ***  puso enérgicas objeciones a la publicación del "díalogo teológico".

Fue una desagradable sorpresa para mí porque en realidad el diálogo se publicó con la impecable precisión en cuanto a las opiniones y su exacta expresión verbal, sin nungún tipo de cambio ni alteración, y siempre respetando a su derecho de privacidad e incluso anonimidad.

Tuve que omitir algunas de las réplicas de nuestro querido amigo para no dar pistas a su verdadera identidad. Así que en este caso concreto no hubo ningún fundamento válido para protestar.

Además como tratamos de los asuntos estrictamente públicos y además algunos muy controvertidos y muy importantes para la salud y seguridad social ha sido nuestro directo DEBER publicarlo con mayor precisión posible.

Como bien decía el muy sabio legislador ateniense Solón: no debe ser lícito a los ciudadanos eludir a la controversia pública.

Sin embargo, como vereis mas adelante, nuestro anónimo amigo expresó a nosotros su disgusto y su malestar con el hecho de hacerse públicos algunos de sus pensamientos.

Me inclino a ver en este lamentable hecho otra confirmación del miedo y de la inseguridad propagados en el mundo por los masones ajedrezados y, en particular, por su insigne portavoz, el campeón del periodismo mátrix Leontxo García. Los aficionados de ajedrez están ya asustadísimos de hablar en público revelando sus verdaderos pensamientos. (Sólo le queda a Leontxo asustar a los niños en los colegios y su Magnum Opus se va a cumplir.)

Ese horrible miedo infundido por los místicos barbudos en la humanidad del siglo XXI está literalmente devorando a toda nuestra civilización. Nos estamos aproximando cada vez más al Auschwitz planetario y muy pocos se atreven a levantar su voz de protesta.

Para combatir esa fatal y suicida tendencia ocultista publicamos toda la controversia en el foro.


estas valery?
No cuentes mas conmigo, yo converso con personas que desde un principio muestran sus fines y no que me salen con sorpresas. Tu razonamiento no es compatible con el mio, fui noble al atender tus preocupaciones. Suerte con tus proyectos y ojala se cumplan tus objetivos.

Me parece que se ha quedado muy bien, ***.
He sido muy correcto contigo, sin mencionar tu nombre, ni nada.

Ese no es el cuestionamiento

Pero estás muy obsesionado con el ocultismo y yo no entiendo por qué.

Desde un principio hubieses dicho las cosas

No hablamos de tu vida privada

Sinceramente pensé que mis palabras eran para ti y no para publicarlo

sino de los asuntos públicos
desde principio

Nunca dije que fuese de vida privada

sólo los masones intentan siempre ocultar sus verdaderas opiniones
y sus designios políticos

Así sea de cualquier tema

y eso es muy malo

Estas desviando la charla

eso es la plaga de la humanidad

Yo no oculto
Simplemente tengo principios

si quieres corregir algunas opiniones tuyas siempre estás bienvenido

Lo que me molesta es que me salgas con algo al final
Y no al principio
La actitud me molesta

Debes aceptar la regla del Nuevo Testamento, ***

Para los que hayan olvidado es la referencia a las siguientes palabras de Jesucristo:
34 !!Generación de víboras! ¿Cómo podéis hablar lo bueno, siendo malos? Porque de la abundancia del corazón habla la boca.
35 El hombre bueno, del buen tesoro del corazón saca buenas cosas; y el hombre malo, del mal tesoro saca malas cosas.
36 Mas yo os digo que de toda palabra ociosa que hablen los hombres, de ella darán cuenta en el día del juicio.
37 Porque por tus palabras serás justificado, y por tus palabras serás condenado.

Si dices sí, debe ser sí
debes tener la misma opinion en público y en privado
[todavía más] cuando se trata de asuntos públicos

Me parece que no nos estamos comprendiendo
Mi pensamiento es el mismo en publico y en privado
El tema esta...

esa mentalidad masónica tuya no la puedo ni aceptar ni elogiar

En que tu no me dices con que fines encaras un dialogo desde un principio

más bien me veo obligado a condenarla

De ello tu sacas provecho

y con que fines se puede encarar un dialogo?
con el fin de matar el tiempo?
como jugando al ajedrez?

Me molesta que me digas mason
Estas realizando juicios incorrectos

te digo que tienes la mentalidad masónica

Desviando la charla hacia un lugar conveniente para ti

la estoy llevando al grano del asunto
estais perdiendo tiempo jugando al ajedrez

El grano del asunto es

y encima estais llevando por el mal camino a muchos otros

Que tienes que respetar a las personas como son

es la obra diabólica que estais haciendo
a los satanistas no los puedo respetar
por que son criminales
matan a la gente
deben estar en la carcel
y no enseñar a los demás
por cierto que ya estás avisado del uso que voy a hacer con esta conversación nuestra

Que tiene de malo el ajedrez? Aun no me has respondido eso

Ya lo he explicado en Madrid Mueve
sustituye el pensamiento con el cálculo
eso tal vez no fuera tan grave si la gente lo combinaran con la gimnasia de la mente
pero no lo quieren hacer
la gente prefiere matar tiempo, congelar su cerebro, no percatarse de nada y no responsabilizarse de la nada

Yo disfruto jugar al ajedrez, disfruto de un buen calculo y de un razonamiento. A caso disfrutar no es un objetivo de vida?

otros disfrutan matando a la gente, y qué?
Vamos a permitirlo?

Estamos hablando de un juego

también el juego desata todo tipo de malas pasiones
no es sano

No podes comparar eso

por eso el ajedrez ha sido prohibido por la Iglesia en 1215
no digo que hay que prohibirlo del todo
sin embargo es necesario obligar a los jugadores desarrollar sus mentes

Lo que sucede aquí es que te ha ido mal en algo en concreto con el ajedrez y desatas tu furia hablando de ello todo el tiempo

estoy luchando contra la corrupción, nada más
nada personal
con que me ha ido mal es con el talmud y con la cábala
no auanto a los fascistas
no aguanto

Te parece mal que yo difunda el ajedrez?

el talmud babilónico y la cábala caldea son las dos plagas principales de la humanidad
el ajedrez es sólo un derivativo
tu puedes difundir el ajedrez con una condición


deberías ayudar al mismo tiempo a la gente entender cómo les están engañando
y a donde les están llevando

Sinceramente es la primera vez que siento que me engañen

ahora sabrás
lo siento que tengo que decirtelo pero a tí te han adiestrado como a todos los demás

Y que debo hacer? No continuar con el ajedrez?

Intenta informarte de lo que está pasando.
Recomiendo empezar con el libro de Walter Graziano "Nadie vio Matrix"

Lo voy a tener en cuenta
Hace cuanto estas en España?

hace mucho tiempo




Чат №3 с индийским любителем шахмат. Это только начало, беседа была очень обстоятельной.



Not very high, i'm afraid. Dear Satish, you should also be aware that both players - Carlsen and Anand - have been already disqualified by the World Players' Council (WPC). It's very sad, i agree, but this is the true situation we are confronted with.

why anand disqualified?
he's a gentle man plays by the rules

Anand was disqualified for his PCA match of 1995 with G. Kasparov in New York - which was a prearranged affair. Unfortunately the very rules are corrupt - so that following the rules one destroys his reputation.

then how come kasparov ran for fide presidency? did anand break fide and create pca.it was gary

Kasparov had also been disqualified - long before Anand - for his matches of 1984-1990.

did sutovsky and others banned gary?

No, it's not the point of playing outside of FIDE. In fact FIDE never sanctioned the disqualification imposed by the WPC.

you cant get a more gentleman more than anand

ACP-CPA is a pocket FIDE organization. They follow the same [corrupt] rules.

gary infact broke fide during his match with short

Well it's possible that Anand was not consciously involved in rigging up the match of 1995 but then the only way to arrange it was to have him distantly operated by a remote control.

operated by? Gary?

No, much higher than PCA or FIDE. It's a "big politics" that was involved.

cia? am i correct?

Well, CIA, MI-6, Mossad, KGB, FSB - these are basically the same organization.

fischer said most of world champ matches after 1970 fixed

Fischer was right in this respect though he erred in many others.

“The KGB Plays Chess: The Soviet Secret Police and the Fight for the World Chess Crown”. have u read this book?

Yes, sounds familiar - it's by Boris Gulko?

yes by gulko.sergey shipov said gary used super computer help from usa in 1996


This book by Gulko is very sensationalist, it misrepresents lots of facts and basically doesn't explain anything.

how come gary trailing 5-0 came back during 1984 match? can this ever occur?

You are right - it's not even credible, this 5-0.

karpov was forced to lose

Sure, both of them were following the script.

fischer said about this match fixing to anand when they met in Iceland

"Bobby Fischer during his final years in Iceland"

You see, Satish, Fischer promised to PROVE the fraud of KK but never did it as far as we know.
I did it for him.

he was beaten up in japanese jail

And my work is published on internet (in Russian).

he spoke against jews thats the end, when were u having contact with fischer ,in phillippines or japan?

Yes, that's true - he did some bold declarations. No, i never met Fischer.

fischer said to anand even ur match with kramnik 2008 is fixed

So, what did Anand reply?

he said no fixing nowadays
do you feel safe in latin america after speaking against gary?

If Anand is not in the game his mind must be completely controlled from outside.


I'm in Spain now.

no pressure there?
so anand is under cia control?

Satish, don't you know about the crisis in Europe? Everyone is under pressure nowadays.

for speaking against gary?

Surely, denouncing some nasty cases of corruption doesn't help too much to escape the pressure.

american influence is declining thats why lesser pressure

I'm not sure that the Chinese pressure would be more benign.

india counterdicts them

Has the Indian Chess Federation some say in FIDE?

yes they strong sundar from india is vice president fide. i still remember a newspaper article in 1994 mentioning ur 2700 rating and ur ending with gary i moscow 1987

Why not to try translate some articles of mine dedicated to the matches of 1984-1990?

good.how can i get involved?

When you read it you will have only two possibilities left to believe in:
1. Anand was personally involved in the fix of 1995. 2. He is remote controlled.
No third possibility.

anand was less influential at that compared to gary or kramnik. he had to dance to their tunes as he was in the growing stages of  his career

Here is the link: ИШФ: Ритуал Киппур-Каппарос в матчах на первенство мира


thank u very much
ur courageous to speak on this
do u play or coach in spain?

There are much more articles of mine on these issues of chess symbolism. Some of them are quite interesting.

marans out there

No, I dedicate my time to the history and politology.

Financially? manage on older savings?

Financially they put lots of pressure on me.
But anyway there is no way out of all this chess mire. Except denouncing the facts as they are.

play in bundesliga

No, anyway it's impossible to make living of chess.

great article, i have translated and reading it

Well, if you don't mind, we come back to it later.

u meet anand there?

No, have not seen Anand for a long time. I'm not sure if he still visits Spain.

little bit more in germany nowadays


with his friends friedel and mainz organizer

Friedel is very close to Kasparov as well. So you see - Gens Una Sumus.

both anand, gary gave suggestions on fritz advancements
anand has a strong base in germany now. plays in bundesliga prepares for wc there

I think they have little interest in Fritz, Instead they have a great interest in promoting the messianic program.

androids taking over humans


but chess is losing ground in russia
no more takers in this gen

It is planned to be the century of China. Both in chess and politics.

not fully india will spoil there plans
with pak becoming weaker chinese dreams are fading

Ojalá. In fact it's very little one can do against the kabbalistic mysticism.
Please, read the article, you will have some clues.

thats how the world has been run for all these yrs

I have to quit now but later i'll come back. Thanks.

ur colleagues



see u soon

Nice photos, thanks a lot!

my pleasure




Вторая часть Чата №3 (с любителем шахмат из Индии).


hi salov


good to see u back

How are you

i research on ancient history-1000 b c


assyrian invasions on caucasus
http://archive.org/stream/egypt07maspuo … spuoft.txt
Full text of "History of Egypt, Chaldea, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria Volume 7"
very old events

I also study the book of V. Katasonov "The Jerusalem Temple as a Financial Center". The same epoch, the same topic. Babylon.


great .share me any information you find useful


but dont you feel jews have been heavily persecuted over the ages?

Surely they were. That is why they were all exterminated.

they are now taking revenge for that, in today's world

No, there are no jews left in the today's world, not a single one.

then who are those in Israel?

Those who call themselves "jews" are the adepts of babylonian satanism. In fact the real jews were obliged to kill the babylonian satanists, that was part of the deal.


oh.then the real elite jews have been exterminated


heard of brahmins

Then came the Christians who were a sort of spiritual jews. But most of them were also exterminated in the course of the XXth century. This is the reason we have nothing left now and this is why the babylonian satanism reigns supreme.

what caused your rivalry with them?
there were indian origin priests in babylon.this could be the babylon satanism

see this

Look, what they did to Russia:


u heard putin's recent speech
he said most of the ruling officials were jews during 1945

Yes, I know (it was a declaration about the "revolution period" after 1917), but Putin decides nothing, he is not in control.

orthodox decides

Rabbis decide, the babylonian priests.

in russia

Russia doesn't exist anymore, it was dismantled in 1917.

the current one

The state that now exists is called "RF".


"RF" means "terror" in Hebrew.
and "Crocodile" in syriac

rabbis still strong in russia

So the state is called "Terror". I prefer to call it "The Egyptian Crocodile RF". Rabbis created it and are in full control. The same in Ukraine. They control both sides and have organized the war now to exterminate the population.

how come putin,orthodox cant prevent it.

Orthodox do not exist, it's a fake. Russian Orthodox Church renounced to Christianity on July 29, 1927. Officially.

so the slav accept jew superiority

Most of Russians were exterminated by the false "jews".

no resistance now

Those left are drilled in fear.

then how come u speak against them?

Do you think that there are many like me?

in europe yes

We had some great writers who denounced all these facts of the XXth century but they were all silenced by the "nice opportunists" like Mr. Anand.

oh my god

Most of "european resistance" is blind.

atleast persons like bogdan lalic speak against them

Most of intelligent chessplayers are at the level of Robert Fischer who also tried to denounce some unpleasant facts of history. But you know Robert, he didn't really understand what was going on. And perhaps even was used to promote the destructive process.

anand belongs to priestly class of brahmins similiar to jews

It doesn't mean anything.

similar mind set

The situation in India must be very similar to the rest of the world. Total confusion in everything.

somewhat india is more powerful than in 1970s

Powerful? compared to the US war machine? or chinese war machine?

not to the us. but has 2 trillion currency,1 billion population. then what could be the solution to the satanist problem?

