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Kasparov-Kapparos Political Myth Debunked

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Más datos sobre los fatídicos rituales 9/11 y su relación con el ocultismo europeo y "valores de ajedrez" (no olvidemos que el Sr. Kapparos ganó el título de "campeón mundial" en su amañado encuentro contra el Sr. Kippur el sábado, día 9 de 11 de 1985).


I suggest that we refresh in our memory a fragment of the previously mentioned article of Chabad Lubavitch on the importance of 9/11 in human history.


What happened on the Ninth of Av?
A Historical Overview
The 9th of Av, Tisha b'Av, commemorates a list of catastrophes so severe it's clearly a day specially cursed by G-d.


Ready for just one more? World War II and the Holocaust, historians conclude, was actually the long drawn-out conclusion of World War I that began in 1914. And yes, amazingly enough, Germany declared war on Russia, effectively catapulting the First World War into motion, on the 9th of Av, Tisha b'Av.
http://www.chabad.org/library/article_c -of-Av.htm

The statement of the Chabad writer is correct: Germany had indeed declared war on Russia on August 1, 1914 and this date was destined to become the beginning of collapse of the European civilization, it was the beginning of extinguishing the great "archaic" Christian virtues of dignity, honesty, love and compassion.

As a rule historians accept August 1 as the first day of the Great War. It is exactly 9th of Av in the Babylonian calendar and besides it fell on Sabbath in 1914.

Sometimes the date July 28 is also considered as the kickoff of WWI because it was on 28th of July 1914 (5th of Av, 5674) that Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. The future tragic events in Europe were triggered by that attack.

Now, 5th of Av is also a very auspicious date in Western occultism it is the yahrzeit of ARI, rabbi Yitzhak Luria (1534-1572), the celebrated interpreter of the Moshe de Leons treatise Zohar and the founder of the modern kabbalah the most irrational and insane of all the cabbalistic doctrines ever fancied.

The Yahrzeit of the Holy Ari - 5th of Av
"As a young man, Rabbi Yitzhak Luria, the founder of the Lurianic Kabbalah, removed to the banks of the Nile. For seven years he secluded himself in meditation, visiting his family only on the Sabbath, speaking seldom and then only in Hebrew"
(from A Passion for Truth p 214, Rabbi A.J.Heschel)

If you dont know who Isaac Luria was, dear chess friends, then you simply have no knowledge and understanding of the history of the last four centuries, period. Or rather, to put it in a slightly different way, all your historic knowledge is false, delusive and fictitious.

Isaac (ben Solomon) Luria Ashkenazi (1534 July 25, 1572) (Hebrew: יִצְחָק בן שלמה לוּרְיָא אשכנזיYitzhak Ben Sh'lomo Lurya Ashkenazi), commonly known as "Ha'ARI" (meaning "The Lion"), "Ha'ARI Hakadosh" [the holy ARI] or "ARIZaL" [the ARI, Of Blessed Memory (Zikhrono Livrakha)], was a foremost rabbi and Jewish mystic in the community of Safed in the Galilee region of Ottoman Syria. He is considered the father of contemporary Kabbalah, his teachings being referred to as Lurianic Kabbalah.

In particular you must be grievously misled as regards the meaning of the word Aryan. Probably you still believe that the word comes from Sanskrit and means the light-skinned warriors who invaded and conquered ancient India from the north and shaped Indian culture for many centuries to come? Or presuppose some other vague meaning of the same kind?


It is both unscientific and wrong view. The word Aryans means the disciples of rabbi Yitzhak Lurya, ARI, or, considering that ארי (ARI) has the meaning Lion in Hebrew - the lion cubs.

Listen to the eulogy for ARI by rabbi Avraham Sutton:

Avraham Sutton - The Ari and Elijah

"Its not a million details, its something as a persons mind is opened and all of a sudden he or she understands everything in a second and from that moment on all the details theyve known until then become lifted up and elevated to a whole new level of understanding. So we are talking about a wondrous gift that was given to certain individuals in the past and we ourselves are promised will be made available to all mankind in the future."

So, lets fulfil the promise and get elevated to a whole new level of understanding. Please, forget about the misleading details and keep in mind the general numerological pattern: the German Lion Cubs attacked Christian Russia on Tisha bAv of the year 1914. This war was ritualistically ended in Europe on 11 AM of 11th day of 11th month of 1918. For Russia, however, it didnt end on that day but was followed by Red Terror, planned Famine and the so called Civil War. It was the first holocaust of Russia aimed at extermination of her most active strata of population.


Very soon the second Great War was prepared by the cabbalistic "Lion Cubs of the Wall Street" (Baal Street). According to the Plan, the German Aryans had resumed their feud with Russian (still) orthodox masses of the USSR using as a battering ram the protestant population of Germany under the pretext of fighting against communism.

As we have seen before, this new European and World war was finished in Berlin on Tisha bAv (on 9th of May, a gentile version of 9/11). Once again, Germany and former Russia were its primary victims.

This is a very clear pattern by itself. However, if our esteemed readers wish to dig deeper and understand why the WWII was started on the eve of Chai Elul, Chassidic Holiday of the Warriors of the House of David (which fell on Sabbath, September 2, 1939), why did it last exactly 6 years (until September 2, 1945) and obey the cabbalistic formula of Unification of the letters of Tetragrammaton (YHW+H=YHWH), I can only refer you to my article "The Lurianic Kabbalah, Zohar and the second world war" (2007), the first part of which is published on the forum Shekina (in Russian):
, "" " " (1939-1945)

There is a Magical operation of maximum importance: the Initiation of a New Aeon. When it becomes necessary to utter a Word, the whole Planet must be bathed in blood. Before man is ready to accept the Law of Thelema, the Great War must be fought. This Bloody Sacrifice is the critical point of the World-Ceremony of the Proclamation of Horus, the Crowned and conquering Child, as Lord of the Aeon.
This whole matter is prophesied in the Book of the Law itself; let the student take note, and enter the ranks of the Host of the Sun.

Aleister Crowley Magic in Theory and Practice

Please, keep in mind that Tisha bAv once again falls on Sabbath in 2015.

Tisha BAv That Falls on Shabbat or Sunday
On this day we eat, drink and rejoice as is customaryand even more so.
http://www.chabad.org/library/article_c … Sunday.htm

Though not a very rare occurence in the calendar, its pretty bad news for all of us, taking into account the recent political developments. Its highly advisable to disqualify Mr. Kippur, Mr. Kapparos and Illuminated Kirsan right now.

