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Kirsan Illuminated

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Воспроизвожу тему о Кирсане для наших англоязычных читателей, приуроченную к 20-летней годовщине его пребывания у кормила ФИДЕ. Она является прямым продолжением нашей политики бессрочной дисквалификации Кирсана, Киппура и Каппароса ("Карпова и Каспарова"). Излагаемые здесь факты хорошо знакомы постоянным читателям "Шехины".


Twenty years ago on the fateful Friday night of November 24, 1995 (Shabbat Toledoth, 1 to 2 Kislev 5756) Illuminated Kirsan was elected "FIDE president" by a huge majority of the delegates of the FIDE General Assembly in Paris. Curiously enough no chess erudite is still ready to explain today why it was Kirsan (utterly obscure 33-years-old "Prince of the Steppes") who got elevated and acclaimed by the chess community.

I ask this question once and again and never get a coherent and plausible answer. Kirsan was a perfect unknown at those years. Most of the delegates knew nothing about his political or financial background and could hardly find tiny Kalmykia on the map of the world. And still they instantly believed Campo's and A. Kippur's presentation (with a tacit approval of the Kapparos' Mother).

So let me repeat this question one more time: WHY KIRSAN?

Masonic handshake with the former IOC President Mr. Jacques Rogge, 1st February 2007 in Lausanne


Interesting exchange of opinions took place yesterday on my FB page concerning the nature and identity of the so called "ILLUMINATI".


James Macdonald: Mr. Salov - forgive me for posting on your timeline - you can always delete this - but given the posts I saw from you today about Anand, and the little I know about where you're coming from, I wanted to make sure you saw this article...have a good day...

http://www.mensxp.com/special-features/ … n-men.html


The Secret Society Of Ancient India's Illuminati: The Story Of Ashoka's Nine Unknown Men

Valeri Salov: No, you are welcome, James, it's OK. The only thing I have to object to is the main concept of this article. In fact the so called "Illuminati" of the West are not a few unknown sages but rather millions of well-known corrupted crooks who are at everybody's sight and still everyone is trying to fake not to see them. We have Illuminated Kirsan (who celebrates today 20 years at the helm of FIDE), Illuminated Kippur, Illuminated Kapparos and so on. Everyone knows who they are and what is necessary to do with them. They may be called "book-keepers" but these are books of lies and iniquities that they keep.

Illuminated Kirsan and "Vishy 9/11 Anand"

James Macdonald: ok, well, thank you for your graciousness...obviously I need to learn more about your concept of the illuminati, because I didn't imagine there would be millions of members...I am glad that I am on your friends list and receiving your posts; I do find what you say interesting...thanks again...

Valeri Salov: I'm very happy that you are so well versed in these topics, James, and highly appreciate your opinions. Regarding the "Illuminati" I understand this term as a moniker for the adepts of Babylonian satanism. And there are hordes of them all around us. Since the XVIIIth century Europe is subjected to a veritable epidemy of "magnetism", spiritism, sorcery, witchcraft and "magick". This complete perversion of humane and divine laws is called "Illumination". The "illuminated" adepts are initiated into the luciferian doctrine of organized crime which is very profitable for them. To add insult to injury they call themselves "God's chosen". And what is the most unpleasant for me personally they call their insane and criminal system of "morality" (or rather lack of it): CHESS VALUES. Here is where their obsession with "progress", "advancement" and "development of chess" comes from. In Spanish they are sometimes called "masones ajedrezados".


An excellent polemical remark was made by Darko Polimac in the thread of my FB page dedicated to Kirsan’s 20 years in FIDE (a holiday frustrated by the WPC on November 9):

Darko Polimac:
We could talk about this. Well for start Kirsan gave 20 mil dol of his own money to chess. Just to Kasparov 2.5 mil. He is in my opinion as I met him in person very nice man. I think he is fair and both Kasparov and Karpov were just not good enough. I think he is good Fide president.

I’m ready to agree with you, Darko, but only in part. I’ve met Kirsan on a number of occasions and he made a great impression on me, I found him “very nice man” – exactly as you say.


Besides I think that he has a tremendous knack for politics. And I’m even ready to admit that Kirsan is not a bad FIDE president. The problem doesn’t lie in his personality but rather in his functions as the president of the World Chess Federation.

What do you think he is doing as FIDE president?

Kirsan congratulates the spiritual son of "rebe rex-moshiach" Magnus Carslen on winning of the Candidates Tournament, London 2013

He is supporting absolutely dehumanized system, which denies all human rights to those who have a disgrace to belong to it, the System entirely based on LIES, FRAUD and FALSIFICATION, the System of antichrist.

And he is doing a wonderful job maintaining this system afloat, making it look attractive for the brainwashed sheeple. The nicer he is, the better he is performing his functions as FIDE president, THE MORE DAMAGE HE INFLICTS ON THE WORLD.

Crowning Magnus and upholding false "chess values", World Chess Championship Match, Chennai 2013

This is something very important to understand. Kirsan helps to maintain a number of myths and execute misanthropic cabbalistic rituals that are absolutely lethal for humanity in a long run. He helps to cover them up. So, even if we felt a deep sympathy toward him personally we still would be forced to most energetically demand his disqualification.

Besides, I must add that Kirsan, unfortunately, has no “money of his own”. This is the common problem with all the so called “Russian oligarchs”.

Following the massive pillage of the "Soviet State" in the years of “perestroika” they have been entrusted by the synagogue to be managers of (sometimes) substantial funds and they are able to spend part of it on their own needs. But generally they have no money of their own and they are not allowed to dedicate such huge amounts ($20 million) wantonly without being ordered to do so by the synagogue.


You should not forget that these “oligarchs” are all “komsomolets” and members of the Communist Party. In fact in his years of study in the Moscow Institute of Foreign Relations Kirsan was not an ordinary Party member but a vice-secretary of the Institutes’ Party Committee, responsible for ideology.

These people do not belong to themselves, they are obsessed with constructing “communism” – or, to be more precise, the planetary Auschwitz.  They are daydreaming about it – this is what the Babylonian Talmud promised them.  

In his youth Kirsan was also involved in trafficking of drugs:

По данным журнала «Компромат.ру» (№24 за 2004 г.), в 1988 г. был исключен из института и партии, но вскоре восстановлен.
«Первое правонарушение господина Илюмжинова связано с изъятием в 1988 г. у него в гостинице «Пекин» наркотиков [и заведением на него уголовного дела], которое потом по ходатайству известных людей было закрыто».

According to the magazine “Compromat.ru” (2004/issue 24) in 1988 Kirsan was detained in the Moscow hotel “Pekin” and sued for “possession of drugs”. For this malfeasance he was expelled from the Party and Institute but later readmitted after the intervention of some high Party officials.