On the macro-level it's very difficult to resolve. I have written thousands of pages of political and historical analysis to cope with the situation. It's very tough. But on the chess level (which is very important as well) we could try to do something.

shall i tell you one thing salov?


chess has been used by jews to deviate russian slavic brains by jews like moseivich
take germany, they dont have a single super gm now. isnt their country technologically advanced?

Sure, chess is an excellent tool for freezing the brains. Ivan Solonevich wrote about it in the 1930s.

"Russia in Concentration Camp" by I.L. Solonevich, Sofia 1936

Excellent writer. He knew well [enough] what he was talking about because at some moment he was in charge of the trade unionist chess section in the USSR.


take britain, its also same.what is more essential rocket science,heart surgeons or chess
a country isnt going to benefit much by having 100 gms rather 100 scientists

In fact, History, Philosophy, Theology and Politology are even much more important than the rocket science. But look, they do not exist anymore.

for me, chess is one of the most complex mind process,but how does it benefit humanity?

Chess substitutes thinking with calculation. This is why it is being promoted by the satanists.

in 1960 israel president said to french president ,soviet union is a illogical system
but in ussr they promote chess

Israel itself is illogical. It's all babylonian mysticism, we are ruled by the mystics. Destroying logic and morality are the primary objectives.

give some articles related to it

Read some Henry Makow's books on "Illuminati" and "Satanic Possession". They are quite good and they are in English.


What passes as spontaneous “social change” is in fact an organized process of satanic possession. This development is not an isolated or recent phenomenon. Western society is based on a rebellion against God and the natural and moral order. The so-called “Enlightenment” refers to Lucifer as the “light giver.” It was an assertion of the Illuminati's determination to reject Reality -- the Creator's Design – and construct an artificial reality more conducive to their interests and perversions. This is what the Cabalist bankers mean by “remaking the world” or “changing the world.” There is no way to sugarcoat this. Satanist (Cabalist) Jews and Freemasons are waging a covert war against God and man and are close to achieving victory. Many Jews and Freemasons have been a subversive force throughout history - the real reason for anti Semitism. Of course, the majority of Jews (and Christians) aren't aware of this process of satanic possession. We have all succumbed to it. Passing as “secularism” and “humanism,” Satanism is the secret religion of the West.


You can download them free on internet. I follow Henry Makow since 2001 more or less. He had some mistakes before (for example he considered himself to be a jew), but later on he rectified most of those blunders.

see my writing on origins of Egyptian civilisation.pdf this is more simpler

OK, i'll read it and talk to you later about it.
I can recommend to you another article of mine (2007) on the occult ritualistic side of the WWII. It's very important because no one ever dared to write on it before. Please, try to get it translated - it's completely new look on history. A scientific view.


what try to say is that babylonian,egyptian have their origins in indo-aryan civilisations .-indus valley civilisations

Well it's an acknowledged scientific opinion but it doesn't demonstrate anything.
Sorry, have to quit now. Talk to you later.

ok valery see u soon


http://en.chessbase.com/post/vishy-anan … ke-acting-

Vishy Anand: 'Chess is like acting'

Anand: I played in a tournament in Reykjavik and the Icelandic grandmaster Helgi Olafsson asked me if I would be interested in meeting Bobby Fischer. Olafsson picked him up from his flat, while I waited in the car. Fischer probably wanted to avoid my knowing which apartment was his.

Thanks a lot.




Третья часть Чата №3 с индийским любителем шахмат.


hi valery

Hi, Satish!

read ur article on qcccult prac during ww2

Did you understand that the whole WWII was a planned ritual?

reminded me of first scene in hell boy. but ur articles concentrate more on numerical data than concepts why?

Sure, kabbalistic numerology is the "essence of history". I have lots of articles dedicated to the messianic concepts as well. Like the term "antisemitism", for example - its meaning and its origin. Find "Sine Qua Non", it’s a small book of mine. Entirely conceptual.

numerology is jewish mindset not gen world

"Gentile world" is the world enslaved, it's populated by slaves, by "sheeple".

great.it is generally said that a man acting against jewish interests is a dead man walking

You always forget that there are no jews anymore.

ok the false jews now
they would have started surveillance on u

In fact i have always to remind people that fighting against the babylonian satanists ("false jews") was an imperative for the real jews. It was the primary condition of their covenant with God.

saw botvinnik photo?

It's nice.

his eng dissertation thesis

I also looked at the Spiegel interview with Anand (2008) - the part concerning Fischer.

chess is like acting

Yes, "Chess is like acting" - so this is what he is doing all these years.

world believed it
do u have a degree in politology now?

I studied political sciences in the Leningrad University.

st petersburg we get contacts

Sure, they teach you NOTHING in the universities.

what started personal rivalry between u and gary?

Gary is a fake. Kapparos. The real problem is not him, he is simply a puppet. The problem is three holocausts organized by the "false jews" in Russia.

which 3?

First: Red Terror, the so called "civil war" and "collectivization".
Second: the world war two.
Third: "perestroika".

how stalin accepted it?

Stalin was a Satanist, a symbol of Seth in the Egyptian Mysteries of the USSR. You know Egyptian mythology, so you must be able to perceive it.

he was a caucasian but...

It is not a nation, it is International, the synagogue of satan.

u know stalin had different ideas, how he treated trotsky
he cared for none

In fact the whole history of the USSR was a symbolical fight between Seth and Horus for the Crown of Egypt. I wrote an important article on that occult side of "soviet history" back in 2003-2004.


can u give me link?

It's a big one, almost a book.

ok.who is the horus in ussr?

It was H(o)ruschev first.


and then Horus number two - the victorious one: Gor_bachev. You must know that "Gor" is Horus in Russian.

mind boggling
how do germans come under this equation?

It's another story about Germans. You must read my article "Hit_ler and holocaust."
Look here at the article on Egyptian Mysteries in the USSR: http://satyricon20.narod.ru/sat55.htm
"Assassination of Stalin in the Year of the Serpent".

are u in contact with russian nationalists groups how do slav ethnic people react to it?

I had contacts with some professors of the St. Petersburg University.

fantastic,but i have already written brahmin priests were foremost in egypt ,jewish were only secondary to them.
i will send u photos

It's quite possible but no one can be sure today who was secondary to whom.

brahmin priests-tomb of rekhmire egypt


Rene Guenon wrote a lot on the common origin of all religious traditions in the world. Are you familiar with his work, Satish?


see leopard clothing


In fact some people consider that after the hycsos' invasion Egypt never recovered its independence. Yes, i have read your article, it's quite interesting, the photos are excellent, but it's a bit confusing for those nor well familiar with the Vedic texts.

see lord shiva in leopard clothing


Furthermore, this Exodus party of whom Hebrews and slaves remember (1250bc) under the weakening Egypt, may have meshed with other Hebrews and Israelites who themselves remember an Exodus from Egypt 300 years earlier during the (Hyksos)Amurru expulsion from Egypt by Ahmoses. These traditions may have been tied together to represent one complete History in 700 bc when J and E sources were combined.
http://www.gutenberg.org/files/28876/28 … -h/v8b.htm
History of Egypt, by Maspero, Volume 8, Part B.

Satish, I know Julius Wellhausen writings and lots of others. The problem is now and here.

this is the best example for brahmin priests in egypt.might be they are your real jews

We are not going to discuss it here, there are hundreds and thousands of volumes written on the topic.

i got a new clue here
there's a hittite connection

The symbols are the same everywhere. The concepts may differ a lot.

ammorite-amurrsky in russia

Our problem is we live in the world ruled by the psychopaths obsessed with the idea of the planetarian Auschwitz. They have only slavery in mind. And they call it "democracy".

who will change it - barbaric teutonics,chinese huns or brahmins of india?

All the mentioned dream with Auschwitz, they will not accept anything else.

but they are weakened at the moment

Everything is prepared to relegate the power to China.

no single dominance

No, it's a single-state world with no human rights whatsoever. And they falsify everything. Chess is one of the most falsified sports.

chinese indians will balance it

Anand is a horrible hypocrite, a monster.

he is powerless can he fight american jews?

He not only doesn't fight, he wilfully and eagerly collaborates - with the satanists, not jews. This is why we had to disqualify him. I'm sorry.

saw an interesting article by kissinger
you must see it

which one?

http://www.novi-svjetski-poredak.com/20 … do-sukoba/
Novi Svjetski Poredak | New World Order

this is a answer to many of ur questions
he says america should compromise with putin
war with china imminent

It is not the war with China, it's the third world war they have in mind.

oh my god

America will not "compromise with Putin" because:

s u already told

1. Putin has no power.
2. RF and US are ruled by the same crazy messianic sect. Kissinger included.

are slavs and jews inter mixed in Russia?

Everyone is intermixed and internationalized. In RF, in US, in Europe, even in India.

no pure races

And still there are circles of power not transparent for the intermixed masses. These circles of power are filled with satanists.

correct. hidden rooms

"Masones ajedrezados" is how we say in Spanish.

do u teach in spanish univs?

In the universities they teach nonsense, fascist nonsense, fascist babylonian nonsense.

so how do u view hitler?

There is an excellent book on "Hitler" written by Henneke Kardel

so he was against Satanists?

Sorry, Hennecke Kardel: "Adolf Hitler - Founder of Israel".
Look here:


About this author
Son of German scientist Rudolf Kardel. After completing Army Academy he served as an infantryman in the German army in Russia and the Balkans. In 1979 he was sued by the German state which also confiscated all his possessions. In 1982 he was acquitted without any expenses pay.

Certainly you can find the book online.

good, i will take a good look at it

It was written by one of the silenced "jews".

oh very good

"Hitler" is a cabbalistic project centuries old. Kardel doesn't write about it but you should first read his book to be able to understand it.


u have a intrguing life in front of u

All of us.

like anand some resign to fate

Anand resigned to satanism, not fate. How they call it in India - sudra? Chandala? They behave like Anand.

s-lower castes

Svi ćemo umreti na razlicite načine: Ali se morate paziti stvari pod brojem sedam (FOTO)

Satish, thank you very much for this interesting conversation. Very nice to talk to you!

great. see u soon

see you soon




На форуме мадридских любителей шахмат мною были размещены несколько видео-лекций известного аргентинского политолога Адриана Сальбучи. 

Salbuchi - Alerta Argentina!! Patagonia en Peligro - Parte 1 de 2

Salbuchi - Alerta Argentina!! Patagonia en Peligro - Parte 2 de 2

За последние десятилетия положение в Аргентине сложилось катастрофическое – еще при президентах Альфонсине, Менеме и де ла Руа были разворованы («приватизированы» за бесценок) наиболее лакомые куски государственной собственности, проведены массовые увольнения, сокращено и развалено производство в важнейших отраслях промышленности и сельского хозяйства, страна втянута в долговую удавку и объявлена банкротом.

Вся эта «аргентинская модель» была затем, по рецептам CFR, IMF и ребе короля-мошиаха, один к одному скопирована в РФ, так что общая картина разгрома и геноцида «дорогим россиянам» должна быть хорошо знакома. В настоящее время Киршнеры уже обгладывают доставшийся им в наследство от братьев-масонов остов некогда богатейшей страны. 

Более половины жителей Аргентины живут за чертой бедности, вымирают целые провинции, зато в стране чрезвычайно активны хабадники – как и везде, «сеющие духовное» (пропаганду и террор) и «пожинающие материальное».

Активы, недвижимость и земля энергично скупаются любавичерами-олигархами, все уже подготовлено к развалу Аргентины или, как минимум, к аннексии у нее Патагонии. Прорабы перестройки готовы к резкому сокращению, а возможно, и к полной зачистке населения 40-миллионной страны.

Как и повсюду, идеологическое прикрытие геноцида осуществляется Инф. Пламенными. Вот, принимая во внимание бедственное экономическое положение Аргентины, подавление гражданского общества и тотальный погром ее общественных структур, образования, здравоохранения, пенсионных фондов и т.д., я и предлагаю вам, уважаемые друзья, оценить характер состоявшегося «теологического диспута» с аргентинским любителем. Вы увидите, что это своего рода «Пламенный light» - подобные дискуссионные приемы нам уже хорошо знакомы по общению на форумах рунета. Имитация христианства в Аргентине – один из важнейших приемов подавления воли народа к сопротивлению «тайне хасидского беззакония». 

Итак, новогодний чат №4, шахматная горячка, или «Пламенный в пампасах».


Hola, Carlos y ***! Feliz Año Nuevo 2015! En este nuevo año vamos a descalificar a los corruptos KKK. Definitivamente. Saludos y seguid leyendo!

"La Historia Oculta de Ajedrez" se puede leer aquí: http://peshka.foroactivo.com/t72-topic


"El gran fraude del Mundial-2014 en Brasil":

Carlos Tornquist:
Valery... yo si sospechabay creo k la Fifa es del enemigo...como se llama al diablo entre cristianos.
o sea , ahí creo tienes razón
mentiría Jesús ??
no. no mintió en lo k dijo.
tu , Valery , responde a esto , así como yo te respondí a ti.

De eso no hace falta hablar, estimado Carlos. Cualquier persona inteligente entiende que Jesus es el Cristo y que no habrá otro.
Tenemos sólo dos opciones: el culto de Jesucristo (el culto de la verdad, de la justicia y de la libertad) o el culto del cabrón baphomet y con él la inevitable manipulación, la esclavitud y la muerte.
Sabemos muy bien lo que han elegido nuestros líderes corruptos:


Carlos Tornquist
pero como SI ES EL CRISTO SE DEBE HABLAR Y PREDICAR DE EL. Romi 10.8 al final del cap! !

Si queremos sobrevivir es nuestro derecho y nuestro deber - descalificar a los diabólicos
hay que hablar de Cristo con [nuestras] actuaciones, castigando a [los enemigos de Cristo] por sus numerosos crímenes

Carlos Tornquist
te leo. tu me lees con atención ?

sí, carlos, te sigo con atención
los tres primeros diabólicos a ser descalificados por sus amaños de los encuentros por el título mundial son: el gélido de Thulé, el bobodebakú y el iluminado Kirsán

Carlos Tornquist

Carlos, tengo la impresión de que tengas la fe sólo en palabras
y no quieres actuar para la mayor gloria del Señor

Carlos Tornquist
veo k no respondes lo preguntado

hay tiempo para oración y hay tiempo para actuación
ya es la hora de hacer algo bueno
estás preparado?

Carlos Tornquist
lo cual revela k Jesús no es tu Señor...

no te veo preparado
estás muy confundido, hombre

Carlos Tornquist

es muy poca cosa - trabajar con la lengua

Carlos Tornquist
y lo digo con claridad!!

hay que actuar
no serás un ecumenista encubierto?