And don't forget that Mr. Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) was an avid chessplayer himself and his greatest love and aspiration in life, apart from drugs and "Magick", was to become world chess champion. He was one of the "great predecessors" of Mr. Kapparos...



Where does the idea of rigging the Kippur-Kapparos chess matches come from?
It is based on a few Talmudic and cabbalistic dogmas. Please, read the following article from the Chassidic website http://w3.chabad.org with our brief annotations.


http://www.chabad.org/theJewishWoman/ar … -Rules.htm

Above the Rules

Yom Kippur

By Chava Shapiro


Once the Lubavitcher Rebbe and his father-in-law, R. Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, were playing chess. As the story goes, the Rebbe, out of respect for his saintly father-in-law, was letting him win. R. Yosef Yitzchak quickly noticed this and said to the Rebbe, When you are in the game, you must play to win!

Rebbe-006 and rebbe-007 over the chess board

We live the entire year in the game. There are rules, obstacles, strategies. Sometimes were winning: confident, in control, tackling every challenge in stride. Other times it seems, no matter what we do, we are fighting a losing battle. We try to get up, only to be shoved back down again.

We live the entire year in the game

But whatever happens, and no matter how we feel, in this unpredictable game of life, we have no choice but to take the game seriouslyand give it all weve got.

"Chess" ("Hit", gematria 418) is very popular among the Chabad Lubavitch adepts

As Jews (counterfeit jews ed.), our rule book is the Torah and its 613 mitzvot (talmud - ed.). The entire year, we attempt to fulfill our divine mission. Yet we are constantly fighting our evil inclination (lets not forget that the adepts of the Babylonian Satanism use the inverted terms of benign and evil; that means they are constantly fighting any human, honest and noble feelings and inclinations that might occasionally affect them ed.), the ultimate defense, which devises clever ways to lure us into the wrong choices and leads us to make poor decisions that threaten to weaken our relationship with G-d (i.e. with satan ed.).

This force within us is so powerful that we might feel as though there is no way we can pull ourselves out of the hole we have dug ourselves into. We have messed up, time and time again. We are too far. There is no hope . . .

(This is correct, the babyloniacs have created a tremendous mess, both in chess and in the world at large ed.)

Young and old spent nittel nacht on the eve of the 25th of December in the main shul of 770 Eastern Parkway with the seforim closed and the chess boards out.


Thats the reality . . . from our perspective. From G-ds perspective, things look a bit different: the infinite G-d relates to us above the rules of the game. When it comes to our relationship with G-d, we can look up from the board and say, G-d, Im losing, badly. Theres no way out of this. Can we clear the board and start over again? And the answer from G-d is a resounding Yes.

This is the idea of teshuvah. Teshuvah is often translated as repentance, but its literal meaning is return. Teshuvah is the act of returning to our essence, to who we truly are when we look up from the game and strip ourselves of any external definitions. And who we are is a soul that is a part of G-d.


Our ability to do teshuvah is not limited to Yom Kippur. We can do teshuvah throughout the year. On a basic level, its a three-step process: we regret what we have done, articulate it aloud, and then resolve to act differently the next time around. When we do this with true humility and sincerity, G-d forgives us and dissolves any negative consequences that might have resulted from our transgressions.

(This is one of the most important tenets of the Babylonian pagan belief: any crime with all its disastrous consequences may be nullified by strong adherence to the satanic doctrine and by executing certain rituals. ed.)

But if we can do teshuvah any day of the year, then what makes the day of Yom Kippur different from any other day?

Yom Kippur is the one day of the year when we are able to tap into the deepest level of our soul, which is truly one with G-d. A parent, when he looks at his child, sees beyond the childs talents, personality and behavior. He sees part of his very self. Our connection with G-d is like that bond between parent and childso deep, so essential, that it can never be severed.

(This is part of the occult Talmudic and Zoharic belief that the Babylonians themselves are descendants of Cain and Cain was the offspring of Eve and the Serpent. ed.)

Fabiano Caruana was also initiated into the Wasteland of Chess Fraud in a similar way

On Yom Kippur we reveal the deepest aspect of our relationship with Him, which is beyond any thought, speech, action, emotion, disposition, experience, environment, persona, externality...

On Yom Kippur, G-d looks at us and sees part of Himself, the pure G-dly soul of a Jew that can never, ever be damaged or blemished.

(If this is not the purest and the most radical expression of ultra-fascism and ultra-racism then whats it? ed.).

In the face of such a strong revelation of our essence, not only are we forgiven, but any negative actions we have done become completely irrelevant.

(Thats truly amazing any crime is allowed and justified as long as it is committed by the ultra-fascists. ed.)

Kapparos 1988. Well, what kind of responsibility are you talking about if the rebe himself had exonerated the criminals?

A new dimension of reality is revealedone in which our wrongdoings never even occurred.

(With such statements the objective Reality is plainly denied by the psychopaths and with it also denied Law, Science, Morality, Logic, Truth. Obviously they do not understand all the implications of their own words. ed.)

In that moment, the board is wiped clean. We are given the chance to start anew.

In that moment, the board is wiped clean. We are given the chance to start anew.

Giant Fraudsters, 1999. The chief participants of the Kippur-Kapparos rituals who firmly believe that their wrongdoings never even occurred.

In Psalm 27, which many have the custom of saying from the first day of the month of Elul until the end of Sukkot, King David writes, To you, G-d, my heart says, Seek my face; Your face, G-d, I seek.

(All these references to King David are only used by the mystics to further exacerbate their racist pseudo-religious madness. ed.)

The word for face is panim, which has the same root as the word penimi, internal. In this prayer, we ask G-d to see our face, the innermost core and depth of who we are. Beyond actions. Beyond definitions. And, in turn, we seek G-dG-d Himselfbeyond His omnipotence, beyond His will, beyond the way He manifests in the world, even beyond His unlimitedness. On Yom Kippur, we meet G-ds Essence. Face to face.

Face to face: Illuminated Kirsan poses by the posters of the two utmost practitioners of the Kippur-Kapparos deceit; obviously Kirsan greatly enjoys the satanic pagan rituals

May this powerful energy of Yom Kippur propel us into the coming year with a renewed vitality and sense of purpose. And may we have a year of physical and spiritual victory, while realizing that true reality transcends all of the rules of the game.

(Again the same conviction is expressed no rules and no laws are binding for the adepts of the Babylonian criminal syndicate. ed.)