Kirsan with the former IOC President Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch, Lausanne 1997

You see, I have no personal grudge against Kirsan. I even like him in his role of “politician”. But it’s not the matter of personal preferences and sympathies.

Even if we find these "Illuminated" adepts nice in some respects we must not forget that they profess the crazy Cult of Necromancy, Drugs, Lies and Death. And this Chaldean cult is killing humanity – slowly but surely.


Let me reproduce here my answer to a question about Kirsan's family revolutionary traditions. It sheds some interesting light on the origins of his descent to the "yawning chess summits" of FIDE but still doesn't resolve our main problem: WHY EXACTLY KIRSAN?

(23-05-2014 17:47 ) ziggy stardust escribió:
¿En serio que el muy iluminado Kirsan es nieto de Semion Budioni (o Budennyi)?
No es una gran carta de presentación, la verdad...
El amigo Budioni fue un desastre de general. Sus tácticas militares resultaron estar obsoletas al estallar la II guerra mundial. Se libró de ser escabechado porque tenía amistad con Stalin pero se le retiró del frente antes de finalizar 1941, oficialmente "por depresión". Menos mal que teníais a Zukhov.
Aunque esto se puede prestar a una interpretación histórica distinta de la oficial, claro está...

Bueno, no del propio mariscal Budennyi, sino de su comisario político. Eso es lo que dicen todas las biografías de Kirsán.

Sin embargo hace poco él mismo había ofrecido otra versión. Él reconoció que el hermano mayor de su abuelo (que se llamaba también "Kirsán Ilyumzhinov") era el comisario político del segundo ejército de la caballería roja (comandantes: O. Gorodovikov y F. Mironov). Y este comisario fue reconocido por los camaradas K. Voroshilov y S. Budennyi como "un héroe de la guerra civil".

En la práctica llegar a estas alturas en aquellos años significaba pertenecer a la nomenclatura de los satanistas babilonios (como la familia del lazarillo de Bakú) o ser su fiel títere. Luego este "héroe" se hubo suicidado o fue asesinado, no se sabe bien. Quien era su abuelo Kirsán no desvela.

Todo está mencionado en su entrevista de 3 de agosto de 2012 para DJMAG.


Iluminado Kirsán y los extraterrestres

Помощник мой принес из библиотеки книжку про героев гражданской войны. Эта улица была названа в честь старшего брата моего деда. Он был комиссаром Второй конной армии. В 1914 году работал учителем в гимназии, и его отправили на фронт. Там он развернул деятельность против империалистической войны. Его приговорили к расстрелу. Он бежал и организовал большевистскую революционную ячейку. В 1919 году, когда они освободили от белых станицу Великокняжескую Ростовской области, он не согласился как донской казак с казнями местного казачьего населения. И потом, когда увидел воочию, как советская власть организовывается и половине жителей поотрубали головы – не выдержал. Открыто выступил против красного террора. По одной версии, его застрелили. По другой, он сам застрелился. Не мог поддерживать такую власть. Но остался признанным Ворошиловым и Буденным героем гражданской войны. Колхоз был назван в его честь, и памятник ему стоит в Ростовской области. Вот такой был человек.



The best (brief and popular) exposure of the history and doctrine of the "Illuminati" that I know is the lecture of professor Walter Veith "Hidden Agendas and Origin of The Secret Societies" recorded for the "Amazing Discoveries" video series in 2004. It is very precise, based entirely on the masonic documents and publications and is therefore of the highest academic value. It sheds more light on the background of Illuminated Kirsan and FIDE in general. These are the topics that the chess public, unfortunately, largely ignores.

Hidden agendas of The Secret Societies - Origin of The Secret Societies - Ancient Mystery Religions - Kabbalism - Gnosticism - Knights Templars - Rosicrucians - Freemasonry - Illuminati - Theosophical Society - World Council of Churches - Marxism - The New Age Movement - Exposing Occult doctrines and agendas



"С Сирией меня связывают только шахматы!" - К. Илюмжинов http://chess-news.ru/node/20548



One has to be a die-hard “American dream” believer with all its moronic ramifications of "shoe-polishers becoming multi-millionaires" and "janitors growing into financial moguls by a sudden streak of luck" – to take seriously something as absurd as the official biography of Illuminated Kirsan.


Who would otherwise trust the “legitimacy” of his career quantum leap from an obscure Kalmykian upstart, supposed drug-peddler and an expelled low-rank Communist Party official to the head of one of the largest sport Federations in the world, with its headquarters in Switzerland?

I don't mean that one should be especially ashamed of such a credulity. After all, blind belief in the hogwash that is systematically hurled at our faces by the mass media is one of the pillars of the modern matrix-world. Billions of fools form the great foundational building block upon which the Western Talmudic anti-civilization rests (and that's to say nothing about the hard pushing asiatic "tigers" and "dragons" who quickly absorb the babylonian "wisdom" and promise to supercede in the near future the dying West in extravagance and absurdity). This is why it appears so unshakeable and frighteningly irrational. And, my Gosh, if Kirsan doesn't contribute to our predicament with the nonsense of his own!

World Chess President Claims aliens They Invented CHESS

However, in the World Players’ Council we do not pay heed to fairy Cinderella tales, lunatic Chaldean stories of the aliens and other journalistic scoop. We are humble scientists and try to assess modern political realities objectively - in all their implacable (and sometimes even comical) horror. This is why we KNOW FOR SURE that there must have existed some “force majeure” behind Kirsan’s rise to power.

Communist Unity-Fascio of the four "K"s: B. Kouatly, F. Campomanes, A. Kippur and I. Kirsan

Someone had promoted Kirsan to the very “top” of the FIDE paramasonic hierarchy on the fateful Shabbat Evening of Kislev 1, 5756 in Paris (November 24, 1995) and did it with no common force. Needless to say, the same occult power, of which you never read in the newspapers, see or hear nothing from the TV screens, has maintained Kirsan Ilyumzhinov in the position of FIDE autocratic ruler for twenty years.

We have learnt something about the numerological madness of those who yield power in the modern world and can bear witness to their obsession with all sorts of antichristian symbolism and superstitions. This accumulated knowledge gave us a clue to the Kirsan’s enigma.

Even more, we have previously exposed our modest findings in a biographical article dedicated to the incumbent FIDE president. It was published in 2005 on the WPC website, and in fact the proposed solution was both simple and convincing.