Carlos Tornquist
yo TAMBIEN actuó.

y hay que trabajar con la mente
hay que ser antisemita de verdad

Carlos Tornquist
hospitales geriátricos oración intercesión etc etc
entiendes ??

es una actuación pasiva
no vale en estos tiempos tan turbulentos
los diabólicas ejecutan el plan del exterminio físico de los fieles
y hay que pararlos

Carlos Tornquist
pasiva?? no mi amigo. estar y visitar tanta gente NO ES PASIVO...

Por favor, estimado Carlos escucha a esta conferencia de Adrián Salbuchi y toma conciencia:

Salbuchi - Nuevo Orden Mundial - Parte 5

Una excelente explicación del funcionamiento del Consejo de las Relaciones Exteriores

Carlos Tornquist

los diabólicos matan y tú "visitas a la gente"?
menudo chollo anticristiano
nos estás tomando el pelo?

Carlos Tornquist

veo que eres un hereje

Carlos Tornquist

Por favor, visita nuestra página "Shekina" y lea con atención el hilo "Ecumenismo y la génesis de la matriarquía estalinista":

Carlos Tornquist

Экуменизм и генезис сталинской матриархии («РПЦ МП»)

Экуменизм и генезис сталинской матриархии («РПЦ МП»)

Hemos examinado ya todo tipo de perversiones pseudo-religiosas
y las hemos condenado
ponte a trabajar, hombre, para facilitar la descalificación de los pícaros corruptos.
Ha sido un placer charlar contigo, Carlos
tengo que irme
feliz año nuevo!

Carlos Tornquist
no hace falta k te responda Valery , xq no estás tu en el.hablar fe lo k dices
es lo k saldrá de ti lo k hablo

Por cierto, no estarás en contra de publicar nuestra pacífica charla?
como siempre lo hacemos en el foro Madrid Mueve

Carlos Tornquist

si no estás en contra, estarás de acuerdo

Carlos Tornquist
no si la públicas ENTERA!!

por supuesto

Carlos Tornquist

sí, sí, claro




Чат №5 с аргентинским журналистом Хулианом Кастро.


Estimados amigos, para distraeros un poco del apocalíptico clan "Bush" y de sus "ángeles-guardianes" del Eastern Parkway 770, publicamos el reciente FB chat del GM Valeri Salov con el periodista Julian Castro de Argentina.


Julian: estoy!
hola, Valeri!
si en el transcurso de la conversacion ves que me desconecto es por la conexion floja que tengo
al rato se activa de nuevo
pero esperemos que no haya inconveniente

Valeri: Hola, Julian, por fin estoy conectado

He leido algo de tus articulos, pude ver que tienes bastantes fundamentos sobre las teorias conspirativas, por decirlo de alguna manera
yo tuve la suerte de aprender algo del tema gracias a G. Gurdjieff (maestro de Stalin, Hitler, Crisnapurthi - o como se escriba)

¿Y que opinas de Gurdjiev?

a mi me resulta particularmente interesante

Tengo un tema dedicado a él también

¿que opinas de él?

Un utopista como todos los demás, tuvo sus desavenencias con Crowley lo que en principio dice en su favor, sin embargo perteneció a los mismo círculos

los buscadores del tibet

y eso lo descalifica por sí solo

no estaba en la masoneria segun entiendo. pero volviendo al tema, escuchaste seguro hablar del rey rojo?

¿rey del mundo?


[René] Guenón tiene una interesante obra sobre el tema


lo que pasa es que tu articulo, es jugado. por decirlo de alguna manera
me llama la atención algunas cosas que planteas. me preguntaba mientras lo leia ¿a ellos no les conviene?
mas un jugador de tu nivel

(se trata del artículo "La Historia Oculta de Ajedrez" - V.)

tambien tengo un montón de artículos dedicados al culto actual del rebe Scheerson en RF

no es lo mismo denunciar ciertas cosas yo, que vos que fuiste numero 3 del mundo
me podrias comentar un poco del Rebe Scheerson

Mira por favor este hilo: Культ трупа антихриста в РФ
“Культ трупа антихриста в РФ”


se llama "El culto del cadáver del anticristo en RF"

bueno, lo podria leer después en todo caso
te comento, yo fuí invitado a la masoneria acá en Córdoba, Argentina. LLene la solicitud y todo, después decidi no ingresar.

El tema es muy profundo

piensas que en el caso tuyo, ¿fue un atenuante para no obtener logros mejores en el plano mundial? con respecto al ajedrez digo

En mi caso fue un error meterme allí, en primer lugar, pero lógicamente no conocía como estaban las cosas

allí donde?

en ajedrez

en el tema, a hablar del tema decis
aha. como es eso?

El tema del rebe-007 - actualmente es el culto oficial en RF, en Argentina probablemente lo mismo

¿Como llegaste a sospechar y a entrar a este camino? se podría decir que sois dueño de una teoria conspirativa. es la primera vez que tengo acceso a la fuente

No es una teoría, son los hechos [crudos], como con la familia Bush [por ejemplo]

si, sé que hay algo de cierto en el fondo de todo esto

Habrás leido ya el articulo sobre los Bush?

si, tengo informacion al respecto
el articulo que me pasaste esta en cirilico

Es muy larga esta obra, casi un libro, pero hay alli muchisima informacion útil, no puedo traducirlo todo

esta bien. lo cierto es que Google no se presta a dar mucha info. ayer googlie sobre el GOM, no aparece ni una foto

sobre Moebes?

si, sobre moebes
te podrian tildar de antisemita, de todo. inclusive me pregunto si no sos peligroso para esta gente
no te da un poco de miedo?

Aquí nos vendría muy bien escuchar otra vez las palabras de William Cooper en su entrevista  de 1992 con CNN pronunciadas a propósito del irracional "miedo" de los borregomatrix:

People say: "well, don’t you feel threatened, don’t you feel like your life is in danger?" Are you kidding? You are the people who sent your sons and daughters to fight an illegal, immoral, unjustified war in the Middle East (la Guerra de los Bush y del rebe-007 con Iraq – V.) and it didn’t bother you a bit that they might get killed over there and you are worried that I may get hurt or killed right here, really defending my country, really fighting in defense of the Constitution?

Tengo un libro entero dedicado al problema del "antisemitismo", se llama "Sine Qua Non". Empezé mi labor cientifico sentando las bases conceptuales.

¿dejaste el ajedrez para dedicarte a esto?

...entonces proclamé que es imposible no ser antisemita en nuestros tiempos, es indigno del ser humano
lo expliqué brevemente para mis lectores españoles también

yo estoy teniendo la suerte de conocerte ahora
me interesaria saber que pasó con el ajedrez en el caso tuyo

Pero tú eres jugador o no?

si, juego. salvando las distancias. yo soy escritor. tengo el ordenador desconfigurado y no me aparecen ni los signos de pregunta ni los acentos
tambien hago periodismo
estoy en varios programas


tampoco los parentesisªªª ni admiraciones. un desastre

Mira aquí por favor: http://peshka.foroactivo.com/t69p45-topic
Madrid Mueve, página 4


aparece alli la explicación de la terminología - antisemitismo y lo demas, por debajo en la página

si, lo lei ayer

entonces, habrás leido mucho ya

si totalmente
fui siguiendo los links de tu primer articulo
aparte es un tema que me interesa mucho
tengo orientacion freudiana, segun me dijo un sabio amigo es el psicoanalisis de los judios

Y has leido sobre el Mundial 2014 en Brasil?


eso hay que conocerlo, para un periodista es un deber
ahora buscaré el link

bueno, de todas formas sigamos tocando varios temas. te pregunto: ¿en el caso que hubieses sido mason, hubieses derrocado a Kasparov?

está aqui: http://peshka.foroactivo.com/t75-topic
El gran fraude del Mundial-2014 en Brasil


El mismo tema en ruso tengo con muchos más detalles, 10 veces más.

¿sos ruso verdad?

Sí, soy ruso. Julian, tienes que entenderlo: Kasparov es irrelevante, no existe, es Kapparos, es una gallina [simbólica], un pollo, un objeto de sacrificio ritual.

cuantos idiomas hablas?
para un poco
es muy interesante lo que planteas
¿te ofrecieron ingresar en su mundo alguna vez?
es muy dificil de asimilar lo que planteas. pero no creas que me costaria entenderlo

No puedo ingresar en su mundo, son una secta satánica
conoces este ritual:
Kapparot & Venom: Sacrificing Chickens to Satan

es "Kasparov", es un excelente documental sobre él y su papel en ajedrez

pero para ser una secta hay que ser sectario. imagino que buscarian adeptos y a lo mejor te podrian haber invitado antes de todo este depelote

Funciona como en la masonería - no invitan a cualquiera, primero estudian al hombre - si es apto para ser satanista o no
yo no soy apto para eso

lamento que me hayan invitado. pero por suerte no entre

Has tenido suerte de no entrar

claro, los tipos hacen una inteligencia del tema. son los dueños del mundo se podria decir ¿verdad? por eso te preguntaba sobre el rey rojo al principio
vos sabes que mientras te escribo veo como se reescribe despues, siento que nos estan leyendo. es la primera ves que me pasa. suena un poco paranoico
pero si lo vieras de este lado del monitor te llamaria la atencion
que google era de la cia lo sabia hace rato


Julian, ¿y has leído a Walter Graziano? "Nadie vio mátrix"?
El debe ser bastante conocido en Argentina, supongo

si, sé quién es, no lo lei
me reconecte porque tuve que reiniciar el ordenador

Conmigo pasó lo mismo

en serio?

pero tardé una hora en reconectarme

es creer o reventar

Por eso no pude entrar a las 10 como prometí

¿estás al tanto del baston de mando que encontraron en el cerro uritorco?
el tema del baston de mando es muy interesante
tiene mas de 10.000 años de antiguedad
ahora esta perdido
se dice que el cerro uritorco pertenece a la ciudad de erk


esta relacionada tambien con la idea que la tierra es hueca
que es todo un cuento
porque acaso no se puede volar por los polos?
porque no hay fotos acaso del tema
es mas parece que la mayoria de los planetas serían así
¿sabes algo del tema?

¿Sobre la tierra hueca?
sí, ha sido popular con los alemanes en los años 30

si, o de algunas excursiones hechas en la antartida. venden la antartida como puro hielo y pinguinos. parece que habria otras cosas
si, las escursiones al cerro uritorco clandestinas en cordoba argentina sucedieron por esa epoca
buscaban el santo graal dicen algunos
algunos dicen que en la antartida esta el nuevo orden del hombre superior de hitler

En Argentina estos cuentos tienen que ser muy populares
Antártida esta cerquita


como que esta cerquita?

Perdón, está cerca

si, pero a que te referis con eso. a alguna mentira de la cartografía?

Me refiero a que hubo expediciones chilenas alli en busqueda de la civilizacion superior y de los nazis
no me interesa mucho el tema de los ovnis
conoces a Luis Carlos Campos?

no, los alemanes manejaban diseños elicoidales en los años 30
vi algo de el en youtube

es gran especialista en estos temas

no esperes que tenga tu formacion, yo hago literatura y periodismo cultural
me intriga, para concluir, tu salida del mundo ajedrecista. tu ida siendo numero 3 del mundo. habiendo estado en el circo se podria decir
cuando sucedio?
quien te abrio los ojos?

Cuando dejé de jugar? ocurrió por si mismo, no creas que sea un chollo eso de ajedrez profesional, nunca me gustaba

esa palabra no la tengo

"un trabajo fácil"

Un comentario adicional:

Tal vez sea oportuno dar aquí una explicación un poco más amplia. No porque tenga mucha importancia el propio tema de mi "carrera ajedrecística", sino por la sencilla razón de que sea esta una pregunta recurrente en todos mis chats y diálogos en internet: "¿por qué Valeri había dejado de jugar?"

En primer lugar, no puedo presumir de haber tomado una decisión premeditada, tajante e inequívoca al respecto porque en los últimos 20 años no he rechazado ni una sóla invitación a los torneos de ajedrez. A algunos tal vez eso pudiera resultar sorprendente pero es así. Si dejé de jugar era por la muy simple razón de que carecía de invitaciones y del optimismo juvenil para entretenerme jugando en los abiertos (invirtiendo en los viajes, hoteles, etc.).

Mi experiencia personal me dice que es imposible mantenerse en el "circuito" y ganarse la vida con el ajedrez sin estar en el ranking entre los diez primeros jugadores del mundo. Si haya más jugadores profesionales en este planeta será por que algunos de ellos probablemente tengan subvenciones, contratos personales con los clubes, patrocinios privados, amigos-"filántropos" (como Sam Reshevsky con el rebe-007) o algo por el estilo. Nunca era mi caso.

Al encontrarme libre de las "obligaciones profesionales" intenté primero dedicarme a resolver "los problemas políticos" en el mundillo de ajedrez (como se sabe en los años 90 el ajedrez ha sido sumergido en el caos absoluto). En 1998 fundé una especie de sindicato para los jugadores de ajedrez (el  CMJ) e incluso tomé parte en un par de Congresos de la FIDE.

Sin embargo pronto me di cuenta de que operaban en el mundo de "masones ajedrezados" unas "fuerzas mayores" que tenían gran interés en mantenerlo caótico. Me di cuenta de que "el ajedrez imitaba a la vida" o "la vida imitaba al ajedrez" – sea como fuere, da lo mismo - el paralelismo es innegable. Sólo entonces me di de bruces con la pregunta: ¿qué está pasando en el mundo?

Fue entonces cuando salí de la mátrix. Y si tardé tanto tiempo en hacerlo a pesar de haber tenido una "sólida formación universitaria" en las ciencias políticas será por la abrumadora cantidad de gente en este mundo que se dedica profesionalmente a mentir.