Yom Kippur 1973 Phony War and Leningrad Interzonal Tournament

Our next question would be: when did the project Kippur-Kapparos come into existence?

Its very easy to answer its of common knowledge that Anatoly Kippur (Karpov) was catapulted to the world elite in the FIDE championship cycle of 1972-75 at the end of which he got the title of the world champion without playing a match against the incumbent number 1 Robert Fischer. The title was taken away from Fischer and awarded to Kippur on Nisan 22, 5735 (April 3, 1975), the 8th day of Pesach.

Max Euwe/Yahweh and Anatoly Kippur, April 24, 1975, Ceremony in the Pillar Hall of the House of Yihudim (Unions), Moscow, " "

As early as in 1971 Karpov won a very prestigious Alekhine Memorial in Moscow - he shared top honors with GM Leonid Stein in quite a strong international tournament ahead of the reigning world champion Boris Spassky and a few soviet ex-world champions. Nonetheless his glorious assault at the world fame and popularity came as the result of his victory in the Leningrad Interzonal Tournament (2-28 June 1973) and =2nd place in the 1973 USSR championship in Moscow (October 1973) one of the strongest chess tournaments ever played.

It would be fair to say that Anatoly Kippur had definitely gained his place in the world chess elite after these two tournament successes of 1973. And these two events form a truly remarkable couple. The historical epoch itself is remarkable first of all it was the year of the Yom Kippur War in the Near East, the bloodiest in the modern history of Israel.


A propagandistic documentary film about Yom Kippur War 1973

As we have previously explained in our article Lurianic Kabbalah, Zohar and the World War II (2007), dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the "Six-Day War" of 1967, the timing of all the military conflicts fought by Israel since the moment of its fraudulent inception by the UN obeyed to the numerology of Etz Chaim. All of them were meticulously designed, staged and rigged wars.

And here we have another extraordinary proof of this fact in extremely suspicious parallelism with chess history. Its one more stunning example of how life imitates chess.


First lets have a look at the Leningrad Interzonal tournament cross-table.


Not a weak field of players I must say! And the results of the three winners are truly astonishing all of them have performed well above their own chess abilities and above any realistic forecast.

Victor Korchnois 11 wins and his unbelievable 13,5 out of 17 final result at the venerable age of 42 looked all the more miraculous as it came right after his mediocre performance in the 1973 Leningrad city championship where he had scored only 50% against Leningrad masters and finished =8th place.

The final position of the game A. Shashin V. Korchnoi, Leningrad (ch) 1973

When asked a few years ago about that unfortunate tournament of 1973 in Leningrad Korchnois caustic reply was that he simply forgot about it.

Anyone's confidence would have been severely shaken by such a terrible blow - and please don't tell me fables about "training tournaments", all true professionals suffer such losses enormously, they cost virtually liters of blood. And despite this incredibly painful setback Victor had preserved all his optimism for the upcoming Interzonal challenge untouched!

As Anatoly Kippur confessed in his 2011 interview (Itogi, 4, 2011) the two players were very friendly in those years and frequented the same chess circles. During one of the parties that both attended at the beginning of the Yom Kippur Year (1973) a guess-game was played when all the present guests had to write down the names of the two finalists of the future World Championship cycle and these prophesies were kept sealed in envelopes for two years. Victor Lvovich somehow managed to guess both names: Korchnoi-Karpov.


As I have learnt recently, the founder of neo-chassidism Baal Shem Tov considered 11 Tishrei even greater holiday than Yom Kippur itself. It is called Bshem HaShem or The Name of G-d. This is why 11th of Tishrei is often actively involved in the celebrations of the Kippur-Kapparos rituals.

. . 1973 - , . , , , . , , ! , , . : . ...

Yet if you think that Victor Korchnoi was a better oracle than rebe-007 - you are utterly wrong!

For us in the World Players Council Anatoly Kippurs identic result (13,5 points) with 10 wins and without a single loss seems no less surprising. Anatoly has never blossomed with this kind of all-out challenges. His quiet and solid positional approach to the game and his classical openings repertoire elaborated with the help of GM Semen Furman and later with GM Yefim Geller were well known since his very beginnings.

Three legends of the Communist Mystery Babylon: Yefim Geller, Anatoly Kippur, Semen Furman

This solid approach of Anatoly provided certain guarantees of stability but also imposed certain limitations on his impressive chess prowess. It was no less restricting than his lack of physical endurance. Such a 17-rounds-long sprint is not only the matter of competitive zeal and some luck that all winners necessarily are entitled to. In order to score 13,5 out of 17 against such formidable opposition one must be willing to take risks and be able to accumulate and display an incredible amount of energy, undreamt of without some medical assistance. Either external chess help during the game or potent fortifying drugs I see no other possible solution in these two particular cases.

The candidates final in Moscow, 1974

Lets put it this way: if Victor Korchnoi had in 1973 the age of Anatoly Kippur (22) preserving his own style of play and all his inimitable drive and stamina miraculously combined with experience... well, even then +10 result would have been highly unlikely though theoretically possible.

Victor Korchnoi trying to accumulate energy with the help of Ananda Marga satanic sect

The way the things were in reality such a performance was next to impossible by any legal means. And please keep in mind that the book on the Leningrad Interzonal tournament was one of my favorites for a number of years. And I played in a few interzonals myself, so I know exactly what I'm talking about.

The fantastic result of the 3rd prize-winner Robert Byrne raises even more suspicions.

GM Robert Byrne, 1928-2013

With all my respect for the chess talent and academic career of Robert (it looks like he was a professor of philosophy at the Indiana University for some years) I refuse to believe in his +8 result in Leningrad. Even with the hindsight of his excellent performance in Biel 3 years later, this extraordinary, sweeping run of the 45-years old New York Times columnist is well beyond the limits of my gullibility.

Therefore I have always reserved my doubts concerning the legitimacy of this +8 result in fierce competition with Huebner and Larsen who finished on +3, Tal at 50% and Vladimir Tukmakov on -5. Needless to say, later in the candidates quarterfinals Byrne was easily disposed of by Boris Spassky. And it happened without a single moan from the American journalist. Later, when Fischer was arbitrarily deprived of his title in 1975, Robert Byrne whole-heartedly supported that polemic FIDE decision.

This is why the results of the Leningrad 1973 Interzonal tournament remained rather enigmatic for me for many years until I came across something very important that had to do with the cabbalistic methods of planning history. It turned out that certain combinations of letters are highly appreciated by the mystics in their ritualistic formulae related to Israel, redemption and improvement of the Creation. And the combination BRN is one of them.