“Socialism is Talmud”, “Capitalism is Talmud”; Churchill himself was a walking Talmud heavily involved in occultism and satanism

Ten and half years passed by since publication of that modest biographical essay and all our subsequent research has only confirmed the rock-solid basis of our former scientific conclusions.  In the ten years span we have added some new amazing discoveries that perfectly collaborate with our previous results.

Now, if you happen to be a chess fan and have never even heard of that 2005 article of ours it can only mean one thing: you live in a hermetically closed society. You have no access to information and are being systematically manipulated and lied to by those who surround you and feed you the counterfeit “news”.

Please, try to concentrate on this unpleasant reality. Don’t shun it, don’t “think positive”, have courage to be realistic and face it as it is.

Well, besides hell, "socialism" definitely operates within FIDE and gradually gains more and more control over the planet

Dear chess friends, in brief we are going to share with you a few important facts from our investigation and offer our explanation of the “Kirsan’s phenomenon”. We’ll try to explain exactly WHY and WHAT FOR was he nominated FIDE president, what his functions are in FIDE and what our attitude should be toward the chess project of the “Illuminati” as a whole.

If you are able to come up with a better and more coherent solution to the mysterious “Napoleonic” Chess career of Illuminated Kirsan you are welcome to share your thoughts with us.



Born on the 1st of Nisan

Let’s address the problem of mysterious Kirsan’s ascent to the FIDE leadership from the rigorously scientific point of view.

The first thing that strikes any serious biographer of Illuminated Kirsan is the date of his birth – amazingly, it exactly coincides with the birthday of the “rebe rex-moshiach” M.M. Schneerson: 5th of April. Just have a look at the corresponding Wikipedia articles:


Kirsan Nikolayevich Ilyumzhinov (Russian: Кирса́н Никола́евич Илюмжи́нов; Oirat: Үлүмҗин Кирсан, Ülümjin Kirsan; Mongolian:Үлэмжийн Хярсан, Ülemjín Xiarsan; born April 5, 1962) is a Kalmyk multi-millionaire businessman and politician. He was the President of the Republic of Kalmykia in the Russian Federation from 1993 to 2010, and he has been the President of FIDE (or the "World Chess Federation"), the world's pre-eminent international chess organization, since 1995. He has also been in the forefront of promoting chess in schools in Russia and overseas.


Menachem Mendel Schneerson (April 5, 1902 OS – June 12, 1994), known to many as the Rebbe, was a Russian-born American Orthodox Jewish rabbi, and the last Lubavitcher Rebbe. He is considered one of the most influential Jewish leaders of the 20th century.

Personal details

Born April 5, 1902 OS (11 Nissan 5662)
Nikolaev, Kherson Governorate, Russian Empire(present-day Mykolaiv,Ukraine)

Died June 12, 1994 (3 Tammuz5754) (aged 92)
Manhattan, New York, U.S.

Buried Queens, New York, U.S.

Dynasty Chabad Lubavitch

Parents Levi Yitzchak Schneerson
Chana Yanovski Schneerson

Spouse Chaya Mushka Schneerson

Semicha Rogatchover Gaon

OK, we have two outstanding political leaders, one of them was born on April 5 (19)62, the other – on April 5 (56)62. Doesn’t it produce a “déjà vu” effect on you?

Taking into account the eerie love of the defunct rebe Schneerson for rigging chess events – a hobby traceable to the years of his close friendship with GM Samuel Reshevsky in 1940s and which perhaps dates even further back to his 8 years spent in Paris in 1930s when he was busy with magic preparations for the wwii - such “concurrence of dates” might result very significant. Even more so if you happen to know the occult history of the Kippur-Kapparos matches “for the world chess crown” in 1984-1990 and the alarming circumstances of Kirsan’s involvement with the last of these chess encounters which curiously was also staged in France.


One should also not miss the patronymic of Kirsan: Nikolaevich (or simply “Nikolaev” in old Russian). The name “Nikolai” is much more common in modern Europe than his supposedly Ancient Greek (?) given name “Kirsan” - Χρύσανθος: golden flower; χρυσός (hrusos, hrisos), "gold" + άνθος (anthos), “flower”.

От древнегреческого имени Χρύσανθος (Хрюсантос, поздн. Хрисанфос,Хрисантос): χρυσός (хрюсос, хрисос), "золото" + άνθος (антос, анфос), "цветок".

The symbolism of this Kalmyk “Golden Flower” is striking, but since when are the Kalmyks fluent in Greek? For Russian ears “Kirsan Nikolaevich” sounds as weird as “Kirsan the Santa Claus”. (Some years ago I have dedicated an entire article to the etymology of the name “Santa Claus” and the true significance of its modern antichristian use but it’s another story.)

FIDE vice-president Macro explains to the controlled and obsequious press Kirsan’s famous “20 million dollars today” argument

So how come this weird combination: Kirsan and Nikolai? It might be another “mere coincidence” but amazingly the 7th Lubavitcher rebe was born in Nikolaev (Russian Empire, present “Mykolaiv of Ukraine”). Besides, it happened in the Kherson Governorate (according to the local legend the Greek name Χερσόν for this Russian city founded in 1778 was suggested by the Empress Catherine II who was studying the Greek language at the epoch).

Doesn’t it sound strangely similar and almost homonymous: Kirsan Nikolaev(ich) and Kherson – Nikolaev? Another example of crazy cabbalistic games of global deception?


Therefore, we have here a clear case of strange parallelism both in time and space. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the “rebe rex-moshiach” were born at the same calendar day while the name and patronymic of the FIDE president both point directly at the place of birth of the rebe. Isn’t it highly curious?

The house in Nikolaev (Kherson) where rebe Scheerson was born didn’t survive but the address is well known: “Moscow street, 69”

And what are we supposed to think about the new planetary chess center in ELISTA – doesn’t its name evoke in our minds myriads of vague associations with the cabbalistic works of the great chess fan and "the most perverse man of the XXth century" ALEISTER Crowley - the works of whom were largely based on the Babylonian cult of the goddess ISHTAR? (“El” means “God” and may also refer to the planet Saturn, see below.)

The Goddess Ishtar and her symbol – the 8-pointed star, exposed in Paris, in the museum of Louvre

Some sceptics could object to our line of reasoning adducing the fact that rebe Schneerson was born on 5th of April according to the “Old Style” (i.e., Julian calendar of the Russian Orthodox Church) while Kirsan’s date of birth corresponds to the Gregorian (“updated Roman Catholic”) calendar. And there was a 13 days difference between the two in the XXth century. According to the “New style” rebe-007 had “illumined the world by his act of presence” on April 18.