Y aquí está la moraleja de toda esta historia, estimados amigos: fijaos muy bien por quiénes estáis rodeados. Si estáis metidos en el mundillo de ajedrez, 9 de cada 10 de sus conocidos serán mentirosos profesionales. Viven del cuento y de manteneros engañados en todo. Podéis tomar mi palabra en eso. – V.

es mas que interesante el dialogo que hemos tenido. si te parece, antes de darle un cierre preferiria leer algo de los links que me pasaste
si te parece

Gracias, Julian, ha sido un placer hablar contigo

el placer fue mio maestro
a esto lo pasaria y editaria, corregiria, etc

¿Quieres que lo publiquemos?

si, me gustaría
a vos?

vale, ha sido una amena charla

acá en cordoba tengo algunos lectores. estoy formando una nueva voz en literatura cordobesa

y te recomiendo que leas lo del mundial de futbol para que luego me comentes el simbolismo de "Messi"

voy a leer todo
es mas, desde ahora te voy a comenzar a seguir

gracias y hasta pronto

este es el link de Tomasolo


hay muchos que no se animan a ponerle un like o no se que. tambien estoy en AM 1190 de bs as

puedo mencionar tu nombre?

y aca en cordoba en el Centro Cultural España Cordoba
si de una
hago radio online durante el año y se trasmite una programación especial para España
a lo mejor en el año te llamo!!!
avisame cuando tengas nuestra charla publicada así la comparto

de acuerdo




Чат №6 прошел в фейсбуке Валерия Салова неделю тому назад с участием сразу нескольких гостей. Поэтому он по праву должен быть занесен в категорию "мультичата". Беседа получилась очень интересной и даже несколько неожиданной - особый колорит ей придало участие мексиканского международного мастера Рауля Окампо Варгаса.


Muy curiosa discusión sobre los amaños KKK surgió en Facebook a raiz de la publicidad de mi entrevista con el portal de noticias ajedrecísticas “Chess News” colocada en la página de la revista “Peón de Rey”.

Entrevista de Valeri Salov para el portal de noticias “Chess News”: cábala y ajedrez, el enigma de Kirsán Ilyumzhinov, los encuentros amañados por el título mundial, la oposición ficticia en ex-Rusia y mucho, mucho más...


La entrevista que está pidiendo a gritos su traducción al castellano.


Paco Chesspain La leí en esa especie de castellano que adopta Bing. Me enteré de la mitad, quizá un poco más. Pero es cierto: alguien que sepa ruso y español tendría que traducirla. Hay muchas cosas controvertidas, pero tu opinión sobre Carlsen fue algo que se me quedó corto, y creo que sería tremendamente interesante tanto para los profesionales como para los aficionados lo que piensas del noruego y de su ajedrez. Algunas veces me recuerda a ti, intentando sacar agua de las piedras gracias a su tremendo dominio de la técnica. No jugáis ni parecido, pero ese detalle os iguala.

Valeri Salov: Sí, tienes razón, Paco. El caso de Carlsen es muy curioso y debería explicar más cosas de él - cómo juega y cómo ha llegado allí donde está. Lo que pasa es q no es el camino más fácil para hacer llegar a la gente la verdad de cómo funciona el mundillo del ajedrez. Por eso prefiero acabar antes con la exposición de otros tópicos - como, por ejemplo, el match de PCA de 1995.

Fernando Rey: Estas tesis conspirativas no me las termino de creer. Sencillamente Kaspárov y Ķárpov eran muy superiores al resto y por qué dudar de sus grandes matches ?


Fernando Rey: Suena más a rencillas personales o envidias que a otra cosa...

Valeri Salov: No me asustes, Fernando. ¿No me vas a decir que te crees a pies juntillas la teoria de conspiración del gobierno americano sobre el 9/11? ¿Y por qué será? ¿Por la envidia a Bin Laden y su familia? El 11 de septiembre es la teoría de conspiración más absurda que jamás haya sido inventada por el género humano, es la madre de todas las conspiraciones. Eso de Pentágono indefenso ante los "box-cutters", los pasaportes incombustibles y 3 rascacielos de acero derribados por 2 aviones - ni siquiera en los cuentos de hadas te venden cosas tan burdas. ¿Y por qué te lo crees?


Fernando Rey: Lo del 9 11 es otro tema. Yankees cola sucia....Lo q no me creo es lo inventado por Fischer sobre las partidas amañadas entre las 2 K. Paparruchada

Valeri Salov: No puedo consentir, Fernando. Hay que saber valorar correctamente la envergadura del timo de 9/11 y su verdadero alcance para nuestras vidas. Claro que viene al tema.
No son sólo periodistas yankees los que venden estas mentiras. Las propagan A. Kippur, G. Kapparos, M. Crowther, ten Geuzendam, M. Greengard, F. Friedel, V. Anand, E. Sutovsky, etc. – todos en conjunto fomentan la fe en la teoría conspiratoria de las cuevas de Ali Baba. ¿Y por que lo hacen? ¿Por qué se empeñan tanto en engañar a todos los demás? Y si mienten en la naturaleza de 9/11 ¿por qué van a jugar limpiamente en otros campos? No es lógico confiar en su “juego limpio”.


Los aficionados a veces son muy ingenuos. Piensan que se les van a engañar en todo, absolutamente en todo, menos en el ajedrez y en juegos de balón. Una actitud así es altamente absurda.

R. Fischer también ha desempeñado su papel en este culebrón. Es una estratagema bien conocida para esconder la verdad: confiandola a un profeta algo chiflado para desprestigiarla con sus exaltadas denuncias – que nunca han sido apoyadas por ningún tipo de pruebas. Al fin y al cabo lo que recuerda la gente es que “Fischer decía algo parecido al respecto y estaba loco”.

La gente nunca razona, casi siempre sigue la autoridad y la “opinión común”. Una mentira mil veces repetida se convierte en el “axioma”. Así funciona la mente humana. Así pasó con los amañados matches KKK.

Por supuesto entiendo el desencanto y la posible desilusión de mucha gente – la mentira ha sido demasiado gorda. Es muy desagradable sentirse timado de esta manera. Pero es un hecho irrefutable – los pillos nos han timado a todos. Como bien dijo Walter Graziano: “Nadie vio matrix”.

Voivoda Nixon Sauáia Neves: it is in russian!!!

Valeri Salov: Voivoda, Raul Ocampo Vargas ha prometido traducir un trozo de la entrevista: https://www.facebook.com/raul.ocampovargas?fref=ufi No sé si lo vaya a cumplir.

Fernando Rey: Respeto tu opinión pero no creo q haya ocurrido nada de eso en los matches Kasparov vs Karpov

Valeri Salov: Lo siento, no es mi opinión, es un hecho cientificamente comprobado.


Voivoda Nixon Sauáia Neves: Mr Fernando, Bobby Fischer had predicted and showed, Kortchnoi had showed...Mr Salov had showed and proved...you must wake up from the dreamland!!

Valeri Salov: Nunca en la historia de la humanidad han ahorcado a ningún criminal con las pruebas más irrefutables que las nuestras.

Voivoda Nixon Sauáia Neves: Mr Salov I will download babylon!!! but thanks a lot!!

Fernando Rey: ¿Cuales son las pruebas de q las partidas de los matches de los K estaban arregladas?

Raul Ocampo Vargas: Ya voy avanzando, pero hay terminos que no manejo y tengo que consultar como se entiende en castellano. Pero si quiero añadir que las pruebas que mostraba Fischer sobre los matches eran muy dficiles de refutar si no se tenía un nivel muy alto de ajedrez, es posible que para Salov sea evidente, pero para la mayoría no, es el chiste, como se dice, "el que pueda entender que entienda", o vulgarmente: Los tontos merecen creer en lo que creen...

Valeri Salov: Y qué pruebas aportó Fischer? No estoy al tanto.

Valeri Salov: En el caso de duda con la traducción estaría encantado poder ayudarle, Raul. Claro, si puedo.

Fernando Rey: Por favor manden las pruebas en inglés o en español que quiero chequearlas...

Kapparos and "his great predecessors"

Valeri Salov: Está comprobado por dos vías distintas. Una de ellas es puramente matemática: por la estricta correlación de las fechas de los momentos culminantes de los matches KKK y las fiestas del calendario babilónico.

Raul Ocampo Vargas: Analisis de las partidas y las reglas matematicas de toma de decisiones que manejaba Reuben Fine y el mismisimo Nash, sobre el equilibrio de Nash, en un momento dado se cometian errores en las partidas que no estaban al nivel ni de Karpov ni Kasparov, claro que se podían atribuir a presión sicologica, pero Fischer simplemente ponía la posición, decia la intención de la jugada anterior y preguntaba que jugaría uno y resulta que Karpov hacia algo inferior y decía Fischer ¡Descarados!

Valeri Salov: Suena eso como algo muy subjetivo.

Fernando Rey: Eso no tiene ningún valor objetivo.... por favor aporten pruebas. Si no uno se convence que son habladurías....


Raul Ocampo Vargas: Me voy a apurar en la traducción y en las dudas pregunto.

Valeri Salov: Vale.

Raul Ocampo Vargas: Y claro que eran pruebas subjetivas, y no se si alguien en Filipinas las publicó alguna vez, estamos hablando de que las mostró muy rapido y superficialmente en Cancún hace 30 años, imaginense lo que valdrían si alguien las tuviera escritas y por Fischer...

Valeri Salov: Sería interesante verlo, sin lugar a dudas. Sin embargo, me parece obvio que no se puede demostrar el timo de esa envergadura por los métodos de análisis ajedrecístico - por muy preciso y fino que sea. Fischer iba por el camino equivocado. El método correcto es distinto. En realidad son dos métodos válidos distintos y no uno.

Rebe rex-moshiach M.M. Schneerson está ejecutando ritual "Kaprov-Kasparov" (Kippur-Kapparos), Eastern Parkway 770, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Nueva York

Fernando Rey: Lo que hacía Fischer no era serio.... ya desvariaba.... Insisto publiquen algo concreto y sólido. Las habladurías quitan credibilidad. Pero si hay algo serio bienvenido y lo vemos

Valeri Salov: Pero te has leído ya la serie "Kasparov-Kapparos Political Myth Debunked" en el foro Shekina?

Fernando Rey: no la he leído aún. tienes el link ?

Valeri Salov: Sí, Fernando, está aquí, en inglés:
Kasparov-Kapparos Political Myth Debunked
Es sólo introducción al tema, sin embargo ya da bastante para pensar.

Amilcar Cuello: Son las matemáticas un aporte de prueba irrefutable? Podría uno en un juicio "justo" exponer esas pruebas? Eran Karpov y Kasparov superiores al resto o eso también es una "mentira"?

Valeri Salov: Sin lugar a dudas, son irrefutables. Algo que es absolutamente indiscutible. Y si pudieramos tener un juicio justo serían condenados los dos. En cuanto a la superioridad de los KKK sobre los demás - ¿qué se entiende por eso? Era superior Ben Johnson a Carl Lewis en Seul en 1988?

Ben Johnson, gran ventaja sobre sus rivales - descalificado en tres horas

¿O no? Depende cómo se mire. ¿Y Lance Armstrong era superior al resto de sus rivales en los 7 Tours que ganó? ¿Sí o nó?

Lance Armstrong, un fenómeno de ciclismo - descalificado con éxito

Raul Ocampo Vargas: Creo que eran superiores los dos a los demas, incluyendo a un Fischer fuera de práctica. Las matematicas y la numerología no creo sean pruebas contundentes, pero es mi opinión y la verdad a Fischer le disgustaba que no concordase, pero nunca se sabrá. Lo que si aseguro es que a los altos mandos de la URSS no les gustaba ninguna incertidumbre y seguramente pensaron que Kasparov era el futuro del ajedrez sovietico para mediados de los ochenta y asi fue, hasta que desaparecio la URSS. Es co especular si Keres se dejó ganar en 1948, o Bronstein cayo por palancas de Botvinnik, muy dificil, creo que Bronstein con Weinstein de la KGB tenia mas peso que Botvi...

Amilcar Cuello: Karpov o Kasparov le han vencido con trampas?

Valeri Salov: No se trata de mí, Amilcar. Es bastante obvio que si los cabalistas hayan conseguido colocar a sus delfines en los puestos privilegiados del escalón mundial lo habrán hecho utilizando algunos medios extra-ajedrecísticos. Y existen miles de modos distintos de ejercer influencia decisiva sobre los resultados de competición. Es más que evidente.

Fernando Rey: Yo creo que K y K no necesitaron de cabalistas para llegar a donde llegaron. Entre 1975 y 1985 Karpov arrasó y fue muy superior al resto y luego cuando irrumpió Kasparov demostraron ser muy superiores a los demás por un largo tiempo hasta q empezó el natural declive de Karpov..... Siguen sin aportar pruebas muchachos. Las argumentaciones son muy endebles.

Valeri Salov: Fernando, tú acabas de entrar en el mundo casi inabarcable de los rituales ajedrecísticos. No te apresures en hacer valoraciones. Es un mundo todavía desconocido para tí. Concéntrate primero en entender el sentido del ritual Kippur-Kapparos, aprenda quienes lo hacen, para qué lo hacen, qué intentan conseguir con este ritual, cual es la mentalidad de esa gente, etc. Mira, por favor, este video, para empezar:

Kapparot & Venom: Sacrificing Chickens to Satan

Amilcar Cuello: Cómo? Disculpe pero no me doy cuenta.
S dnem razdenom!

Valeri Salov: Gracias, Amilcar.
¿Cómo se puede influir en el desarrollo de las partidas? De mil modos distintos. Ajedrez es un juego de energía porque requiere mucho cálculo. También es un juego de memoria y de conocimieto exacto (lo que hace muy importante la posibilidad de consultar la base de datos durante las partidas). También es un juego estático que en principio da accesso muy cómodo y directo al cerebro humano.

¿Y qué significa todo esto? Eso significa que los métodos de timo y de engaño en ajedrez son los mismos que en los demás deportes, pero MULTIPLICADOS POR DIEZ.
Y no hay que olvidar nunca que se trata de la gente (los cabalistas) que elevaron el engaño al nivel de arte y de culto religioso.




Публикуем чат №7 с еще одним индийским любителем шахмат. Беседа получилась очень интересной и содержательной (и несколько неожиданной - президенту ВСИ было предложено освоить тайны индийской магии), однако, поскольку разрешения на ее публикацию испрошено не было, мы не считаем возможным назвать имя собеседника. Он будет обозначен в тексте просто как "Йог".


Yogi: Nice to see you on facebook sir, Its my privilege to be your friend.

Valeri: Thanks, Yogi, can you read in spanish?

I am very happy today that I am chating with great chess player like you. Since so many years I had a question in my mind about the way of teaching methodology of chess in Russia.
Sir, I know english.

Sir, I have seen your games and your positional understanding is great

Thanks, Yogi, I'm off the circuit for a long time, please, read some articles in English that are on my FB page

Sir, definitely.
I will pray to God that you will again show your ability and win chess tournaments.