This is why I would like to offer to your kind attention, dear chess friends, the following highly instructive excerpt from a treatise which is considered by many a scholar to be one of the most authoritative textbooks on the history of Jewish mysticism.

Gershom Scholem

Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism


Seventh Lecture Isaac Luria and His School, p.194 (the page number is given in accordance with the electronic version of the English original; the quote appears on page 309 of the Russian printed edition of 2004)

After the catastrophe of the Spanish Expulsion, which so radically altered the outer aspect of the Kabbalah if not its innermost content, it also became possible to consider the return to the starting-point of creation as the means of precipitating the world catastrophe, which would come to pass when that return had been achieved by many individuals united in a desire for the End of the world. A great emotional upheaval having taken place, the individual mystics absorption could have been transformed, by a kind of mystical dialectics, into the religious aspiration of the whole community.

In that event, what had been hidden under the mild aspect of Tikkun (striving for the perfection of the world) would be revealed as a potent weapon, one capable of destroying all the forces of evil; and such destruction would in itself have been tantamount to redemption.


Though Messianic calculations, ideas, and visions were not an essential part of the older Kabbalah, it was by no means lacking in these matters, and it should not be inferred that Kabbalism altogether disregarded the problem of redemption in our time. The point is that if and when it did concern itself with it, it did so in a spirit of supererogation.

Typical of the catastrophic aspects of redemptionof which the Kabbalists were fully awareis the gruesome fact that, long before 1492, some Kabbalistic writers had proclaimed that catastrophic year as the year of the redemption.

However, 1492 brought no liberation from above (4), but a most cruel exile here below. The consciousness that redemption signified both liberation and catastrophe permeated the new religious movement to such an extent that it can only be called the obverse side of the apocalyptic temper predominating in Jewish life.


4 This calculation of the End was based on Job XXXVIII, 7: ברן יחד כוכבי בוקר. The numerical value of בר"ן was variously interpreted as signifying 1490 or 1492, cf. Zunz, Gesammelte Schriften vol. III p. 228. In Ms. Vatican 171 f. 96 b we are told that in 1492 the renovation of the world would begin, יתחדשות העולם.

In the mentioned verses from the Book of Job the Almighty God addresses Job in this way:

4. Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding.
5. Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it?
6. Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof;
7. When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

As follows from the footnote above BRN means literally expression of joy, gladness, elation and its gematria equals 252 (or 250 for רֹן). However its not a simple word but another cabbalistic notaricon with some occult meaning not disclosed by Scholem. Whatever this meaning might be it was used by the cabbalistic prophets of the XIII century as an indication (and a recipe) for some future drastic redemptive event in 1492 which turned out to be the so called expulsion of Jews from Spain (Sepharad).

All this ado about nothing originated from the fact that the Christian year 1492 corresponded to the year 5252 in the Babylonian calendar and 5252 in the collective imagination of the mystics equalled 252. I usually call this well prepared expulsion of 1492 the first wave of modern Zionism. Its hard to refrain from noticing that there was more political cynicism (of the rabbis) than prophetic wisdom behind this treacherous act.


One of the morning stars previously referred to is no other but Lucifer, the prince of Darkness, the main source of "illumination" and "inspiration" for all the FIDE presidents of recent times: Machgielis Euwe, Fridrik Olafsson, Florencio Campomanes and Kirsan Illuminated. The luciferian joy and elation of the morning stars was definitely related to the messianic project of the kingdom of antichrist. The kingdom we live in NOW.

For us its enough to know that any time the cabbalists scheme for some especially nasty world catastrophe, whenever they dream of wreaking a serious havoc and devastation on humanity (with the aim of improving it in Auschwitz or GULAG) they like to infiltrate their mystic notaricon BRN into the consciousness of the public. I guess it is being done in the first place to deceive themselves (i.e. the Talmudic adepts). And if the planned havoc and disaster are of universal and enduring character then they like to add some reference to stone/stein/aven (as if it were a foundation stone of a new vampiric tradition).

Just look at the examples of Steinitz, Einstein, Lev Bronstein/Tarotsky, Peter Aven or Eva Brown. The mystics of kabbalah enjoy a lot this kind of Scrabble games. In their unbalanced minds it is connected with redemption in some incredibly twisted way.


Now, please, look again at the tournament cross table of the Leningrad Interzonal, keeping in mind that there were played not one but two interzonal tournaments in 1973 the first one in Leningrad (Petersburg, Petrograd) and another in Petropolis (Brasil), slated to start on July 22. Basically this is one and the same name the City of Peter (stone, stein) but located in different hemispheres.

And between these two top level chess events there happened perhaps the most weird and tragic incident in the modern chess history the premature passing at the age of 38 of one of the most outstanding soviet grandmasters of the 1960s - Leonid Stein. It occured on July 4, 1973.

Leonid Stein, 1934-1973

Obviously, something was about to happen in the real world, something that had to do with fake redemption and the end of the world, something that was scheduled by the mystics to be as devastating as enduring. And as becomes obvious from the events that followed soon some people in charge of the Soviet Chess Federation knew perfectly well what it was

(to be continued)



We have on several occasions before claimed that Chess, Feminism, Satanism and Zionism started at the same time at the end of the XV century. No doubt, its no little exaggeration because all these social phenomena are of much older pedigree, and yet there is much historical veracity and philosophical depth in this statement.

In fact, the major change in the rules of the game the revolutionary upgrade of the Queens strength that miraculously jumped from the weakest to the mightiest chess piece over the board and marked thereby the commence of the modern chess era was to a certain extent inspired by the active political role of the Queen Isabella I of Castile (1451-1504), the Monarchess that got involuntarily involved in the Zionist machinations of the cabbalists of her time.

Be that as it may we are forced to harvest today the venomous fruits of those cabbalistic plots and intrigues. We live in the artificially created world whose foundations were laid by the mystics of the XII-XV centuries. The chess rituals Kippur-Kapparos embody the very essence of their irrational doctrine and we never tire of stressing the danger that lies therein.

This is why weve decided to combine the study of all these phenomena in one master-lecture of Mark Passio. The lecture itself is dedicated to Feminism as an instrument of the cryptocracy (Mark calls it SATANIC OCCULTOCRACY) aimed at organizing the war of the sexes destined to embitter the life of the human species on this planet, enslave humanity and perhaps even bring it to extinction.

However, when we say cryptocracy we mean the proprietors of both Chess and Zionist projects they are irremediably intermingled. (And when we say Zionism we also imply Communism and Fascism: these three are also inseparable.)