Rebe Schneerson’s memorial in Nikolaev at the exact placement of his family house gives the date 18.04.1902 of his birth

It is certainly true but in reality it doesn’t affect at all our investigation. Rebe was born in Russian Empire and his birth certificate had to be issued in accordance with the Russian laws and Julian calendar which were in vigor until the brutal occupation of Russia by the Chassidic mystics - the so called “Bolsheviks”. (We call them “baalshemiks” or “bolshemiks”, the name which is derived from the Chassidic “Baal Shems” (“the Lords of the Name”, the mystics of kabbalah) and it’s much closer to the true origin of these terrorists.)

In February 1918 the Bolshevik dictators announced the calendar reform and forced the subjugated Russian population to pass from the old Orthodox (Julian) calendar to the Gregorian “New style”. It was one of the first “communist proletarian” decrees – a fact very revealing by itself for any attentive observer.

The heirs of Baalshems: Kirsan together with the late Soviet Chassidic “patriarch” Alexius II von Ridiger (as some church historians aver: a high-rank KGB officer); the Soviet "Church" is yet another theatrical farce and simulacra created by the mystics

If the Lubavitcher rebe had any nostalgic feelings about his gentile date of birth they were most likely related to April 5. And this fact we have to emphasize once again – keeping in mind that what really matters in the lives of antichrist and the incumbent FIDE president are the dates of the Babylonian (“Hebrew”) calendar. With these dates we also observe some very curious patterns.


It is a well-known fact that rebe Schneerson’s birthday is Nisan 11 – the Yud-Alef-Nisan. We have written many times about it.


The inscription on the monumental plaque reads as follows:

“In eternal memory, to commemorate the place of birth and upbringing of the foremost of our generation, the leader of the Jewish people, the Lubavitcher Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, born in Nikolaev, 11 Nisan, 5662 (18.4.1902).”

However very few chessplayers are aware of the fact that Kirsan’s official date of birth in 1962/5722 fell on Nisan 1 – “alef-Nisan”, which is a NEW YEAR DAY, according to the Torah:


The term Rosh Hashanah appears once in the Bible in Ezekiel 40:1 where it means generally the time of the "beginning of the year" or is possibly a reference to Yom Kippur,[2] but the phrase may also refer to the Hebrew month of Nisan in the spring, especially in light of Exodus 12:2, Exodus 13:3-4 where the spring month of Aviv, later renamed Nisan, is stated as being "the first month of the year" and Ezekiel 45:18 where "the first month" unambiguously refers to Nisan,[4][5] the month of Passover, as made plain by Ezekiel 45:21.  
1. Jacobs, Louis. "Rosh Ha-Shanah." Encyclopaedia Judaica. Ed. Michael Berenbaum and Fred Skolnik. Vol. 17. 2nd ed. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2007. 463-466.
2. See Numbers 29:1
3. http://biblehub.com/exodus/34-18.htm
4. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Exodus 34:18&version=ISV
5. Mulder, Otto (2003). Simon the High Priest in Sirach 50: An Exegetical Study of the Significance of Simon the High Priest As Climax to the Praise of the Fathers in Ben Sira's Concept of the History of Israel. BRILL. p. 170.ISBN 9789004123168.


It’s interesting how the Babylonians (who are used to present themselves as self-styled “Jews”) even in such a simple and common ritual as New Year celebrations choose to act and behave in exactly the opposite way to the Bible’s indications and instructions. Instead of celebrating Rosh HaShana on the first day of the first month they do it on the first day of the 7th month which lies in the opposite direction of the solar cycle. In former centuries such hellish pranks cost them lots of animosity from the part of the Karaites (the “Biblical Jews”).


Unlike the denominations of Rabbinical Judaism, Karaite Judaism believes the Jewish New Year starts with the 1st month and celebrate this holiday only as it is mentioned in the Torah, that is as a day of rejoicing and shouting. Additionally, Karaites believe the adoption of "Rosh Hashanah" in place of Yom Teruah "is the result of pagan Babylonian influence upon the Jewish nation. (Such a “nation” doesn’t exist and NEVER existed. – V.S.) The first stage in the transformation was the adoption of the Babylonian month names. In the Torah the months are numbered as First Month, Second Month, Third Month, etc (Leviticus 23; Numbers 28). During their sojourn in Babylonia our ancestors began to use the pagan Babylonian month names, a fact readily admitted in the Talmud... As the Jewish People became more comfortable with the Babylonian month names they became more susceptible to other Babylonian influences."

Needless to say, such anti-biblical customs have little to do with the apostasy of the supposed “ancestors” of the present day Talmudic Babylonians (the “Nikolaevichs”). No one can be sure today who his or her (or its) ancestors were twenty five hundred years ago. But the repulsion of the modern “Jews” toward the Law of Moses is at everybody’s sight.

Exactly like their spiritual guru from Brooklyn, the FIDE officials enjoy the Babylonian pagan rituals, hate the Law and loath anybody who tries to impose its prescriptions on them. They are the servants of the Mammon and recognize no other authority but antichrist. They proudly and arrogantly represent the organized crime.

Kirsan’s presidential team of con-artists (2010)

Anyway, the auspicious Alef-Nisan birthdate of Illuminated Kirsan is a separate exciting topic and hopefully we’ll come back to it later.

What I would like to stress here is the self-evident fact of Kirsan being born exactly 60 years after rebe-007. To my mind this 60-years interval is no less suspicious than the identical dates of birth. Not 59, not 61, but exactly 60. It introduces us to the spectrum of problems related to the 60-year astrological cycle, usually referred to as “Tibetan” or “Chinese” or even “Vedic” cycle, and the so called “natal horoscopes” which have gained considerable impulse and popularity in the antichristian West since the 1980s. A very cabbalistic development, I must say.


On the one hand it has obvious connotations with Kalmykia (in former years Kirsan used to brag of being the president of the only Buddhist republic in Europe), on the other – this fact could not possibly have escaped the attention of the Lubavitchers who are fanatics of numerology and eager pupils to all sorts of Mesopotamic “wisdom”, extravagance and superstition.

The “Vedic astrology” bears a distinct imprint of the Babylonian “science of the stars”. What do you think is chabadniks’ opinion of astrology? Is it kosher? You bet!


Chabad: Is Astrology Kosher?

By Rabbi Levi Brackman

Predicting the future is big business. From newspaper astrologers to corporate consultants, there are many people out there ready to profit from our insatiable desire to know the unknown. Often, when contemplating major changes in my life, I am tempted to check my astrological reading. Is there anything wrong with this? Can an intelligent person believe in astrology without feeling ridiculous?