Once in the mountains in India a landslide started rumbling toward us. I cried, "We are going to die!" My master said, "Who can kill the eternal?" I said, "The mountain is coming down and you say, 'Who can kill the eternal?' Look at the mountain!" He shouted, "Stop! Let us cross!"-and the landslide stopped! Then we passed that place and he said, "Now you can fall down," and the landslide continued. … … The power of will-force is very little known among modern man. There are three channels of power: one is called kriya shakti another is called ichchha shakti and the third is called jnana shakti. Shakti is that force which manifests itself through these three channels. This power may be either latent or active. With the help of kriya shakti we do our actions; with ichchha shakti we will to act; and with jnana shakti we decide to act. One can cultivate one or another aspect of this force. Some yogis learn to perform their actions skillfully and become successful in the world. Others develop their willpower and then direct their speech and actions in accord with their will. Some sharpen buddhi, the faculty of discrimination, and atttain a state of prajna - a unified state of tranquility. The discipline undertaken differs according to the aspect of shakti which is being developed, though discipline is necessary in each case. Developing ichchha shakti strengthens willpower, and with the help of willpower one can have command over the phenomenal world exactly as one has command over his limbs. It was through this power that my master was able to control the forces of nature.(Swami Rama)

It's truly very interesting what you say about your master. Will, discernment and action - how about channeling all these forces to stop the raving satanism on this planet?

Preparing to Tear the Veil .. How will you find the right master? There is a saying in the scriptures: “When the disciple is prepared the master appears.” If you are not prepared he will be there, but you wont notice or respond. If you do not know what a diamond is, the diamond may be there, but you ignore it and pass it by, taking it to be just a piece of glass. Further, if you do not know the difference, you may acquire a piece of glass, think it is a diamond, and cherish it your whole life. … … We should not worry about who will guide us. The important question is: Am I prepared to be guided? Jesus had only twelve close disciples. He helped many, but he imparted the secret wisdom only to those few who were prepared. The Sermon on the Mount is comprehended by only a few, not the multitudes. … … You do need one who can guide and help you. You need an external guru as a means to attain the guru within you. … … You will never meet a bad guru if you are a good student. But the reverse is also true: if you are a bad student, you wont meet a good guru. … … Once when I complained to my master that he was not teaching me, he said, “Come one, I will become your disciple for the time being. You become the teacher. Act exactly as I have.” I told him, “Sir, I do not know what to do.” He said, “Don’t worry, you will know.” So he came to me with his eyes closed, carrying a bowl which had a big hole in it, and he said, “Teacher, give me something.” I asked, “How is it possible for me to give you anything? Your bowl has a hole in it.” Then he opened his eyes and said, “You have a hole in your head, and you want something from me.” Increase your capacity. Purify yourself. Acquire that gentle strength within. God will come and say to you, “I want to enter this living temple that you are.” Prepare yourself for that situation. Remove the impurities – and you will find that he who wants to know reality is himself the source of reality. …(SWAMI RAMA)

Tell me, Yogi, what does your teacher want? What does he strive for? What's the point of his existence?


Swami Rama died in 1996 in Rishikesh, India.


So, what was the point of his life?

Swami Rama was one of the first yogis, however, to be studied by Western scientists. In the 1960s he was examined by scientists at the Menninger Clinic who studied his ability to voluntarily control bodily processes (such as heartbeat, blood pressure, and body temperature) that are normally considered to be non-voluntary (autonomic).
He has demonstrated through the power of yoga

But why to control the bodily processes, what for?

He just demonstrated it to show the importance of yoga. During practice of yoga or meditation one will get several siddhis( we called powers). But demonstration of powers is not the goal of yoga.

So what is the goal?

to know the God and merge in him


How do you know that Mr. Rama had successfully merged with God?

No one will tell this, one has to experience. As we can't see the air but we feel it.

Patanjali Yoga Sutras explain the method of awakening the sexual energy - Kundalini Shakti - from Muladhara Chakra through Sushumna Nadi and the six chakras: Swadhisthana Chakra, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna to the ultimate Sahasrara Chakra, where the union between soul and super soul (atma and paramatma or Shiva and Shakti) takes place to become one with god. In this practice a person also acquires 64 minor siddhis and 8 special siddhis (ashta siddhis) which are: Anima: Ability to be as small as one wants. Mahima: Ability to be as big as one may desire. Laghima: Ability to become light to any degree. Gharima: Ability to become as heavy as desired. Prapti: Easy grasping by hand of any object however far it may be. Prakamya: To have anything as soon as one desires it. Isitva: Power to create and control things. Vasitva: Subjugation of everyone and everything, even to conquering death.


I think these are as mediocre objectives as pursuing chess excellence.

It is all related to mind. One can use mind in different aspects. There is no limit. One day or other one should realize the purpose of life.

I see. But the main problem for human mind is to realize the difference between Good and Bad. Was your teacher able to understand that?

How can you say a person is good or bad? it is our perception about the individual

This is exactly what I'm asking you. Was your teacher able to see the difference?
So you say it's all relative?

one person is good for few people and the same person is bad for other people.

So you don't see any objective criteria and neither you teacher saw any?

I believe in positive way of life. I salute the life style of yogis which is very difficult to imbibe.

Let me repeat it once again: so you don't see any objective criteria?

Objective criteria in what sense?

In the sense of universality.

There is a quote in Sanskrit. "Vasudev Kutumb" which means that this world is like one family.


And so?

There is no difference between ourselves.

What should be your attitude towards those who destroy this family, those who organize genocides and holocausts on this planet, those who spread the most rabid racism inside their hermetic community?
And what was your teacher's attitude toward these people?

I am totally against it. One day they have to pay for it, how strong they may be.

Have you ever condemned these people in public? Do you understand clearly who these people are?


In what way, where and when did you condemn them, may I ask?
Did you explain to other people the danger they are subjected to from these people?

Politicians are spoiling the life of people. I mean to say life style.

But do you understand who controls the politicians?

The rich people control the politicians.

And who controls the rich people?

little bit government
Ultimately people have to decide what kind of life they wants.

Yogi, I'm afraid you don't [fully] understand what is going on this planet. You are not ready.
I can only recommend that you start reading attentively the articles I'm publishing on my FB page and on my forum "Shekina".
Here: Kasparov-Kapparos Political Myth Debunked

How one should judge about the readiness of the individual?

The same way your teacher judged about it.


Logical answer.

By experience and knowledge.

Yes I agree.

I'm very happy that you agree. Please, read the materials I linked to above.

Sir, Do you believe in God?

Sure. I believe that our life has sense and one has no right to waste it.

What is the goal of life in your opinion?

Harmonizing the society and eliminating the Babylonian satanism.

What about Chess?

Chess does not serve these purposes.

Do you want to continue to play chess in future?

It's not feasible at the moment. No time for that.


Are you running any coaching chess academy? Why don't you enter politics for the welfare of the people?

Not coaching anymore. All the politicians are controlled by the satanists. They never let in anyone from outside.

Outside in what sense?

Anyone who doesn't belong to their sect.

This problem is everywhere in the world.

Exactly, and it is because their ambition is of planetary scale.

Then what is your solution?
what is the solution according to you?

First of all, education.

Yes, I agree. Education is the most important in one's life.

Please, try to help me to spread my information.

Yes, in what way?

By leaving links to my articles on different chess fora in India.

Yes I will do it.

Thanks a lot.

How a student is trained in chess in Russia? This is the question which I want to ask.
How it differs from other

Chess is not a solution to our present problem. It is being used now with the aim of deceiving and brutalizing people ever more.

Do you mean in Russia?

I mean everywhere.


Thanks to you once again, Yogi. Have to do some work now. It was a pleasure to talk with you.

Thanks a lot sir. I wish that you will achieve your desired goal.

See you.




Увлекательный международный чат №8 завязался в фейсбучной группе "Measuring Chess Greatness" после короткой публикации, посвященной значению даты 11 сентября 1995 года в истории шахмат.

El día 9-11 y el amañado match contra Anand todavía pesan mucho en la mente de G. Kapparos. Parece que tenga ganas de confesar su crimen. He aquí lo que escribió en su twitter:

"Sep 11, 1995, 107th floor of the World Trade Center (South), Rudy Giuliani makes first move of my WCh match vs Anand."

Nosotros también recordamos muy bien los sacrificios de TRES TORRES en las partidas 9-11 de aquel desdichado encuentro, organizado por la PCA.


Todos los pormenores están explicados en el foro "Shekina":
Kasparov-Kapparos Political Myth Debunked

Вначале любитель шахмат из Буэнос Айреса Кристиан К. де Лука поделился очень интересной подборкой клипов из аргентинских новостных программ, посвященных сплавному матчу в Нью-Йорке. Некоторые редкие кадры кинохроники (например, с показом процедуры жеребьевки) запечатлели мафиозную среду и криминальную атмосферу, в которой протекал тот ритуальный поединок.

Christian Cdl 
Estimado Maestro Salov: Me deja usted anonadado, ya que recuerdo muy bien aquella partida y siempre pensé que habían sido los nervios de Anand (Tal como lo comentó el mismo M. Najdorf en el diario "Clarín" de Buenos Aires) aunque es cierto que Robert Fischer siempre afirmó que todos estos encuentros fueron amañados. He subido un video a youtube hace unos años (con grabaciones de noticieros que realicé en esa época) que muestran el instante exácto de aquella partida y la reacción nerviosa de Anand al dar la mano. Todo ello se puede ver desde el minuto 05:27 hasta el minuto 06:16.


Valeri Salov
Un video excelente! Le agradezco mucho su contribución, estimado Christian.


Немедленно вслед за этим начался интереснейший диалог в группе ""Measuring Chess Greatness"".


Tony Berard: 
Well, this is a lot to take in, Valery Salov. I will go through it all and process the tournaments you mentioned with my rating system. Does anyone want to comment on anything in here? The official story of 911 certainly has holes in it. Stating that K-K matches were frauds is a lot, too. Although, the first match Karpov-Korchnoi was fraudulent because of what they were doing to Korchoi.

Valery Salov:
Thanks, Tony! I'll be especially grateful for the commentary on the tables with Babylonian calendar dates posted here: Kasparov-Kapparos Political Myth Debunked

Valery Salov:
I mean this kind of statistics:








Tony Berard: 
I don't know about Bybylonian dates, Valery. But, I do know about a statistical test called the Runs Test of Randomness. Outcomes in chess should be independent of calendar dates (right?). So, if we say a decisive outcome on a certain calendar date is a success (S) and a draw otherwise is a failure (F), then we have the necessary information to run the test. Because this is such a small series of events, it may take 100% alignment to fail the test. If you have larger sets of "coincidences" like this, it would be a lot more amenable to this test. Let me know if you want more information than this. I could also help you set up and run this test if you would like.

Valery Salov:
Many thanks, Tony. I have provided the tables for seven consecutive matches for the “world championship title” since 1974 till 1995. Definitely, the match of 1974 between “Korchnoi” and “Karpov” deserves to be considered WCC because the final with Robert Fischer has never been played.
(Only the first match between “Karpov” and “Kasparov” is mentioned but I have checked and described the rest of them as well, and each one of the KK encounters has a tremendous story concealed behind it. Especially the KK-1990 is absolutely amazing by its symbolism and correlation with certain conspicuous dates and events of global significance.) 

The crucial moments of all these matches, in fact, the most spectacular games and the most sensational results they are remembered for, ALL FELL ON THE SAME DATES of the Babylonian ("Hebrew") calendar, that are, in their turn, the most important dates in this calendar. The very “names” of the players unequivocally point at the same Babylonian holidays. Finally the organization of all the matches was exclusively Babylonian business from the beginning to end.

Now, can we say: “this is such a small series of events”

What is the probability of such a “random coincidence”?


In my opinion it can be compared with Casino gambling where a certain gentleman comes to play roulette every day of a week. He puts on ZERO 3-4 consecutive times, wins every stake, takes the money and runs away. And this goes on for seven days. Finally, on the last day, when asked “what’s your name?”, he answers: “My name is “Feckyouallputonzero”. I think one must be at least extremely reckless and hypnotized by the media to fail noticing the correlation between the events.

This story is very close to the situation we have with the “World Chess Championship matches” – both from the mathematical and conceptual point of view.




Продолжение чата №8.


The exciting sequel to our discussion in the FB group "Measuring Chess Greatness".


Tony Berard: 
Well, it appears you have all the evidence you need. A runs test of randomness isn't necessary since you have perfect correlation with the dates. The probability of that happening randomly is 1 divided by 2 raised to the power of the number of games in your streak. If this is below 0.05, then you have a statistically significant result (and you do). So, why has this never gotten the attention of the main stream media?

My final comment on this is that Fischer claimed one of the K-K matches as rigged because it had something like 19 consecutive moves with pieces all on the white squares. He (Fischer) claimed that this is impossible as some black square moves must inevitably occur during any sequence of chess moves. I read a paper that studied Fischer's claim and concluded that it was a rare event but not an impossible one. They analyzed thousands of 2500+ games and found a few others with long streaks of white only squares or black only squares with the move sequences. They checked with a computer to see if the sequences were "strong" moves and not blunders. The computer said they were all good moves. I think Judit Polgar had the same claim as Fischer. So, do you think there is some sort of Babylonian significance to so many white squared moves during a game?

Which "World Chess Championship" matches are you referring to? Could you name the players involved?
Of course, you realize this is big news. Many people study the games of these WC matches. To find out they are rigged in advance would be a catastrophic blow to the chess world.
Why would Anand participate in this though. He's Hindi isn't he?

Valeri Salov:
Robert Fischer must have been talking about the 4th game of the 1985 match in Moscow. 


I believe that lots of Fischer's "accusations" were intentionally misleading. He was making valid claims with no justification at all or supported by intentionally flawed arguments. After all he was a big admirer of the rebbe M.M. Schneerson and this fact in itself shows a dangerous lack of integrity. One of Fischer's false claims is that ALL THE GAMES OF ALL MATCHES WERE FIXED. This is not the case. And I'm a direct witness to it because I was personally involved in the matches of 1985 and 1986. The results of the matches were definitely rigged, the dates were planned beforehand, some crucial games were fixed, but quite a few games were disputed as well. The 4th game happens to be one of those valid games. Perhaps this is the reason why Fischer was allowed to point at it.


Valeri Salov:
Tony, may I ask you: what would be your assessment of the probability of the position like this one occurring in a game between two grandmasters:


Please, try to find any analogue to this Linares 1993 game between "Karpov" and "Kasparov" in grandmaster practice, with similar spectacular grouping of the white pieces at the 1st rank. Perhaps, the closest match would be this position: 


It comes from the same WCC match of 1985 (game 16). And it was definitely fixed. How the propabibility of random arising of such absurd positions can be mathematically assessed?


Well, perhaps, it's a sort of "big news" but I can't agree that it is "a catastrophic blow to the chess world". It's rather a wake-up call for humanity. Too many people were too desperately deceived on too many issues for quite a long time. I think it's high time we adopt a more responsible attitude.