Krakow 1941; Hitler's lawyer and Gauleiter of occupied Poland Hans Frank over the chessboard together with A.A.Alekhine. The execution of H.Frank at Nuremberg on October 16, 1946 was itself a part of Kippur-Kapparos rituals because it fell on the 21st day of Tishrei (5707) known as Hoshana Rabbah, "Great Supplication", the Final Judgment. The year of the Nuremberg major trials (1945-46), described as "the greatest trial in history", corresponded to the babylonian year 5706, being 706 the gematria of the "kapparos". Everything was well calculated by the mystics.

Hoshana Rabbah is known as the last of the Days of Judgment which began on Rosh Hashana. The Zohar says that while the judgment for the new year is sealed on Yom Kippur, it is not "delivered" until the end of Sukkot (i.e., Hoshana Rabbah, the last day of Sukkot), during which time one can still alter their verdict and decree for the new year.

Anatoly Kippur biography commented by Mark Passio

The photos and score tables used as visual support for Marks discourse were extracted by us from the lecture on Anatoly Kippur given by Warren Harper and Lucas Anderson on December 17, 2014, at Center64 (wwwcenter64.com). Those interested may check the contents of that lecture at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIjqdqMgZ-I

Lucas Anderson
This lecture is part 9 of a 12 part series featuring the lives and notable games of the most prominent players of the 20th century. In this lecture, given December 17, 2014, at Center64 (wwwcenter64.com), FM Warren Harper and Lucas Anderson present Anatoly Karpov. Lucas gives you information on Karpov's biography, including how he grew up far away from the centers of Russian power, but how his innate ability caught the eye of the Sports Committee and Mikhail Botvinnik. Lucas tells you Karpov's side of his famous rivalriy with Viktor Korchnoi and Garry Kasparov. Warren presents 3 notable games from Karpov, including his 1994 Immortal.
Please excuse the audio--I had a cold, but tried to edit out most of the coughing.

Personally I definitely prefer Marks audio as its highly instructive and provides lots of valuable insights into the psychology of the emasculated mystics hidden behind the rogue chess events Kippur-Kapparos. We kindly recommend the most careful examination of this video and encourage you to meditate on the message it carries within. Needless to say, it's much more illuminating than the fake offcial biographies of Anatoly Kippur and Garry Kapparos.

As usual we'll be only too happy to answer possible questions of our readers related to the video.



Yamim Noraim

https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/js … iday3.html


The ten days starting with Rosh Hashanah and ending with Yom Kippur are commonly known as the Days of Awe (Yamim Noraim) or the Days of Repentance. This is a time for serious introspection, a time to consider the sins of the previous year and repent before Yom Kippur.
One of the ongoing themes of the Days of Awe is the concept that G-d has "books" that he writes our names in, writing down who will live and who will die, who will have a good life and who will have a bad life, for the next year...
Another custom observed during this time is kapparot (Kapparos). This is rarely practiced today, and is observed in its true form only by Chasidic and occasionally Orthodox Jews. Basically, you purchase a live fowl, and on the morning before Yom Kippur you waive it over your head reciting a prayer asking that the fowl be considered atonement for sins...
Two lesser special occasions occur during the course of the Days of Awe.
Tishri 3, the day after the second day of Rosh Hashanah, is the Fast of Gedalia.
The Sabbath that occurs in this period is known as Shabbat Shuvah (the Sabbath of Return). This is considered a rather important Sabbath.













Yom Kippur 1973 Phony War and the 41st USSR Championship in Moscow

Lets come back to the origins of the cabbalistic project Kippur-Kapparos and turn our attention to the 41st USSR Championship celebrated in Moscow in the fall of 1973. This tournament won convincingly by the ex-world champion Boris Spassky is sometimes praised and acclaimed as one of the strongest in the history of chess (well, at least in the history of the Soviet championships).


First of all I have to remind you about the literal meaning of the winners name: SPASSKY comes from the Russian word SPAS ( ) that means Savior and Redeemer. These are messianic titles of Jesus, they represent His primary functions in the Christian theology: to save and to redeem the world, to atone for the sins of the fallen mankind.


However, in the Chassidic collective subconscious these functions are also full of significance though in a different sense. For the Babylonians to redeem means to bring teshuvah (return) and gmar tikkun, to amend and to avenge, lo liberate, i.e., to establish the earthly kingdom of total Jewish domination over gentiles. So in fact the New Redeemer, the Antichrist, is the One who enslaves the humanity and brings about the planetary Auschwitz, the New World Order.

The word SPASSKY in its peculiar babylonian sense is perfectly applicable to M.M. Schneerson, the king rex-moshiach of Brooklyn, who was a close friend and spiritual guru of the GMs Samuel Reshevsky and Robert Fischer as well as the supervisor of the whole of New York School of Chess. Obviously the Rebbe must have been very keen on the developments both in Israel and in the Soviet Chess Championship of 1973, quite possibly rooting for the Redeemersky.

This is why I suggest that we have a look at the headquarters of the Lubavitchers on the eve of the Yom Kippur War. What was going on there at that precise moment?

Well travel back in time by reviewing a few fragments from the article Israel on the Brink of War published on the website wwwchabad.org

A Call from Brooklyn

For years Israelis had known that there was a sage in Brooklyn who, in the words of General Ariel Sharon, was "interested and well versed" in the Israeli military and "deeply worried" about the situation in Israel. The Rebbe's approach was that fierce preemptive military action was needed to save lives, combined with heightened spiritual activity to beseech G-d's mercy in minimizing the loss of life and injuries.

Ariel Sharon and the Rebbe

Video highlighting the relationship between the Lubavitcher Rebbe and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
This video takes you from the Rebbe's office in Brooklyn to the prime minister's office in Jerusalem. Tracing their relationships with the Rebbe back to his formative years in the political arena, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon reveals, in his own words, some of the wisdom and spiritual fortitude that guided him over the past sixty years.

In fact for several years before the war the Rebbe called on Israel to fortify its borders with Arab nations, warning numerous times that the Bar-Lev Line was a disaster. "He considered [it] a disaster," writes Sharon in his autobiography, "an outmoded Maginot-like concept which could not be effective 'in our time of jets and airmobile forces.'"

