В конце января этого года, начиная с выпуска №197, Марк Пассио перешел к новому формату своей программы "What On Earth Is Happening" - теперь это 3-часовой Live Streaming на ютьюбе каждое воскресенье в 3pm ET (22:00 MSK). На мой взгляд, передачи получаются несколько затянутыми, тяжеловатыми, но Марк по-прежнему остается одним из лучших специалистов по оккультизму и криптократии, и его мнение о состоянии современного "мира" всегда представляет интерес. Я сам, когда есть возможность, стараюсь следить за свежими выпусками.

Приведу небольшой (13-минутный) фрагмент из программы №204 от 31 марта, в которой Марк подвел промежуточные итоги своей просветительской деятельности в сети. "Мы находимся сейчас в еще худшем положении, чем были 9 лет назад, и в этом виноваты мы все", - вот его резюме. Может быть, кто-нибудь из наших читателей захочет прокомментировать? В самом конце ролика прозвучал любопытный реверанс в сторону шахматной игры. Очевидно, Марк Пассио в курсе оккультной значимости шахмат, хотя никогда от него мне не приходилось слышать каких-либо обобщений по этому поводу.

Mark Passio, "What On Earth Is Happening", episode 204

I think we were in a better situation nine years ago, even more than nine years ago than we are today. I think people were waking up more en masse back in the years 2005-6-7 shortly after the 9/11 false flag ritual murder event than they are today because the mainstream media quadrupled its effort to brainwash the populace.

And now you have people today who actually believe the mainstream media is trying to tell them anything resembling the truth. They are so ensconced in the dialectic, they are pitted at each other, there’re all kinds of divides in humanity with people fighting against each other instead of actually fighting their enslavers that it’s a sad situation…

…Sometimes I think: why bother when the world is getting far more ignorant by the day? And you know there are people who tell me of how the world’s waking up, people are getting, people are waking up – I’m sorry, folks, I don’t see it. I don’t see people with the level of knowledge that someone like myself has, I don’t care if you think it’s an arrogant thing to say or not. I know what I know, I know what I’ve taken in, I know what I’ve studied about the world, I know how accurate my conclusions are, that I’ve come to, and I know where other people mindset is at because you could just tell by talking to them just for a few minutes, you know. You could tell whether people have any kind of semblance of real knowledge or whether they’re buying the mainstream narrative just about everything.

And I’m telling you people now are not only comfortable in their ignorance, they’re smug in their ignorance, they love knowing nothing and then want to tell people that their feelings and their, you know, opinions are just as good as someone else’s hard-won knowledge… I’m personally sick of it and I really have to say to my watching audience: this is a failure of all on our part, that’s what it really is.  It’s a failure on our part. We haven’t reached out to people efficiently and effectively. We haven’t done the work. People remain silent

…Nobody wants to hear that harsh truth you know. It means you might not be able to serve yourself and spend the time doing the things you want to do – that’s what I keep telling people that’s why I’m a better person, I’m better about it. “Oh, you want me to do the same things that make you a better person?” Yeah, actually I do. Because may be if more people did it we would be able to have a lighter time of it. Again, the old saying: many hands make for light work.

The problem is that there are so few people doing this.  At this point nine years in I thought there would be at least 1 million people doing as good of a job or a better job than I do here on “What on Earth is happening”. And guess what, folks, there’s still only one Mark Passio. And it’s a shame that I have to say that. It’s a crying shame, ok? There should be a million people doing what I do on this level or a way better. And when I go on Internet, I look for them and I come back to my own videos. That’s still where it’s at. Because no one would just come out and say it, nobody would lay down the truth bombs like I’m dropping every week here on “What on Earth is happening” and say it unapologetically. They are either too ignorant or too chicken shit, ok.   

So, we were in a better position 9 years ago than we are today and guess what – there’s no excuse for it…

…People are a bad fucking joke is what they are by the way that they think, a bad joke, they don’t understand the depth and breadth of knowledge that’s going to be required to reverse this situation.

...Yeah, look, here’s how I’ve been likening and trying get to people before we jump into this material: here’s how I’ve been likening it for people giving them a little analogy of what we’re really up against. First of all, we’re up against beings that are practically like gods – that’s how advanced and intelligent they are as far as their complexity of understanding of the human condition and human psychology compared to the average idiot, okay?

You’re up against master psychologists, it’s like playing the most advanced chess master in the world when you’ve never even looked at a chessboard and you only know how the pieces move. You’re gonna get your ass crushed in twenty seconds in the first couple of moves of the game he’s got you checkmated, ok. You’re not gonna have any idea what’s going on and the game is already going to be won by the opponent.