Valeri Salov:
As regards Anand, I think that his downfall as a player came as the consequence of his (possible) involvement with TS and then for sure as the result of his closeness to Chessbase and its frontman - Frederic Friedel who was behind the PCA from its very start. That’s how Anand must have been introduced to the match-fixing business.


"Old friends: Frederic Friedel and Vishy Anand, who have known each other for many years now. Anand visited Friedel in the early days of ChessBase and chess software... and kept coming back for more."
http://en.chessbase.com/post/the-london … -impreions

I think it doesn’t make too much sense to speak of him as of a “Hindu”. This kind of people who get involved in satanism are dehumanized well below the level of national or religious self-identification.


Tony Berard: 
I had written a lengthy comment, but it was lost somehow. FB doesn't work so well sometimes. I had commented about the rook on d1 being very suspicious to me. I had also proposed a counting mechanism for back rank pieces during a game. Then, we could get an empirical estimate of the probability of GM games with 7 pieces on the back rank after the opening was complete. I had said some other things too, but they are lost now...


Valeri Salov:
Tony, it would be very interesting if you could get an accurate estimate for the probability of positions with 7 back rank pieces after the opening phase is over (around move 20) - both for general database and for the GM practice, separately. I'm sure the KK Linares 1993 game is absolutely unique. The probability of its spontaneous happening in the game between N1 and N2 in the rating list is next to zero. But, of course, if you know the match-rigging antecedents of these two players this kind of "miracle" can hardly surprise anyone.



Короткий, но оживленный и увлекательный чат №9 с гроссмейстером и астрономом Рашидом Зиятдиновым - тема все та же.

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов
косвенные доказательства без прямых в юриспруденции не проходят! а прямых нет и быть не может

Валерий Салов:
Уважаемый Рашид, более прямых и более убедительных доказательств, чем те, что представлены нами, нельзя даже вообразить себе. Все ходы записаны и изучены, все вавилонские даты отмечены и занесены в таблицы. Налицо мотив преступления, заказчики, исполнители, орудие преступления, миллионы прямых свидетелей. Единственная проблема заключалась в том, что эти свидетели до сих пор имели глаза, но ничего ими не видели. А теперь, благодаря нашим скромным исследованиям, они стали зрячими. Думаю, Вы должны согласиться с тем, что никогда еще в истории юриспруденции ни один преступник не был осужден с более строгой и исчерпывающей доказательной базой.

Проблема заключается совсем в другом. Дело в том, что сами матчи Киппур-Каппарос являются ритуалом, отвергающим и аннулирующим всякую юриспруденцию. Их суть заключается в перенесении уголовной ответственности с преступника на его жертву. Для этого эти матчи и были организованы, разрекламированы и проплачены. Если бы не эта их сатанинская и уголовная подоплека, глубоко продуманная и разработанная бруклинскими цадиками, то никаких перестроечных "звездных шахмат" мы вовеки не удостоились бы лицезреть.
Позвольте встречный вопрос: Вы и есть тот самый Тимур?

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
боюсь что для большинства это не убедительно-но я не тимур конечно

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
ну и преступления это когда убивают-другие похожи но не то===зарабатывают бумажик --ну ладно-хитры конечно

Валерий Салов:
Гм Рашид Зиятдинов, а Вы успели уже изучить всю тему "Ритуал Киппур-Каппарос в матчах на первенство мира"?
ИШФ: Ритуал Киппур-Каппарос в матчах на первенство мира
Честно говоря, не встречал еще ни одного человека, которому наши доказательства показались бы неубедительными.

Валерий Салов:
Ритуалы Киппур-Каппарос напрямую связаны с массовыми убийствами. Они, собственно, являлись частью информационной программы обработки мирового сообщества, обслуживающей и прикрывающей третий русский холокост.

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
как бы это ни было. но факт, что для большнства это не убедительно. надо искать более убедительные факты


Валерий Салов:
Повторю еще раз, уважаемый Рашид: никогда еще в истории человеческой цивилизации ни один преступник не был осужден и повешен с более вескими основаниями, чем в данном случае. Вы не найдете ни одного такого примера в истории юриспруденции.

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
ох были и более ужасные и убедительные-шахматы не худшие

Валерий Салов:
Не скажите, ритуал очень зловредный.

Валерий Салов:
Потом, не забывайте, что матч 1990 года был напрямую использован для интронизации антихриста М.М. Шнеерсона. Большую подлость и злонамеренность трудно себе даже представить.

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
возможно,но пока его никто не наблюдал. только предположения

Валерий Салов:
У нас на "Шехине" обширная тема этому посвящена: "Культ трупа антихриста в РФ". Рекомендую ознакомиться.

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
да, но это только слова

Валерий Салов:
В криминалистике всякое обвинительное заключение - это только слова.
Но Вы правы в том, что за словами непременно должно последовать наказание, иначе расследования и разоблачения не имеют смысла.

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
но и обвинение должно быть фактом-пока только слова

Валерий Салов:
Гроссмейстеры "Карпов" и "Каспаров", а вместе с ними, и Иллюминированный Кирсан, уже дисквалифицированы Всемирным Советом игроков. Но этого мало.

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
пока только Каспаров и по другому поводу

Валерий Салов:
ФИДЕ - парамасонская организация, и как всякая парамасонская организация, она тотально коррумпирована. Поклоняются сатане и служат раввинату.

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
и это только бумажные слова=только подчеркивающие, что там миллионы долларов-у нас только сотни долларов-других нет-узнать бы как каспаров собирался платить миллион

Валерий Салов:
Каппарос - всего лишь шестерка, как и Кирсан.

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
если крсан шестерка то мы кто???

Валерий Салов:
Уважаемый Рашид, я не знаю, кто Вы, а я - президент Всемирного Совета игроков.




Продолжение чата №9 с гроссмейстером Рашидом Зиятдиновым. На этот раз предметом обсуждения стал поединок 1993 года между Киппуром и Каппаросом в Линаресе.


Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
Уважаемый Валерий! Вы доказываете известную теорему из математики, которая гласит, "из любой ограниченной расходящейся последовательности, можно выделить сходящуюся" Но из за этого сама вся последовательность не станет сходящейся

Валерий Салов:
Уважаемый Рашид, если Вы говорите о теореме Больцано, то она не имеет к данному случаю никакого отношения. Даже для множества рациональных чисел она не доказывается. А у нас здесь очень специфический вариант небольшого множества изолированных событий, описываемых одним вавилонским законом.
Даже если Вы сформулируете Ваш постулат более приземленно и менее метафизично, например, так: «из любого множества турнирных и матчевых партий можно выделить подмножество партий сплавных», - то и тогда он будет недоказуем. Прошу Вас не наводить тень на плетень и не приписывать мне намерений, которых у меня нет.

Валерий Салов:
У меня к Вам, уважаемый Рашид, как к математику и астроному, такое предложение. Попытайтесь, пожалуйста, рассчитать вероятность случайного возникновения на доске абсурдного построения белых фигур по первому ряду, случившегося в партии Киппур-Каппарос на турнире в Линаресе 1993 г. Желательно сделать это с поправкой на квалификацию участников, которые, предположительно, должны знать о том, что фигуры необходимо развивать к центру:


Miroslav Milchev:
kak budto babushka igrala with white

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
не имеет смысла считать вероятности-их там нет и быть не может. Просто "умно" звучащий вопрос. Россия заказала 1000 схем японии с требованием 0.5 процентного брака! Японцы принесли 995 по госту и 5 бракованных в отдельном пакетике

Валерий Салов:
Верно, дорогой Рашид, вероятность "случайного" возникновения такой позиции практически равна нулю. Поэтому мы в отдельный пакетик такие позиции и собираем.

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
позиция очень ранняя и наверняка была записана при подготовке как вариант. Просчитывать надо психологию а не вероятности. Там другие принципы

Валерий Салов:
Разумеется, она заранее была записана мессианскими "исследователями" как возможный вариант сюрреалистического сплава. Удивительна, однако, наглость, с которой сплав был реализован в поединке двух "первых номеров" на главном турнире года.

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
для сплава придумали бы что более впечатляющее! У обоих опыта достаточно

Валерий Салов:
По-моему, абсурдность позиции очень даже впечатляет.

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
первое свойство сплава в том, чтобы никто не заметил сплава, а ходы не такими уж сплавными. Помогите разобрать партию по ходам, там многое логично рискованно захватывающе

Валерий Салов:
Гм Рашид Зиятдинов, это неверно. Первое свойство ритуального сплава - демонстрация цадиками полного контроля над шахматной массовкой и полного своего презрения к человеческому роду в целом.

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
ну по этой концепции Президенты Америки и Китая должны разыграть матч на первенство мира по шахматам

Валерий Салов:
"Президенты" - это среднее звено управления. Те, кто управляют на самом деле, не любят внимания массовки.

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
Теория видимо слишком сложна и требует изучения в нескольких поколениях. Мне это точно не под силу. Даже базисные принципы

Валерий Салов:
В политологии есть одно непреодолимое препятствие в обучении - упрямое нежелание знать.

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
но именно эта партия чиста абсолютно! каких то спецальных выкрутасов нет и в помине и фигуры назад уходили закономеоно и последний ход с3 был ошибкой


Валерий Салов:
Не придумывайте, дорогой Рашид. Просто партия соответствующим образом прокомментирована. У массовки от этого создается впечатление закономерности размазывания фигур по первому ряду. Гипноз.

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
эта же позиция случилась за тур до этого, Карпов ловил но сам попался! Хорошо звучит Каспаровское, "что он ожидал? что я сдамся" (после f4)

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
но к мат вероятностям это вообще никак не относится, то есть абсолютно! Легче вычислять число пи по этой партии

Валерий Салов:
Интересно, однако, что партию доверили комментировать Ананду. Дескать, вот он - "объективный взгляд со стороны". Уже к 1993 году замазали индуса с головой - готовили к "карьерному росту" в башнях-близнецах.

Валерий Салов:
Гм Рашид Зиятдинов, почему не относится? Вы проверьте хотя бы число позиций с 7-ю белыми фигурами по первому ряду в датабазе. В районе 20 хода.


Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
комментировал сам Каспаров и Кнаак и после партии был длительный совместный анализ! Слишком большое "шоу для баранов"

Валерий Салов:
Понятное дело, что Каппаросу никто не поверит. Поэтому пригласили Ананда прокомментировать. А шоу для баранов идет непрерывно.

Валерий Салов:
Уважаемый Рашид, я Вам вообще предлагаю начать с каких-то базовых вещей. Например, у нас на "Шехине" есть прекрасная, общедоступная тема "Саломон Маймон и матрица" - очень небольшая по объему. Почему бы Вам ее не изучить? Саломон Маймон и матрица

Эд.Д. Ходос демонстрирует череп "первого еврейского фашиста" р. Шнеура Залмана

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
слишком большое шоу для маленьких целей

Валерий Салов:
Почему "большое"? Как будто там Дженнифер Лопес и Уитни Хьюстон пели и плясали для отвлечения баранов от шахматной позиции. Ничего подобного! Обошлись услугами двух рядовых членов партии - Киппура и Каппароса. Плюс теософ Ананд для массовости.


Валерий Салов:
Если хотите посмотреть настоящее большое шоу - обратитесь к нашей теме "Мессианский футбол".

Гм Рашид Зиятдинов:
шахматы слишком малая область для столь претендующих теорий

Валерий Салов:
Да, шахматы - всего лишь часть каббалы, но весьма существенная ее часть. Недаром Алистер Кроули мечтал о карьере шахматного профессионала и "чемпиона мира". А это самый известный сатанист 20-го столетия.




Еще один интересный международный чат (№10) состоялся в ФБ группе "Measuring Chess Greatness", вслед за публикацией официального заявления Всемирного Совета игроков о дисквалификации гроссмейстеров А. Карпова и Г. Каспарова, вместе с "президентом ФИДЕ" К.Н. Илюмжиновым. Вначале я процитирую английский текст Заявления, а затем, в несколько сокращенном виде, приведу материалы состоявшегося обсуждения.


Valeri Salov:
11 ноября в 11:10

Statement by the WPC Disciplinary Committee

Upon careful examination of the facts related to accusations against the former FIDE world champions Anatoly E. Karpov and Garry K. Kasparov, and also the incumbent FIDE president Kirsan N. Ilyumzhinov; taking into account the gravity of the match-rigging charges against them that included ritual manipulation of the results of 5 (five) matches for the world chess crown in 1984-1990 (as well as a number of other title matches in 1974-2000) and 2 presidential elections of 2010 and 2014; after due consideration of the aggravating political and pseudo-religious context of the crimes, - the World Players’ Council has decided:

- to deem GMs A. Karpov, G. Kasparov and president K. Ilyumzhinov responsible for violating the principle of fair play,

- to judge them liable for criminal complicity and undue use of the game of chess for the hidden political ritualistic agenda of the “New World Order” extremely harmful for their own country of residence and the chess public at large,

- to hold them culpable of confidence abuse of the millions of chess fans throughout the world, bordering on outright fraud,

- to deem them guilty of causing irremediable damage to the prestige of the game of chess and inflicting substantial financial losses to their fellow chess grandmasters.


In view of the gravity of the offense the imposed sanctions include: disqualification, the lifetime ban, stripping of all the titles. A fine of €13.000.000 (thirteen million euros) is imposed on each one of the lawbreakers.

The decision of the WPC Disciplinary Committee reflects the strong will of the world chess community to purify its ranks by getting rid of all the criminal and corrupt elements. It confirms and substantiates the former statements of the WPC leadership and comes into immediate effect since the moment of its publication.

November 9, 2015
World Players’ Council (WPC),
GM Valeri Salov, president.


Tony Berard: How will the enforcement of the collecting of the fines be done? If those fines are collected, what will happen to the money--will it benefit chess in general?


Valeri Salov: Very sensible questions, Tony, - indeed collecting of the fines is a delicate issue. Besides, one has to be aware of the fact that the very attempt to make the criminals of this stature PAY for their crimes is radically counter-revolutionary in nature.

It goes against the “New World Order”, against “Marxism”, “Leninism”, “Stalinism”, “Hitlerism”, “Liberalism”, “Obama-Putinism” and against all destructive social tendencies of the past few centuries. It goes against the Talmud and kabbalah, in the first place – please, never forget about it.

The Babylonian rituals Kippur-Kapparos have as their major objective the shifting of the blame from the criminals to their victims. They enthrone the principle of impudence [immunity and unaccountability] of the felons and undermine the very essence of the concepts of Justice, Law and Liability.