Months before all the events described above, on July 12, 1973, the then former president of Israel, Zalman Shazar, arrived at Lubavitch World Headquarters for a Chassidic gathering, known as a farbrengen. The Rebbe, of righteous memory, had recently begun a passionate campaign encouraging parents to teach their children additional Torah during the summer months, citing the verse from Psalms (8:3), "Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings You have established strength because of Your adversaries, in order to put an end to the enemy and avenger."

The Rebbe and Shazar converse during an interlude between the Rebbes scholarly addresses. 2009 JERRY DANTZIC ARCHIVES, All Rights Reserved

Following the farbrengen, which included scholarly talks, words of inspiration, and the singing of Chassidic melodies, Shazar entered the Rebbe's office.

Not much is known of their discussion, however Shazar did share this: When the Rebbe encouraged the extra Torah learning for children, he had in mind a specific danger that was hovering over the land of Israel. To Shazar it seemed strangethere was no forecast of immediate danger; on the contrary everything seemed to be calm in Israel.

"What all of a sudden happened?" Shazar asked the Rebbe.

The Rebbe did not respond. "He looked at me with a very serious look and tears began to flow from his eyes," Shazar said.

The Rebbe continued his campaign to increase children's Torah learning and prayer throughout the summer.

Children Gather

On September 21st, as Israeli intelligence was receiving more warnings of the coming war, the country's largest newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, had a news flash:

"Tens of thousands of children will travel up to Jerusalem on Sunday for a special prayer service, following the call of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to his disciples in the town of Kfar Chabad. The Rebbe called for boys under the age of 13 and girls under the age of 12 to travel up to Jerusalem, to organize for a special prayer and to give charity near the Western Wall."

Kids gather at the Western Wall to pray after the call of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory.

Three days later, on Monday, the paper reported that an "impressive gathering of thousands took place yesterday...

Three days after the war began, there was another Chassidic gathering at Lubavitch World Headquarters, this time to honor the anniversary of the passing of Rabbi Shmuel, the fourth Chabad Rebbe. At the gathering the Rebbe also touched on the war in the Middle East. He said that at this time the most important thing is to keep the morale high and to serve G-d with happiness. The Rebbe quoted the sages that, "happiness breaks all boundaries."

A Chassidic gathering at Lubavitch World Headquarters, with the Rebbe, in the early 1970s. (Photo: The Harlig Collection/Lubavitch Archives)

At this time, Israelis were scratching their heads about how the Rebbe had known of the impending war. "How did the Rebbe know?" asked Yediot Ahronot. The Rebbe also turned to this very issue at the gathering (paraphrased here from the original Yiddish):

"There are things that are done, however, at the time we do not know what the goal of these activities are; only later on do we realize the reason.
"I do not know why all of a sudden there was a call to gather the children in prayer and charity, it only seemed that at the time there was a need, 'to put an end to the enemy and avenger.'"

http://www.chabad.org/therebbe/article_ … of-War.htm
Israel on the Brink of War
The strategic and spiritual fronts that preceded the Yom Kippur War
By Dovid Zaklikowski

Such prophetic powers of the Rebbe as regards the bloodiest military conflict in the history of the fake Israeli State would have been truly remarkable if only the story held true. Unfortunately the facts point in different direction. As the former leader of the Jewish Reform community of Kharkov Edward Davidovich Hodos had demonstrated in a number of important publications dedicated to Chabad, the Lubavitchers are much more skillful in planning future events than in prophesizing them.

Two of the treatises of Edward Hodos on Chabad: the first one is entitled "Jewish Fascism, or Chabad the Way to Hell". The subtle pin concealed under the title of the second book Im unable to adequately translate into English. Literally, its something like "The Jewish Blow, or the P--t Has Crept In Stealthily" where P--t goes both for Prophet and Pussy Riot.

(Please, keep in mind that the so called Pussy Riot was performed on February 21, 2012, that is: 2102-2012 - exactly in the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer/Savior in Moscow. The tragic history of the barbarous demolition of this pearl of Christian architecture on the Sabbath of Chanuka 1931 and its subsequent reconstruction in the 1990s I had described on another occasion.)

If the Rebbe was an outstanding prophet, then what do we have to think about the functionaries of the Soviet Chess Federation who had not only managed to impeccably synchronize the 41st USSR championship Final with the October Yom Kippur War in Israel but also magically used it for launching the chess Kippur-Kapparos project of which we are so well informed by now?


I will comment on this table later on.




Yom Kippur 1973 Phony War and the 41st USSR Championship in Moscow

Last time we finished our analysis by providing documentary evidence of the high level of preparedness of the Soviet chess federation for the Yom Kippur War (1973) in the Middle East. Not only the dates of the two events were perfectly synchronized well in advance but the Soviet Top League was subreptitiously used for launching of the Kippur-Kapparos project.


Now, if we look at the games of the 41st USSR championship well easily notice certain suspicious patterns in the development of several key encounters on crucial dates.

http://i21.servimg.com/u/f21/17/22/31/45/image024.jpg http://i21.servimg.com/u/f21/17/22/31/45/image025.jpg

The diagram 1 (on the left) shows the position from the 4th round game Spassky-Tukmakov, played on Shabbath, October 6, i.e. on the Yom Kippur-Kapparos holiday. It was definitely the most elegant win of Spassky in the tournament, a sort of visit card of the 41st championship. The ex-world champion sacrificed a knight on e6, masterfully conducted a positional attack and obtained a very smooth victory. Its curious to notice that this nice performance of Spassky and the best game of the tournament fell on Yom Kippur and coincided with the sudden attack of Egypt and Syria against Israel. Excellent timing for a brilliancy!


The second position occurred in the game Beliavsky-Karpov, played on the very same Shabbat Yom Kippur. White is to move, he has an extra pawn but the different colored bishops make his task of winning rather difficult. Is it humanely possible to lose this endgame with White?


On Yom Kippur anything is possible, especially when Anatoly Kippur and the interests of the project king rex-moshiach (antichrist) are involved. This painful loss contributed to the disastrous start of Alexander Beliavsky in the tournament (0 out of 5). One might safely claim that Alexander set a world record of suffering in the starting rounds.

(Perhaps, we should add between parentheses that Alexander Beliavsky is nicknamed satanás by spanish chess fans for his fiery, illuminated and somewhat demoniac looks over the board, besides the obvious sonority of his family name (Beliavsky-Bel-Baal). Isnt it noteworthy that Bel (who is the true g-d of the counterfeit Israel) suffered so much exactly at the time of successful Egyptian crossing of Suez Canal and their advance in Sinai, on the first days of Egyptian and Syrian offense? After all, wasnt Bel fighting at those precise days against the best Egyptian chess troops in Moscow? We have already explained before why the Soviet Union was an artificially created analogue of Egypt/Mitzraim according to masonic cabbalistic symbolism.)