It is fascinating to note that the rabbis of the Talmud gave considerable credence to astrology. The Talmud states that “upon entry into the month of Adar one should become increasingly joyous. Rav Papa said: ‘Therefore a Jew should avoid litigation with gentiles in the month of Av, because his mazal is bad; and he should move the court case to the month of Adar, when his mazal is good.’”1 The Hebrew word which Talmud uses here, mazal, is usually translated “luck” but literally means “constellations.”

Astrology is not only a factor to be taken into account when planning future events—it also influences human nature. According to the Talmud, one born under the constellation of the sun will achieve eminence, and one born under Venus will become wealthy and immoral. One born under Mercury will be wise and have a retentive memory. One born under the Moon will suffer evil. One born under Saturn will suffer frustration, one born under Jupiter will be righteous, and one born under Mars will become either a surgeon or a slaughterer. A birthday is therefore viewed by the rabbis as a day on which personal astrological fortune is at its most potent…
http://www.chabad.org/library/article_c … Kosher.htm

Such astrological hocus-pocus suits perfectly well the highly illogical, immoral and magic thinking of the cabbalists and greatly enhances their thoroughly superstitious, fatalistic and criminal – not only pantheistic but outright satanic worldview. It forms indispensable part of their global assault on the human reason.

As Dieter Koch poignantly remarked in his treatise “Critique of Astrological Reason” the Vedas knew no such thing as zodiac signs or birthdate prophesies.

While Indian astrology may be “Vedic” in that it is part of today's Vedic tradition, it is in fact a lot younger than the Vedas and has many elements which were not developed in India but in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece.
…There is no evidence for a natal horoscopy as we know it today in the Vedas.
… Vedic literature only rarely mentions astrology, and its reputation seems to have been rather dubious.


The modern “astrological” psychosis is so patently anti-traditional, spurious, charlatanic and irrational that one can’t help but attribute it to yet another instance of the detrimental Babylonian influence on the European civilization. Even though modern science partly endorses the 60-year cycles, at least in respect to climatic and geophysical oscillations on Earth, and it has its astronomical justification in the solar orbital cycles of Jupiter (11,9 years) and Saturn (29,4 years) that make for the repetition of the same relative alignment of these planets around the sun every 59,6 years – normally it should have very little or no influence on politics and FIDE presidential elections.

In practice, however, we observe some very strange historical patterns that many qualified political analysts relate to the 60-year astrological cycle and the so called “Saturn death cult”.

Have you ever heard of it? If not, please, watch the following video:

Saturn, Synagogue of Satan

Revelation 3:9 tells us there is a Synagogue of Satan in the last days. And a people claiming to be Jews that are liars. In the last days the truth will be set free and we now know ancient pagan worship NEVER stopped. In fact they are preparing for the return of their king. Learn about their secrets and what is to come.

The mystics adore Saturn because they think that it represents the "Cosmic Evil". Don't forget that Saturn is the only planet of the seven celestial bodies of the Solar system known to humans from the Antiquity that enters into the acronym "Chabad" (as the planet of the 3rd sefirah Binah).



...Saturn always had a negative if not evil significance in ancient times, it has been called “The Greater Malefic” which was opposed to Jupiter, “The Greater Benefic”. Saturn is esoterically associated with man’s limitations, restrictions, death and decay. His Greek name was “Kronos”, the ruler of time, time being the main factor inevitably leading to the death of mortals. Traditional representations of the “grim reaper” originate from the attributes of the god Saturn, who held the sickle with which he slain his father.


Saturn and Satan

Saturn has also been associated with Satan and this, for numerous reasons. First, many authors argue that the word Satan is derived from the word Saturn. Second, Saturn is associated with the color black as well as Satan. Third, Ancients considered Saturn to be the farthest planet from the sun, the latter being associated with the principle of Good. (Note that Pluto never was considered a planet.) Saturn is consequently the celestial body that is the less exposed to the sun’s divine light and thus associated with the coldness of the principle of Evil.

Finally, the “great god Pan”, the horned deity, represented Saturn in ancient paganism.

“Pan was a composite creature, the upper part–with the exception of his horns–being human, and the lower part in the form of a goat. (…)The pipes of Pan signify the natural harmony of the spheres, and the god himself is a symbol of Saturn because this planet is enthroned in Capricorn, whose emblem is a goat” - Manly P. Hall, "Secret Teachings of All Ages"

This half-man half-goat creature is considered the ancestor of our modern depictions of Satan…

...Despite acknowledging its association with Evil, secret societies find the veneration of Saturn necessary to obtain illumination. It is the necessary counterpart of the principle of Good. Masonic authors clearly associate Saturn with Satan:
“Saturn is the opposite to Jupiter, his symbol is the cross above the sign of Luna. He is the Satan, the Tempter, or rather the Tester. His function is to chastise and tame the unruly passions in the primitive man.”
J.S. Ward, Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods

All by themselves these facts in their connection give place to certain suspicions and legitimate concerns as regards the true nature of the unseen forces that pushed Illuminated Kirsan to his present position in FIDE. However, I would like to repeat it once again, as soon as you take into consideration the true history of the 1984-1990 WCC matches this suspicion cedes place to unshakeable confidence: in the person of Illuminated Kirsan we have a VICAR OF ANTICHRIST IN FIDE.

"The great Chabad predecessors" of Kirsan, Kippur and Kapparos

This is why we say that Kirsan has no money of his own, has no opinions or political will of his own. And he is unlikely to have them in the future. He just represents a window dressing for the mystically oriented and extremely destructive occult powers who seek to DECEIVE YOU IN EVERYTHING. Because when you, dear chess friends, behave like mean, fearful and opportunistic fools they feel themselves LORDS OF THE UNIVERSE.

And curiously enough at these very dates of December 2015 the same dark and sinister forces celebrate the 25th anniversary both of the final Kippur-Kapparos match (New York – Lyon, 1990) and the central antichristian event occurred on Hanukkah-5751 that these KK matches were called to commemorate. We’ll talk about it later.



Our brief article on the London Chess Classic tournament published two days ago on the Madrid Mueve forum turned out to be prophetic and quite in line with our recent critical essays dedicated to Illuminated Kirsan.


06-12-2015, 16:45

In order to facilitate understanding of “a cornucopia of events” (Chessbase' copyright) held under the strange name of “London Chess Classic” (1-14 December, 2015) we suggest that you have a look at the Babylonian Calendar for the current month.