So, to make the criminals PAY for their felonies – and precisely those of them who are guilty of enacting the KIPPUR-KAPPAROS obscurantist rituals - goes to the very heart of the whole problem of corruption in modern society. It’s highly emblematic and of vital importance.

The FIDE presidential elections of 2010 (Kippur and Kapparos vs Kirsan) was yet another travesty of political process

One can be sure that all the organized crime net (the Babylonian Satanists) will go berserk and crazy to impede the triumph of justice in this particular case. To break their backbone in this criminal affair would deal a lethal blow to their pseudo-religion. This is why we must try our best to actually collect the fines in full.

No doubt, the very process of getting rid of the major chess fraudsters will greatly benefit and enhance the image of the game and make it much more attractive for the public.

The farce continues

But we want not only to “benefit chess” (which is a vague abstraction after all) but also to benefit the principles of fair play and the players themselves. We can offer our colleagues hundreds of full-time or part-time jobs if they decide to join our efforts of bringing criminals to justice. We must create a working organism of chess criminologists, a special ad hoc task force – which will be pushing for justice and legality in the world of chess.

The process of collecting of the fines will certainly involve a subtle negotiation ability and also a necessary media pressure. And here is where the professional interests of many players (and why not? – journalists as well) may coincide with their interests as citizens and human beings.

I think we’ll have to discuss this situation in more detail. I’m open to collaboration and eager to listen to all sorts of proposals and ideas.


Mark Johnson: WTF???


Valeri Salov: Please, study our criminological dossier:
Kasparov-Kapparos Political Myth Debunked


Clive Heyn: i have never seen anything more convoluted in my life.


Mark Johnson: In case we ever run short of manure.


Valeri Salov: Gentlemen, please, try to concentrate on the bright side of fining the chess cheaters.


Mark Johnson: Sorry, this is the first I've ever heard of these allegations, and it really sounds like a shovel-ful to me. From the allegations themselves to the "ruling" to the fines. Pure manure. This is on a par with Fischer's most paranoid rantings.


Valeri Salov: Really? Your case is quite funny, Mark. So, please, what do you think you see here - rebe M.M. Schneerson's visit to a Zoo?



Clive Heyn: i have been around the international aspects of chess for 4 decades - had the pleasure of playing fischer in a simul and i have never heard one report of karpov vs kasparov rigging their matches.


Valeri Salov: Clive, do you believe in truthfulness of chess journalists? I can assure you that these KK matches are not the biggest lie around. And in fact the articles I have left the link to do not represent 10% of our criminological dossier.


Mark Johnson: Valery, I wouldn't worry about it. Fischer and Steinitz both continued to play well even after becoming unhinged.


Valeri Salov: Mark, our priority is to put to end these rituals and punish those who were actively involved in them:

And who knows - perhaps A. Kippur and G. Kapparos will have better luck cheating in cards than they had in chess. They enjoy all sorts of gambling.


Mark Johnson: Valery, we have Republicans to deal with. I don't need any more batshit crazy jerks in my life.


Valeri Salov: Mark, crazy jerks are all around you. And we still have to find out about yourself.


Mark Johnson: I'll keep my crazy quiet. No need to make opening prep easier by broadcasting it. Seriously, is it hard to play chess with tinfoil on your head?


Valeri Salov: I'm afraid you are not even able to gauge the level of your ignorance, Mark.


Tony Berard: Well, this is my page, so I am supposed to jump in here to keep the peace. Valery Salov, you are in the company of some pretty serious chess fans and players. They are obviously not to your level because you were once in the super elite of the chess world. Having said that, these serious players and fans of the game have not been exposed to your work. And for them, it IS out there. They are reacting normally to this kind of news for them. Please, if you have any evidence of what you are claiming, then present it. Because they are chess players and have other intellectual passions (Clive Heyn is an astrophysicist, and Mark Johnson is an economist). They have the capacity to evaluate what you would present if you would be so kind to do so. And, in turn, they will respond in a civil manner to you. Won't you guys? Please tell Mr. Salov that you will. Thank you all for your valuable time.


Valeri Salov: Thank you for your moderation, Tony. In fact Clive was impeccably correct, he has just pointed out that the whole affair was very intricate, entangled and complicated. And I agree with him, it takes some time to untangle it. The Political Sciences are no less complicated than astrophysics. The gentlemen have to understand that I'm both a professional player and educated politologist. Besides I was personally involved in two of the five KK matches, I know all the seconds involved and I know what they really think about these matches. So I am in the position of knowledge as perhaps no one else in the chess world is.

I have left already a link to quite a number of articles. Clive and Mark should take some time to study this material. It is not so easy to absorb. I know very intelligent people who spent several months studying my work (which is quite ample) before they began to understand what was really going on in the world of chess. I believe that the crosstables of the 1974-1995 WC matches are self-explanatory but if the gentlemen have any questions I'll be only too happy to answer them.


Mark Johnson: I appreciate Tony's efforts at conciliation, and was not aware of Valery's strength as a player or position in world chess. However, I don't find this topic worth discussing. It is possible collusion might be at play, though it is important to recognize that not all negotiation is collusive. But Valery loses so much credibility with unenforceable 13M Euro fines and "lifetime bans" applied to retired or semi-retired players that it would be hard to take him seriously. I will moderate my comments in future. Lack of outright scorn is often due to laughing behind the back rather than "getting into it". Chessplayers are as a class predisposed to be intellectually contentious and "scrappy". Not all fights are worth our time.


Valeri Salov: Well, Mark, if you "don't find this topic worth discussing" you just don't discuss it and that's it. We'll discuss it without you. In what regards the "unenforcible fine" it is unenforcible due to one reason only. And I have explained it above. The reason is very simple: the present "legal system" is based on the twisted principle of accountability of the victim instead of the criminal. As a rule the mystics of power make the victim pay for their own offense and felony. This insanity we are about to change. We have to break this vicious circle when the participants of Kippur-Kapparos rigged matches are immune to any kind of punishment precisely due to the necromantic symbolism of the rituals performed by them.

The best illustration of this twisted "legal principle" are the yesterdays terror acts in Paris. Who were the victims of terror? French citizens. Who will pay for the crime? The same French citizens who will be even more enslaved by the occult perpetrators than they were before. The victim always pays for the crime - this is Babylonian "Justice".


Tony Berard: Well, the French have declared this as an act of war. So, we will see how serious they are about bringing ISIS to justice for its actions.

Thank you Mark Johnson for toning down your remarks. You are certainly at your free will to not discuss these things. I will only make one comment about the statistical nature of what Valery Salov has found. I do not pretend to understand the Babylonian calendar, but Mr. Salov has a number of tournaments in which decisive games occurred on important dates on the Babylonian calendar and draws occurred on unimportant dates. If the date was independent of the outcome of the game, then the important/unimportant dates should have no bearing on the whether the game on that day was decisive or not. According to Valery Salov, the string of games that this occurs is remarkably large. One half raised to the power of the number of games in this string is a p-value that is too small to be ignored. It must be the case that the outcomes are based on the importance/unimportance of the day on the Babylonian calendar. Even if there were strong evidence for this based on the Runs Test of Randomness, that would be enough. But, Valery says it is a long streak with no misses at all. I just thought I would tell you that in a statistical way that you might see something of what he is saying in terms you can understand.


Mark Johnson: Tony, I'm disappointed in you. One can find an infinite number of random events which may correlate to the timing of activiies. Correlation is not causation. Further, Identifying "key" dates is a manual subjective choice where the researcher produces the data. Are you certain that he flagged all the "critical" dates? Working backward from the events he is explaining and finding they occur on a "significant" date is not valid scientific or statistical practice. Finding a five year period when Fischer never won a game on Saturday might be associated with his adherence to the Worldwide Church of God which practiced a Saturday Sabbath...he refused to play on those days, even forfeiting games scheduled. When a researcher starts using bogus methods, that shoots their credibility--period. I'm sure volcano eruptions during sunspot activity would have an interesting correlation with some events. Perhaps as much as 50% more stillbirths of redheaded male babies. WOW. Who would have thought. I've already tried marking this thread as UNFOLLOW. Guess I just need to employ personal restraint as my next step. Babylonian calendars? Jewish mystical teachings (Kabbala)? Freemasonic conspiracies? However high the correlations may be, it's only because he hasn't been exposed to the Scientological understanding how Thetans from the planet Xenu spiritually damaged Kasparov on those occasions when he underperformed. Or perhaps their biorhythms interacted with El Nino activity.


Valeri Salov: I think that first of all we have to check if Mark is capable of sensible judgment at all.

Dear Mark, you must have certainly heard and read lots of times Kapparos’ diatribes against the “one-man dictatorship” of Mr. Putin in “Russia”. And because of this dictatorship “the West must prepare for military confrontation with “Russia”, must sell high-tech weapons to Ukraine”, etc. If you haven’t, let me quote for you the “Financial Times”:


“Without messing around in the opening, Kasparov quickly launches a full-frontal assault on his target, President Vladimir Putin, whom he likens to Hitler. Bursting with pent-up fury, he argues the west is making a tragic mistake in appeasing Mr Putin over Ukraine. Instead, it should isolate him, slap stiff sanctions on all the Kremlin’s cronies and sell lethal arms to Kiev. “Dictators only stop when they are stopped,” he thunders.”

Dear Mark, do you understand that all this pseudo-democratic rhetoric from Kapparos has no sense at all? That it represents utterly incoherent and lunatic worldview? That the only motivation of Mr. Kapparos if he has any at all is warmongering, escalating military conflict in Europe and in the Middle East? That it divulges not only lack of credibility but a very serious mental disarray?

If you don’t understand such a simple reality I’m afraid you are devoid of common sense and we should not waste our precious time discussing any complex political or cabbalistic problem with you.


Tony Berard: Mark Johnson, I am sorry I have disappointed you. No, I haven't checked on the Babylonian calendar dates to see or know if they are important or not. So, we would have a valid statistical test for these tournaments in question if we can substantiate the dates in question. Valery Salov, is it possible to get a third party person to tell us about the Babylonian calendar dates in question? This person must not know that chess games occurred on these days. This person must simply say this date is important on the Babylonian calendar for this reason or that date on the Babylonian calendar is not important for that reason.

Once we have the dates in question declared as important to the Babylonian calendar or not important to the Babylonian calendar, then we can see if the chess games on those dates were draws or decisive games. THEN, if it is a perfect streak as Valery claims, then the p-value would be substantiated to be what it is. But, if there are misses in the batch, that doesn't mean the test fails. Rather, then we would perform the Runs Test of Randomness to see whether or not we have a random run of the hits and misses. If this test fails to show a random pattern, then Valery Salov would be shown to have demonstrated his point. But, if the test shows a random pattern, then Mark Johnson would be able to claim that the games were [not] rigged.

For my part, I used my rating system on the Russian Championship of 1973 won by Spassky, and it passed the Ratings Goodness of Fit Test. This was with both the Chessmetrics ratings and Elo ratings. But, my rating system does not do any date checking with the Babylonian calendar, so it would miss any such matching up.

If we could find a suitable third party person to tell us about these dates in question, would that satisfy both of you?


Valeri Salov: Yes, Tony, you can certainly check all the dates yourself - for instance, here: http://www.tichnut.de/onlinekalender/kalender.html

But what we did was putting all the data in convenient tables so that any person familiar with chess history would immediately recognize the pattern. The correlation between the most critical moments of the World title matches (1974-2000) with the Kippur-Kapparos holidays and rituals is absolutely amazing. In fact it is often not only coincidence of dates but also a thematic overlap.


Tony Berard: We will see if Mark Johnson requires the third party person I have stipulated. I do not know these dates you speak of, and Mark probably does not either. But, if they are so well known, then it should be easy to find someone to do this task without knowledge of it being for chess games and rigging by the two K's. Hopefully, Mark will post his up or down vote. I hope he does tell us because I do have a lot of respect for him. If he does say he requires this third party person, I will post on my page a request for such a person, and I will ask you for a simple list of the dates in Gregarian as well as Babylonian format.


Valeri Salov: Perhaps I should comment on the above remark of Mark: “correlation is not causation”.

Surely it is not but we are talking about probabilities so infinitely small that the discussed problem is similar to the famous puzzle of chimpanzees creating a Shakespeare’s sonnet by randomly hitting the keys of a typewriter. How is it possible?


Ok, if you have 100.000.000 chimps and they are typing all the time such a result is feasible. But we have a very limited number of events (world championship matches in 1974-2000) and practically all of them show the same pattern of results so that the critical moments of all matches fall at the same dates of Kippur-Kapparos pagan Babylonian rituals. And even when you change one “chimp” for another – the result is still the same. What should we think?

The only plausible conclusion is that the players are somehow trained or programmed to cheat.

Probably for Mark it’s something new and shocking but we have discussed these rituals for five years, we have provided for our readers all the necessary historical and political background of these events. And our scientific conclusion is bulletproof solid and reliable. There is absolutely no doubt that both the schedules of the matches and the results were manipulated. And there are only two possibilities as regards the participation of the players in these events:

1. Either they were consciously collaborating in rigging the matches.
2. Or they are remotely controlled and out of their minds.

For a criminal investigation the difference might be quite important but for the purpose of disqualification it’s just the same. The matches were rigged and their results must be annulled. A very grave incriminating circumstance is the fact that in the past 5 years the GMs involved have not expressed the slightest desire to confess their crimes or at least to clarify their role in them.

The same is true in regard to chess journalists who have demonstrated lamentable lack of ethics and professional honor.



Следующая интересная беседа (чат №11) состоялась с проживающим в Ирландии арбитром и тренером ФИДЕ Дарко Полимаком (ее начало размещено в теме Kirsan Illuminated). Дарко попытался выступить в защиту Кирсана Илюмжинова, и его реплики были непосредственно вызваны публикацией статьи "Born on the 1st of Nisan" по вышеуказанному адресу.


Darko Polimac, FIDE trainer, Ireland, no title, b.1970

Darko Polimac: Valery Salov, are you ok mate ?

Valeri Salov: We are fighting against the organized crime in chess, Darko. It's not a soft job.

Darko Polimac: https://groups.google.com/forum/... Interesting reading here
Whatever happened to Valery Salov?
Posted by Joe.D.Veal-1, Apr 27, 2000 12:00 AM

Valeri Salov: Frankly, i find this video much more interesting:

David Icke: "You are watching the movie called WWIII"

Darko Polimac: Anazing man with 22 views who talks crap

Valeri Salov: David Icke has lots of following in the UK and the world over. He is not always correct but recently makes lot of sense. I made a clip from his program yesterday - this is why there are so few views.