October 6th 1973...a day not to be forgotten

The 3rd diagram which comes from yet another game played on October 6th is no less amazing. Believe it or not, this game lasted only one move.


Here is the missing photo of the White player international master Karen Ashotovich Grigoryan. Karen tragically died 16 years later committing suicide on October 30, 1989. It was reported that he jumped down from the highest bridge in Yerevan. The new satanic era of antichrist was just looming ahead


We are left to believe that GM Vladimir Savon (a brilliant winner of the 39 USSR championship in Leningrad, 1971: 1. Savon 15 out of 21; 2-3. Smyslov, Tal 13,5; 4. Karpov 13 points, etc.) didnt present himself on that fateful evening of October 6 at "Moscow's Central Palace for the Culture of Railway Workers" (the playing site) and lost the game by default. This is the reason why only 152 out of 153 games in the championship were actually played. In a few databases the game Grigoryan-Savon appears with the only extravagant move 1.h4 and the technical result 1-0.

(Again we have to add between brackets that Gor is the Russian and Egyptian form of the god Horus name. So that GRiGORyan must have a definitely Egyptian undertone for the mystics.)

Aint it too many clumsy gaffes and mere coincidences for one round? And why did all these strange events fall precisely on the Yom Kippur-Kapparos? Wasn't Savon's loss by default supposed to imply that the Israeli military "overslept" the war on that fateful Shabbat? Something to think about.


Everyone can easily check the accuracy of the presented facts, dear readers, they are quite alarming and yet there is one more game which by far surpasses in extravagance all of the above-mentioned examples and has always stood distinctly apart in my own memories of the 41st USSR championship.


I was pretty much shocked when I saw it for the first time. In my modest opinion there is no better way of understanding what professional chess is all about and what's the actual meaning of the Garry Kapparos (and his rabbinic supervisors) thesis of how life imitates chess than paying ultimate attention to the game between Victor Korchnoi and Anatoly Kippur played on October 8 in the sixth round. Please, look at the next diagram:


Does it really look like a valid chess position? Was Victor Korchnoi trying to play a game of checkers instead of chess on that evening? Those of you who naively believe that it has something to do with chess hypermodernism, I must assure that the famous double fianchetto lines that were scornfully dubbed by Richard Teichmann and Akiba Rubinstein "the stupid double hole variation" and became rather popular in 1920s, mainly by the efforts of Richard Reti, must be considered the epitome of common sense and classicism compared to this one. With what kind of disparaging epithet the great Akiba would have granted this opening: the triple hole, the quadruple hole? Let me put in just one simple illustration as a point of reference.


Well, the difference is striking, so lets come back to the mysterious game Korchnoi-Karpov. Not only the diagram after the Whites 5th move looks highly artificial and ugly. In fact the whole series of moves that led to it are ill-judged and far-fetched:

1. Nf3 Nf6 2. g3 b5 3.c3?! (supposedly inspired by Sokolsky variation) Bb7 (both 3e6 and 3c5 look preferable) 4.a4 a6 (the pawn sac 4b4 was interesting) 5.e3? (no doubt, 5.ab5 ab5 6.Ra8 Ba8 7.Qb3! was much more consistent with the previous play and offered better prospects for White).


Anatoly Karpov himself called the move 5.e3? rush and impulsive. As we have seen above, Rubinstein would have certainly dubbed it stupid. No living player on earth, as far as I know, has ever tried to imitate Korchnois hypermodernist experiment.

However, Korchnois highly absurd decision got an approval of guess whom, of all people? By none less than ex-world champion Mikhail Botvinnik! Would you believe that?


Just open Chess Informant 16 (1974) and have a look at the game 8. There you have it the game Korchnoi-Karpov was published with annotations of Botvinnik and the silly move 5.e3? got an exclamation mark from the patriarch of Soviet chess.

Now, I must tell you something. Ive studied all the games of Botvinnik, I know his chess style and his vision of the game pretty well, I have always had the highest respect for his chess understanding and acumen. More than that, I had a priviledge of knowing Mikhail Moiseyevich personally and we have spent long, long hours talking about chess and politics. If there is something Im sure about, it is the fact that Botvinnik would have rather died than played a move like 5.e3. So, why then did he put an exclamation mark to it?

B. Spassky (lying on the floor), A.Kippur, G. Kapparos, M. Botvinnik, M. Tal

Only by answering this straightforward question, dear friends, can you assert your understanding of CHESS and its place in modern messianic culture.




Yom Kippur 1973 Phony War and the 41st USSR Championship in Moscow

If you look at the list of the commentators of the Chess Informant 16 youll see that Korchnoi-Karpov, Moscow 1973, was the only game annotated by Mikhail Botvinnik for this volume. And why did the patriarchs choice fall precisely on this not very remarkable game? How did it manage to draw his attention, in the first place?


Definitely it was not among the most spectacular battles of the tournament. Neither was it too instructive or otherwise alluring (like the very exciting fights of A. Kippur against Petrosian, Spassky, Kuzmin or Tukmakov from the same tournament). The game Korchnoi-Kippur abounded in mistakes at every stage without them contributing to its intrigue.

What is even more disconcerting the quality of the commentary itself is very low and the assessments are incoherent (which is not typical of M. Botvinnik who was an excellent analyst). The 6th world champion chose not to chide his (supposed) pupil too severely and didnt detect any of his mistakes. For example, he highly appraised Anatolys rather dubious opening maneuver Nb8-c6-a7 and gave him advantage after move 11 due to non-existent superiority in development (with the knight on a7?).


Then, after two more neutral moves he suddenly changed his mind completely and wrote that it was actually White who was better. And so on.

Say what you like but it is absolutely inconsistent commentary from the beginning till the very end of the game that clarifies nothing about it. And it was the only game annotated by Botvinnik for the 16th volume of the Chess Informant. WAS IT ACTUALLY BOTVINNIK WHO ANNOTATED THIS GAME? Or was it commented by someone else (of much lower chess expertise) and the name of Botvinnik was only used to give a sort of credibility and high quality mark to a very dubious chess product?

So, lets ask ourselves again: why Korchnoi-Kippur and why Mikhail Botvinnik?

Youll never find a plausible answer to these disturbing questions unless you take into account the political reality of the Yom Kippur War that was raging in the Middle East at that precise moment. In all likelihood, its one more example of artificially constructed parallelism between chess and politics. And this is a very important aspect of professional chess that you should learn to discern.