7th London Chess Classic 2015 (London ENG)
Thu 3rd Dec 2015 - Mon 14th Dec 2015
7th London Classic 2015 (10 players 9 Rds SRR Indiv TC: 120m(40)+60m+30spm)

7th London Chess Classic 2015 (London ENG)
Thu 3rd Dec 2015 - Mon 14th Dec 2015
London Classic Open 2015 (9 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 90m:30m+30spm(1))

British Knockout Championships 2015 (London ENG)
Tue 1st Dec 2015 - Thu 10th Dec 2015 - Official Site
British ch-KO 2015 (8 players 3 Rds KO Indiv )

Look how perfectly the schedule of the tournaments in London was adapted for the babylonian calendar with its major Chassidic holidays: Kislev 19 (December 1) – the Chassidic New Year (“Rosh Hashana of Chassidism”); Kislev 25 – Tevet 2 (December 7-14) – eight days of Hanukkah.

A spectacular “chess dessert” is foreseen for the last day of Hanukkah

Please, read an extract from the Wikipedia article on Hanukkah, I’ll provide a necessary commentary to it later.

Hanukkah (/ˈhɑːnəkə/ HAH-nə-kə; Hebrew: חֲנֻכָּה khanuká, Tiberian:khanuká, usually spelled חנוכה, pronounced [χanuˈka] in Modern Hebrew, [ˈχanukə] or [ˈχanikə] in Yiddish; a transliteration also romanized as Chanukah or Ḥanukah) is a Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the Second Temple) in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire. Hanukkah is observed for eight nights and days, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, which may occur at any time from late November to late December in the Gregorian calendar. It is also known as the Festival of Lights and the Feast of Dedication.


Do you really believe that the schedule of the tournaments so perfectly coincides with the program of the Chassidic holidays BY PURE CHANCE?

Do you continue to believe that nobody synchronized them, meticulously calculating the duration of every event, the time controls, the number of participants and so on to fit them perfectly to the program of the Babylonian celebrations?

No doubt, the fact that the Chassidic New Year Kislev 19 falls this year on the 1st of December represents by itself a great feast for the numerologists but there is much more to it than one might think at first glance.

Please, take into account that the 1st day of Hanukkah (Kislev 25, Monday December 7), the fourth day (Kislev 28, December 10) and especially the Shabbat of Hanukkah (Kislev 30, December 12) are all extremely important commemorative dates for the organizers of the London chess event.

Believe me, it’s a very special year for the mystics of numerology. After all it is the number 7 edition of the LCC, so it’s only too easy to figure out whom it is dedicated to.

The name "Hanukkah" derives from the Hebrew verb "חנך", meaning "to dedicate".

So, please, be watchful, dear chess friends, for these dates constitute a tremendous temptation for the mystics to scandalize us with new egregious and cynical examples of chess fraud. The cheaters took a “rest day” on round 2 and are ready to DECEIVE YOU.

For general acquaintance with the holidays we are talking about let me offer to your kind attention a brief article from the Chassidic website.


The 19th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev is celebrated as the “Rosh Hashanah of Chassidism.” It was on this date, in the year 1798, that the founder of Chabad Chassidism, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745–1812), was freed from his imprisonment in czarist Russia. More than a personal liberation, this was a watershed event in the history of Chassidism, heralding a new era in the revelation of the “inner soul” of Torah.


The public dissemination of the teachings of Chassidism had in fact begun two generations earlier. The founder of the chassidic movement, Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov (1698–1760), revealed to his disciples gleanings from the mystical soul of Torah which had previously been the sole province of select Kabbalists in each generation. This work was continued by the Baal Shem Tov’s disciple, Rabbi DovBer, the “Maggid of Mezeritch”—who is also deeply connected with the date of “19 Kislev”: on this day in 1772, 26 years before Rabbi Schneur Zalman’s release from prison, the Maggid returned his soul to his Maker. Before his passing, he said to his disciple, Rabbi Schneur Zalman: “This day is our yom tov (festival).”

Rabbi Schneur Zalman went much farther than his predecessors, bringing these teachings to broader segments of the Jewish population of Eastern Europe. More significantly, Rabbi Schneur Zalman founded the “Chabad” approach—a philosophy and system of study, meditation, and character refinement that made these abstract concepts rationally comprehensible and practically applicable in daily life (applicable by organizing world wars, revolutions, crises, terror acts, etc., in general - all sorts of human sacrifices, all this for the sake of approaching the coming of antichrist - VS).

In its formative years, the chassidic movement was the object of strong, and often venomous, opposition from establishment rabbis and laymen (it's only too logical, the christian goyim did not like chassidic immorality and terrorism - VS). Even within the chassidic community, a number of Rabbi Schneur Zalman’s contemporaries and colleagues felt that he had “gone too far” in tangibilizing and popularizing the hitherto hidden soul of Torah.


In the fall of 1798, Rabbi Schneur Zalman was arrested on charges that his teachings and activities threatened the imperial authority of the czar, and was imprisoned in an island fortress in the Neva River in Petersburg. In his interrogations, he was compelled to present to the czar’s ministers the basic tenets of Judaism and explain various points of chassidic philosophy and practice. After 53 days, he was exonerated of all charges and released. (Obviously, he had easily deceived the credulous goyim. - VS)

Rabbi Schneur Zalman saw these events as a reflection of what was transpiring Above. He regarded his arrest as but the earthly echo of a heavenly indictment against his revelation of the most intimate secrets of the Torah. And he saw his release as signifying his vindication in the heavenly court. (In other words he had misunderstood it completely. - VS)

Following his liberation on 19 Kislev, he redoubled his efforts, disseminating his teachings on a far broader scale, and with more detailed and “down-to-earth” explanations, than before.

The nineteenth of Kislev therefore marks the “birth” of Chassidism: the point at which it was allowed to emerge from the womb of “mysticism” into the light of day, to grow and develop as an integral part of Torah and Jewish life.


Beware of the Hanukkah chess deceit! Yesterday we’ve aired a warning for our esteemed chess followers:

So, please, be watchful, dear chess friends, for these dates constitute a tremendous temptation for the mystics to scandalize us with new egregiously cynical examples of chess fraud.

Obviously, we could not have foreseen and didn’t quite expect the scale of deception that was awaiting us at that very day. The move undertaken by the FIDE Presidential Board in Athens was excessively spectacular - in my opinion, even grotesque. At the same time, however, neither was it exactly a thunderbolt from the blue because both of our recently published articles: on the FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (dec.4, “Born on the 1st of Nisan”) and on the London Chess Classic (dec.6) contained if not a direct forecast then at least a hint at the possibility of the step taken by the FIDE officials yesterday:

Georgios Makropoulos and Kirsan Illuminated

Statement from FIDE


Athens, 6 December 2015

Following the announcement by the US Department of the Treasury that the US levied sanctions against Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, Russian citizen and FIDE President, Mr. Ilyumzhinov has informed the Presidential Board that he will withdraw from any legal, financial and business operations of FIDE until such time as Mr. Ilyumzhinov is removed from the Office of Foreign Assets Control sanction list.