Darko Polimac: What is the crime please. Is Kirsan taking any money from Fide?

Valeri Salov: It's not that primitive, Darko, you should look at the general scheme of things. FIDE is the place where the organized crime (Federal Reserve and its administrative branches) spends part of its booty. They eviscerate the whole planet and then direct 0,0000001% of the plunder to "charity". And they do it with lots of occult motives and hind thoughts. Have a broader look at the whole process.

Darko Polimac: Valery Salov, I have a life.

Valeri Salov: Everyone has his life. But they are planning to take it away.

Darko Polimac: Not at all. (Хорошо знакомый нам аргумент: "Это не так, это совсем не так!")

Valeri Salov: Don't forget - they have graved it in stone:


Darko Polimac: The all people behind those stories are 24 7 on pc not moving out of the hause not having friends and family. Most of them dont know how to boil the egg or produce something in life.

Valeri Salov: I would say the contrary: those people who are trying to alert us do have families and friends, they do care about our future - contrary to the babylonian psychopaths who are ruining this world.
Do you try to imply that before the satanists came and took power no one was producing anything? Strange views on history, Darko.

Darko Polimac: I just dont beilive in all this.

Valeri Salov: This is because you believe in miracles, Darko. You believe in miraculous "coincidences" of dates, miraculous chess results (with most incredible setups like KK-162), miraculous political and FIDE careers (like that of Kirsan) and so on. It is called fatalism and "magical thinking" and it presupposes lack of critical analysis. To the contrary, we believe in facts and deep scientific investigation. Everything is researched and described, look here:
Kasparov-Kapparos Political Myth Debunked

Darko Polimac: I beilive in facts that can be proven in Court.

Valeri Salov: In what kind of court - run by the satanists?

Darko Polimac: That is excuse for anything.

Valeri Salov: You see, Darko, it's enough to open the Babylonian talmud and read a few extracts from it to become aware that it is a misanthropic, extremist, ultrafascist literature. The fact that it is still not legally forbidden by any European court reflects on the deep, deep trouble in which the mankind finds itself at present times. What kind of excuse are you trying to find for this fact?

And in fact the chassidic literature (the Chabad classics) and cabbalistic treatises in general reflect even more degenerated state of minds of their authors. And these authors, instead of being vituperated and ashamed, are considered "the greatest sages of history" by the brainwashed mass of babylonian satanists.


The conversation resumed two days later, this time it was triggered by Valeri Salov's article on the LCC "Hanukkah" tournament: Магнус Карлсен


Darko Polimac: Valery Salov, you have lots of time dont you. What this explain pls help me.

Valeri Salov: I just use my time efficiently. And you still dream about the future "messianic world" when all gentiles would be enslaved with no free time at all? Eh, Darko?

- I m just asking the question. I dream about my kids developing to good well educated people. That is all really . So how was last year same as this Could this be just accidental thing. You should look in 4 years ago year by year to define pattern.

You are trying to maintain the world based entirely on lies and dream of your kids becoming "well educated people"? Educated by whom, by the liars?

- Who is we Valery?

We is us, members of the WPC.

- WPC stands for?

World Players' Council.

- Sorry I never hear for it. So tell us more abt LCC.

It's just enough for the moment if you read attentively the published material (the article on Chabad).


We have analysed the Stavanger GCT tournament this year. It was enough to single out the pattern.

- But you havent London Classic Nd pattern cant be found at all. Who is we?

You still don't understand what's the purpose of this LCC tournament.

- No pls help me.

I'm planning to dedicate more publications to the LCC.




На днях состоялось продолжение увлекательного чата №11 с проживающим в Ирландии арбитром ФИДЕ Дарко Полимаком. Дарко безотказно среагировал на публикацию нами видеоролика о масонских люциферианских жестах. Сразу же выяснилось интересное обстоятельство - оказывается, гроссмейстер А.Д. Широв вовсе и не думает ни о каком "покаянии", а продолжает отрабатывать шекели, полученные в Рижской синагоге, распространяя в фейсбуке анонимные и лживые пакости о личной жизни президента ВСИ.
Данная история лишний раз показывает, насколько нелепы всякие разговоры о "спасении еврейских душ" - это просто механические жучки, заряженные на построение планетарного концлагеря Освенцим. И отношение к ним должно быть соответствующим.
(Пожалуйста, не пропустите потрясающий рассказ Анны Барнхардт о пережитом ею опыте в канзасской публичной школе, о лагерном режиме, установленном там американскими талмудическими шириковыми.)


A nice video on masonic hand signs. Especially recommended for the all-out masonic apologist Darko Polimac:

Darko Polimac

Valery Salov, pls ask for help in New Year

Valeri Salov: We feel really sorry for you, Darko - obviously you've decided to go down in the New Year together with FIDE, Kirsan, Kippur, Kapparos, King Rex Sinquefield, rebe-moshiach, Eastern Parkway 770, et al. We'll miss you a lot.

Darko Polimac: I know all now valery one of people who knows you well explained all to me. Sad

Do you mean this KGB freak?


You must know, Darko, that this person is completely mentally sick. For the last five years he makes living by spreading lies about me on the internet. He has no other job. I feel sorry for both of you.

Darko Polimac: Valery i have job and family. Do you ?

What are you paid for? For deceiving kids in some chess club? For showing them Kippur-Kapparos fixed games?

Darko Polimac: I teach in 20 schools and 2 clubs.. 3000 kids in 15 years. And you?

You mean you have deceived 3000 kids in 15 years? Wow. So many precious young lives destroyed, you must be paid well by your luciferian superiors. You have accelerated the New World Order of slavery by quantum leaps.

Darko Polimac: I have no idea what are you talking about but I think you dont either. So tell us do you have kids wife and job.

Now we know - you work as a harlot of the banksters. Here is a video about your job, Darko. Watch it, please:


Darko Polimac: You dont answer questions . Do you have job. Your posts can make you income if doctors write the letter you ll have pension fast

And why do you seek personal information about me, Darko?

Darko Polimac: You asked me

I didn't ask you. You told us yourself first: "I have job and family", - it was your own declaration.

Besides, you have started to insinuate in a very sleazy way that you had some personal info about me.

Darko Polimac: So what is your job theen

My job is to get rid of the masonic bastards who have converted the chessworld in a cesspool of lies.

Look, Darko, what your masonic marxist friends did to the educational system in the US, this girl is rightfully indignant:

Take your Kids Out of Public School NOW!!!

Irate American 20-year old Ann Barnhardt tells her horrific experience in the high school and explains why she decided to drop it.

Darko Polimac: Sorry Valery but life stops me yo watch videos made by insane people . All the best my friend may force be with you. The man was correct

Yeah, we know this song: "everyone is insane who is not a slave of the Babylonian talmud". You are plain crazy, Darko, and unfortunately you are socially dangerous as well.

And, please, say hello to your friend, I hope they cut off his salary in the synagogue.

Darko Polimac: Thanks Valery Salov that being said by you is the best compliment to me. Take your pills and enjoy pc screen 24/7

The best compliment to you, Darko, are the alms given to you by your rabbis. But you must be aware ot their tricks.

A new chessplayer enters our discussion:

Daniel Barria: i like to see a diferent wiew point GM salov say what he think this is no bad what is your problem whit that darko?

I'm afraid Darko and his friends are trying to impose on us a unitarian global fascist state of total control. They don't admit anything but the Party line. This is what the babylonian talmud teaches them: the goyim must be enslaved and have no opinion of their own. The goyim are cattle and must work for their masters - it's their "orthodox" doctrine. All the chess demagoguery serves only to distract attention.

Daniel Barria: yes valery you have no boss and you are not a slave, you can just say what you thinks, thanks for that!!

Darko Polimac: LOL.

Thanks to you, Daniel. But you see that Darko laughs at us - he is sure that everyone is enslaved by now.




Продолжение чата №11 привело к ожидаемому результату – арбитр и тренер ФИДЕ Дарко Полимак вынужден был четко сформулировать цель своей шахматной и пропагандистской деятельности – гои должны прилежно рабски трудиться на построение царства «праведного мошиаха» (антихриста), то есть, способствовать всеми своими силами завершению построения планетарного концлагеря Освенцим. Но этого мало – они должны еще и платить налоги в синагогу сатаны, поддерживая, тем  самым, устойчивость функционирования всей репрессивной системы и делая, таким образом, необратимым процесс собственной деградации и порабощения.

Что ж, по крайней мере, откровенно. Хуже то, что Дарко быстро сообразил, что наговорил много лишнего  и поспешил затереть свои реплики (вместе с несколькими нашими ответами ему). Это хорошо знакомый нам трюк, и он не застал нас врасплох. Мы их запомнили и воспроизводим очень близко к тексту.

Можно еще добавить, что на этот раз Дарко Полимак заручился поддержкой еще двоих международных гендерных пропагандистов, но они стушевались довольно быстро и от масштабной полемики отказались. Активность в пропаганде и полный пассив в дискуссии - это также хорошо нам знакомая стратегия.


Saulo Silva: Perhaps a different opinion is healthy for a good debate..among sane people.

Valeri Salov: Are you trying to say that the Chabad adepts are incapable of debating any issue? Well, that sounds very much like true.

Sean Tobin: Darko Polimac he's lost his mind and is unable to admit it because then he would have to rebuild himself up after seeking help from others. He's too insecure. I'll answer for you then Valery Salov - you have no wife, no kids, no job and no real connection to the real world. You sit at your computer typing batshit crazy conspiracy theories because that is easier to do than to heal or seek help in healing. No - you do not have people with whom you can agree and disagree with in conversation about the world, no mirror to check how you look to others and to thereby see yourself. No reality checks at all. You rather pretend that convoluted conspiracies are everywhere when in fact the sad truth is that they are not. Occam's razer anyone? Valery - help yourself... stop buying into your own bullshit. Go outside and get some exercise... go meet people and have a simply normal conversation. If this pissed you off - my giving a shit about what's happened to you - then please do take exception. Damn it man - go get laid or something... Or how how about a conversation with a stranger of the non political variety? Time to get your mind out of the paranoid loop you now occupy routinely on a dayly basis. P.S. Happy Festivus (Can you find the conspiracy in well wishes as well????)

Valeri Salov: My dear friend, I'm afraid you've gone crazy after reading too much of the Babylonian talmud. This way you'll finish up by claiming that I have no PC and no internet connection. Sorry, but it's completely lunatic attitude from your part, this kind of radical DENIAL OF OBJECTIVE REALITY. Do you really think that these haters of human reason are "the healers of humanity"?

Darko Polimac: Lol you do have pc and internet con that is really all you do have. O and time to waste

Valeri Salov: Darko Polimac Darko, please, don't be so obnoxious. You all sound like a FIDE lunatics lobby. Sure, I have to maintain my family as everyone else. But the present level of corruption in the West doesn't leave any hope of survival to any decent human being. The first thing we all have to undertake is doing away with the cabbalistic rituals in FIDE. Their influence on the rest of the chessworld is absolutely disastrous.

Darko Polimac: You need to work and pay taxes first.

Valeri Salov: Darko Polimac I work much more than you do, Darko. The difference is that I do a useful work and you inflict lots of damage to the fellow human-beings.
It goes without saying that my work is of much higher quality than yours.

Darko Polimac: If it is related to chess then definitely so, what are you working on?

Valeri Salov: But I told you before about my work, have you forgotten already?

Darko Polimac:  So what is your job?

Valeri Salov: Surely it is related to chess. Our job is “DOCC” – disqualification of the chess cheaters.



Чат №12 с кубинским шахматным тренером Роберто Альваресом, состоявшийся в группе "Шахматные арбитры" по следам нашей публикации о 20-й партии матча Каппарос-Киппур, Лион 1990.





Roberto Alvarez: no entiendo el nombre del rival de karpov

Valeri Salov: Está explicado en este video, es una especie de pollo maléfico:

Kapparot & Venom: Sacrificing Chickens to Satan

Roberto Alvarez: jajaja jajajaja idea tuya maestro

Valeri Salov: No, no exactamente mía, es la idea del rebe-007, el guru de "Karpov" y "Kasparov" y su seleccionador - le gustaban mucho estos rituales y decidió combinarlos con el ajedrez:


Roberto Alvarez: vaya combinación con lo bello que es el ajedrez

Valeri Salov: Todavía no he respondido a la pregunta de OlmoRojo: ¿para qué lo hacen los místicos? La respuesta N1 es obvia: porque son místicos.

Roberto Alvarez: los místicos lo hacen para complacerse ellos mismos

Valeri Salov: Más o menos, pasan de nosotros por completo, los seres humanos (los goyim) no pintamos y no importamos nada, según ellos.

Roberto Alvarez: jejeje yo soy un dios y tú, pobre de ellos no saben ni quienes son

Valeri Salov: Creo que están demónicamente poseídos como consecuencia de los abusos con la necromancia. Es un pasatiempo tremendamente peligroso. Decía René Guenón, y él entendía mucho de estas cosas, que todas las civilizaciones humanas, todas sin excepción, perecieron por culpa de afanarse con la magia negra. Los borregomatrix ni sospechan de que se trata.

Roberto Alvarez: espero que el ajedrez siga su curso tranquilamente

Valeri Salov: Sí, es necesario deshacerse de algunos corruptos y seguir adelante, ya bajo auspicios del Consejo Mundial de Jugadores y la FIDE renovada.

Roberto Alvarez: Quien será el presidente de la Fide?

Valeri Salov: Es todavía pronto pensar en eso. Creo que sería fácil encontrar a alguien que fuera un poco menos illuminado que Kirsán.

Roberto Alvarez: dicen que Kasparov está luchando por eso, es verdad?

Valeri Salov: No, no es verdad, Kippur y Kapparos hicieron la comedia en 2010 y 2014 pero eso nunca iba en serio. Todos los tres son bolcheviques, pertenecen al mismo partido y al mismo culto del rebe.

Roberto Alvarez: es mejor entonces que sea de otro país y pueda salir de gentes así

Valeri Salov: Lo importante es que no sea partidario del derecho talmúdico, sino un firme opositor a la doctrina babilónica.

Roberto Alvarez: y de donde salen?

Valeri Salov: no importa de donde salgan, lo importante es a donde van

Roberto Alvarez: quise decir, si puede ser de cualquier país

Valeri Salov: sí, claro

Roberto Alvarez: disculpame maestro, tengo clases de english ahora y después trabajo hasta la noche, puedo seguir cuando termine

Valeri Salov: un cordial saludo, Roberto, yo también tengo que irme

Roberto Alvarez: un abrazo hermano.


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