Mr. Ilyumzhinov advised that he has initiated legal procedures in the US aiming to request additional information and reverse restrictive measures put by the US Department of the Treasury. During the next Presidential Board meeting, Mr. Ilyumzhinov will update the Board as to the progress of the legal procedures.

Mr. Ilyumzhinov’s decision to withdraw from any legal, financial and business operations of FIDE is to enable him to concentrate on clearing the situation with the US Department of the Treasury.

Until further notice, under section A.9.5 of the FIDE Statutes, if the President: “duly authorises, then he can be represented by the Deputy President who shall exercise the powers of the President. The Deputy President can thus represent FIDE officially and can solely sign for FIDE.” Therefore Mr. Makropoulos will now be exercising these powers and representing FIDE officially.

Nigel Freeman
FIDE Executive Director

Source: http://www.fide.com/component/content/a … -fide.html

Needless to say, the official FIDE explanation of the extravagant Kirsan’s decision to VOLUNTARILY “withdraw from any legal, financial and business operations of FIDE” – doesn’t make any sense at all. And for multiple reasons, besides. I wouldn’t even like to waste my time enumerating them (though I’m ready to do so if some of our readers feel curious and insist). It’s only too obvious that Kirsan is a docile and obsequious puppet of the very same financial and political circles that pretend to levy sanctions against him.

Our verdict remains in full force: we have entered the turbulent zone of the Hanukkah cabbalistic rituals dedicated to commemorating the 25th anniversary of the rebbe Schneerson's enthronization as “rebe rex-moshiach” (the Antichrist) which was clandestinely celebrated on Hanukkah-5751.

The fact that the beneficiary of the FIDE sacrificial move happens to be the current FIDE Deputy President IM Georgios Makropoulos, only confirms theatrical character of the Kirsan’s gesture.


We highly recommend that you refresh in memory the story of the famous Karel Čapek's play “The Makropulos Affair” (or “The Makropulos Secret” in its London adaptation of 1930). Just check what was the secret of Elina Makropulos/Helene McGregor and compare it with the secret of the “eternally alive rebbe”. The cheating is in full swing.

May I also offer to your kind attention the following article?

http://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-news-an … be-messiah



The Makropulos Affair LIVE 1996



Правила жизни Кирсана Илюмжинова
Четверг, 14.01.2016 01:52

Кирсан Илюмжинов
государственный деятель, предприниматель, президент ФИДЕ, 53 года
Оригинал на сайте esquire.kz

Самое яркое, что я помню из детства, – то, что я был предоставлен самому себе. Родители меня не ограничивали. В ясли и садик я не ходил. Получил уличное и домашнее воспитание. Бабушка воспитывала. Улица на окраине Элисты была такая боевая. За яблоками бегали, в бадминтон, шахматы играли, в походы ходили. Активное детство.

В пять лет меня за то, что я слишком много баловался, как-то утром отвели в садик. И я не мог понять, почему в обед все должны спать, когда солнце светит и яблони цветут. На первом этаже спальни было открыто окно, я лежал, смотрел, думал и в конце концов выпрыгнул через него на улицу. Перелез через забор, побежал к детям играть. Потом меня нашли на пруду с ребятами.

Дедушка научил играть в шахматы, мне было года четыре, и я стал чемпионом улицы. Как-то играли старшеклассники и учащиеся ПТУ, им не хватало одного игрока, и меня включили просто так. А я взял да их всех и выиграл. Первый свой приз за игру в шахматы я выиграл тогда. Это был маленький ящик пива. Но они дали мне бутылку лимонада и коржик. Я обиделся

Раньше у нас телевизора не было. Первый телевизор появился у соседей по улице. Программа шла лишь 2 часа в день вечером. Все сидели и ждали, чтобы посмотреть

Я себя с детства считаю счастливым человеком, потому что всегда занимался тем, чем хотел. В рамках общечеловеческих ценностей. Если ты сам себя воспитываешь, ты чего-то добьешься.

После школы вместо того, чтобы поступить в вуз (а школу я окончил с золотой медалью, был победителем многих всесоюзных олимпиад), я пошел на завод работать. Мне комфортно было. Через 2 месяца уже стал бригадиром. Меня ругали. Классный руководитель Лазарева Раиса Николаевна, когда на улице меня увидела, аж заплакала: «Кирсан, мы не для того тебя учили». А я счастлив был, стоя у станка и перевыполняя план по производству деталей.

После первой получки пригласил всех бывших одноклассников в ресторан. Чтобы увидели, что значит быть рабочим.

Было льготное место в МГУ, но я пошел в армию служить. Зачем? Проверить себя как мужчину. Да, мозги и руки у тебя работают. А сможешь ли ты выстоять в незнакомом коллективе, где дедовщина, портянки, мытье жирных полов на кухне, чистка картошки на полк и кроссы на 10-15 км?

Моя мама, 82 года, она ветеринарным врачом до сих пор работает. И отец, 86 лет, был инженером, тоже работает, в Совете ветеранов. Они мне давали возможность заниматься тем, чем я хотел. Сын у меня тоже – нравилось ему спортом заниматься, так и занимался им.

А потом встал вопрос выбора профессии. Мама и дядя – ветеринары – хотели, чтобы и я стал ветеринаром. Почему? «Станешь ветеринаром, все время в доме мясо будет», – говорил дядя. В результате я стал специалистом по Японии. Почему МГИМО? Одна из причин – хотел мир посмотреть.

На Эйфелеву башню я смог найти время только в свой пятый или шестой приезд в Париж.

Родители до сих пор мне помогают. Мама картошку присылает, думают, что я все время голодный, наверное.

Ребенку нужно давать все, чтобы он проявился. Чтобы читал литературу нормальную. А не телевизор смотрел, где насилие, секс, неправильные ценности, бывает, показывают. Чем раньше ребенок станет самостоятельным, чем раньше он научится принимать ответственность за принятые решения, тем здоровее общество будет.

Я не понимаю родителей, которые переживают, когда ребенок в вуз поступает. Потом чуть не экзамены за него сдают, даже учатся за него. Меня мучают (я ведь член попечительского совета МГИМО): «Кирсан, помоги! Что тебе стоит?!» Я считаю: не поступил, пусть идет в армию или работать. Я говорю: не буду. Один раз сделал исключение. Были обстоятельства в той семье.

У нас в обществе престиж не профессии, а вуза, в котором ты обучался. Судят именно по этому. У меня бунт был против такого, потому назло этому я и стал рабочим.

На одной пресс-конференции меня спросили, что у вас любимое: музыка, литература. Я назвал «Как закалялась сталь» Островского и «Белые розы» «Ласкового мая», хотя все ожидали, что назову Достоевского и Чайковского.

Тогда меньше было интернета и спорта по телевидению практически не показывали. Был футбол, и были шахматы, самые доступные виды. Шахматы тогда были частью идеологии, посредством шахмат шло соревнование двух идеологий – американской и советской: Бобби Фишер и Борис Спасский. Почти все чемпионы мира были нашими.

Сейчас шахматы развиваются, и стали еще более популярными, чем раньше. В Казахстане в том числе. Я регулярно приезжаю в Астану и Алматы открывать турниры. Вот в ноябре Казахстанская шахматная федерация провела турнир на призы президента ФИДЕ. Крупный международный – 70 гроссмейстеров со всей Средней Азии cъехались на Кубок региона.

Уже 20 лет, как меня избрали президентом ФИДЕ. Тогда в организации было 130 стран, сейчас – 190. Тогда в мире в шахматы играло 200 миллионов, сейчас – 600 миллионов человек. Тогда было лишь несколько официальных турниров, сейчас более 12 тысяч, и это только официальных. Мы самая крупная спортивная федерация в мире по количеству участников.

Мне Самаранч (Хуан Антонио Самаранч – почетный президент Международного олимпийского комитета, скончался в 2010 г.– Прим. Esquire) говорил: «Кирсан, ты счастливый, возглавляешь единственную в мире федерацию спорта, в который можно поиграть по интернету».

Появилось много других видов спорта. Керлинг.

Я раньше думал, почему на шахматной доске 64 клетки. После того как ученые расшифровали генетический код ДНК, выяснили, что в ней 64 кодона, думаю, что это не случайно.

20 лет назад передо мной стояла задача объединить шахматный мир. Было 2 федерации, 2 чемпиона. Каспаров создал в Америке параллельную структуру, спонсоры и инвесторы ушли из шахмат, практически не проходило соревнований… Но после длительного процесса в 2006 году в Элисте я провел объединительный матч. Веселин Топалов проиграл Владимиру Крамнику. И сейчас шахматный мир един, у нас один чемпион. В 99 году шахматы признаны спортом, а ФИДЕ – единственной спортивной организацией, представляющей интересы шахматистов в мире.

В 2010 году я объявил новую задачу – 1 billion chess players, 1 billion clever people – чтобы к 2020 году 1 миллиард людей в мире играл в шахматы. Зачем? Я считаю, что конфликты многие, кризисы, политические, религиозные не из-за нехватки ресурсов. Многие наши проблемы из-за нехватки интеллекта, культуры. Дружить, любить, а не воевать. Такая идея.

Сначала подумай, а потом сделай ход, шаг, поступок. Это принцип шахмат. Если больше людей на планете будет играть в шахматы, количество принятых неправильных решений резко уменьшится. И начинаем мы реализацию этой мысли через школы, детские сады, через детей. Через программу «Шахматы в школах».

Сейчас «Шахматы в школе» есть по всему миру, как обязательный предмет во многих странах: в Испании, Армении, Вьетнаме, Соединенных Штатах, Монголии, Мексике и Азербайджане.

Когда вводят шахматы в школах, повышается успеваемость. В Калмыкии она, к примеру, повысилась на 40%.

Скучаю ли я по власти? (К. Илюмжинов являлся руководителем Калмыкии с 1993-го по 2010 год. – Прим. Esquire) Да нет, это же зависит от твоего внутреннего состояния. Человек может быть счастлив, занимаясь любимым делом, не важно каким. Можно быть счастливым, собирая марки или урожай. И быть несчастным, имея всю власть и все деньги мира, несчастным и одиноким. Главное, чтобы был комфорт и гармония внутри себя и с окружающими. Вот это настоящее. А скучать по власти – это быть деформированнной личностью и больным человеком.

Я был самым молодым членом парламента РСФСР. 27 лет. В 30 лет стал президентом. Есть у меня друзья, для которых, когда увольняют с поста губернатора, министра, депутата – все, жизнь для них заканчивается: или запил, или в загул ушел. Я такого не понимаю.

Сейчас у меня больше времени появилось бизнесом заниматься. Я ведь начинал с бизнеса. В 28 лет я стал президентом Российской палаты предпринимателей. Один из первых официальных миллионеров.

Первая станция техобслуживания по ремонту иностранных машин в Советском Союзе – это я построил в 90-м году в Москве на Варшавском шоссе. Продавал японские автомобили. Был банк. Был учредителем Российской биржи бумаг. Сейчас я учредитель ТПП России. Первое караоке с виниловыми дисками в 91-м на Калининском проспекте и суши-бар в 90-м на Таганке тоже я открыл. Правда, прогорели мы. Никто не шел есть сырую рыбу, и никто не умел есть палочками.

Кризис не в экономике. Он в умах. Для меня кризиса нет. Я помню, было и 8 долларов за баррель – и ничего: и работали, и придумывали, и нормально. Все зависит не от того, сколько нефть стоит, а от того, сколько правильных идей в твоей голове, которые ты готов этими руками претворять в жизнь.

Конечно, мир сейчас трясет.  Эпоха другая. Все в движении. Нестабильность.  Оттого, что не все гладко и сладко не в самом государстве, а в умах, в мозгах людей. Все начинается с самого человека, с правильного воспитания. Отсюда и религиозные и прочие проблемы, борьба цивилизаций.

Обществу нужно пройти определенные этапы роста. Вы ведь не ведете семилетнего ребенка сразу в университет и не даете ему высшую математику. Сначала он должен узнать 2x2… А та же арабская весна: люди не прошли еще определенные этапы развития, а им уже – материальные ценности и однополые браки.

Люди везде одинаковы. И мысли у всех одинаковы. Мир очень простой и маленький.

Три гармонии у человека. Первая – с создателем, с Богом. Вторая – с окружающими, родными и близкими. И третья гармония – внутри себя. Может не быть гармонии с Богом или с окружающими, самое главное, чтобы была гармония внутри себя. Если есть гармония внутри, значит, ты счастлив.

Играйте в шахматы.



Забавная разборка произошла между Сильвио Данаиловым и Рижским Тарзаном:

Медленная деградация Кирсана. Раньше встречался с Путин,Саддам,Каддафи и Асад ,а сегодня его принимает только бедняга алкаш Арис.Туго..



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@SilvioDanailov @Chess__News Кто-то тут совсем охренел. Арис Озолиньш - абсолютный трезвенник.



Simul by Karpov & Kirsan at Chessnale 2016, Thessaloniki. Редчайшее зрелище: сеанс в исполнении Карпова и Илюмжинова в Салониках






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