In a number of investigative articles we have explained that the 6th world champion Mikhail Botvinnik served as a symbol of the counterfeit Israel since the moment of her birth out of the ashes of the old world. It was not a mere coincidence that the match-tournament of Hague and Moscow (1948) that determined the successor of the world champion A.A. Alekhine, deceased undefeated in 1946, was synchronized with the proclamation of the state of Israel.


Botvinnik, who technically won that event with a quick draw against Euwe (Yahweh) in the 22nd round, celebrated on May 9 (the Soviet Victory Day in the WWII), was officially proclaimed World chess champion during the Closing Ceremony on May 18th. The creation of the ultrafascist state of Israel was announced on Shabbat Kedoshim, May 14/15.

Participants of the match-tournament in Hague and Moscow (March-May 1948), from left to right: M. Euwe, V. Smyslov, P. Keres, M. Botvinnik, S. Reshevsky

Such a strange conflation of the dates was by no way accidental. As we have already explained before in great detail the name Mikhail is associated in the collective imagination of the bearded mystics with the defense of the (imaginary) Jews:

Michael is mentioned three times in the Book of Daniel, once as a "great prince who stands up for the children of your people". The idea that Michael was the advocate of the Jews became so prevalent that in spite of the rabbinical prohibition against appealing to angels as intermediaries between God and his people, Michael came to occupy a certain place in the Jewish liturgy.

Michael is the angel-guardian of Israel. This is his archetypal role in the cabbalistic mythology of the Babylonian Satanists who had self-proclaimed themselves Jews.

And this is why it was so important for the mystics to assure the win of Mikhail Botvinnik in the world chess championship of 1948. You should also not forget that the world champions title 6 was at stake, and SIX is the number of sephira Tiphereth on the Etz Chaim (Tree of Life), the sephira of Israel.


It also corresponds to the patriarch Jacob/Israel.


For the Talmudic communist Baalshems (the "lords of the Name" and the priests of kabbalah) there was much more at stake in 1948 than the chess crown. Whatever they may say to justify their policy of terror this geopolitical game was (and still continues to be) about dehumanizing, brutalizing and enslaving the whole of humanity.

The cabbalists were still united in 1935 by a common messianic drive for destroying gentile nations. Youll find no single ethnic Russian or Christian religious orthodox among the communist leadership. All of them were trained by Talmud. In the first row: Nikita Khruschev, Andrei Zhdanov, Lazar Kaganovich, Klim Voroshilov, Joseph Stalin, Vyacheslav Molotov, Mikhail Kalinin, Mikhail Tukhachevsky. Two years later marshal Tukhachevsky was executed by his comrades because of his deficient understanding of the Etz Chaim mysticism.

No wonder that before the start of the Moscow leg of the competition Mikhail Botvinnik was invited to Kremlin for the Secretariat of the CPSU Central Committee meeting. When arrived, the comrades A. Zhdanov, K.Voroshilov and M. Suslov expressed to him their concern about the possibility of Samuel Reshevsky winning the tournament.


Here is the dialogue between Botvinnik and Zhdanov that took place at that meeting as described in M. Botvinniks memoirs. The Babylonian cabbalist Andrei Alexandrovich Zhdanov was a member of the Politburo and considered by many as possible successor to Stalin and his right hand man. A.A. Zhdanov died mysteriously the same fateful year 1948, only a few months later, probably assassinated.

Andrei Zhdanov, Klim Voroshilov, Joseph Stalin (the biblical fair Joseph of Egypt) and Finnish mason Otto Kuusinen are patiently observing as Vyacheslav Molotov signs the Soviet-Finnish state treaty.

, , . , ? . ? , ... . , . ... , : , , , ? . , . ( ) ...

However, we are afraid of Reshevsky becoming World Champion, - Zhdanov said. What would you say if the Soviet players started to lose willfully to you? I was dumbstruck. Why did Zhdanov choose to humiliate me? In the past few years I played in seven tournaments and won all of them, having clearly dominated over all my rivals.

Soviet cabbalistic bosses Nikolai Bulganin and Nikita Khruschev embrace the messenger of the Lubavitcher rebbe GM Samuel Reshevsky at the US Embassy reception, Moscow 1955.

I come back to senses and refuse categorically. Zhdanov continues to insist but I stand firm. Our conversation is approaching the dead end To overcome the controversy I offer a compromise: Well, lets leave this possibility open, [comrade Zhdanov,] perhaps, the need will not arise? Zhdanov greatly rejoiced over the possibility of such a decision. Excellent, - he said. - We wish YOU (he specially stressed this word) the Victory

Soviet leaders on the tribune of the Lenin Mausoleum, Moscow Red Square (from left to right): Lazar Kaganovich, Sergo Ordzhonikidze, Minei Israilevich Gubelman (Yemelyan Yaroslavsky), Klim Voroshilov, Anastas Mikoyan, Joseph Stalin...

It will be easier to understand why the soviet leadership was so hard pressed to see Botvinnik as the winner of the World Championship if you have a look at the Tree of Life pictogram and the Babylonian calendar dates for the month of May, 1948.

Please, pay special attention to the solar sephira Tiphereth, or Zionist Beauty: Angel Michaels name means who is like God?

Now, please, glance at the May 1948 (Nisan/Iyar 5708) calendar and you will see how rigidly the dates of Botvinniks victory and Israels creation were fixed by the calculations of the Babylonian mystics:


Day One of Week 3 (15th day of omer): Chesed of Tiferet


http://www.chabad.org/library/article_c … mer-15.htm

The 3rd week of the Count of Omer (Sefirat ha Omer) started in Moscow by a quick draw of Mikhail Botvinnik against Max Euwe. This draw, obtained on Sunday May 9, 1948, guaranteed Botvinnik the 1st place in the tournament and the World Champions title. Sephira CHESED entered Tiphereth. Isnt it a proper time to receive the Chess Crown from the hands of Yahweh incarnate?

Botvinnik and Euwe

Sefirat ha Omer - 15º Dia - Chesed shebe Tiferet

Day Seven of Week 3: Malchut of Tiferet
21st Day of the Omer
http://www.chabad.org/library/article_c … mer-21.htm


The same 3rd week is finished in Israel on Shabbat Kedoshim by the announcement of birth of the ultrafascist state of Israel. The cabbalistic Beauty (Tiphereth) is born in the Middle East. Sephira Malkuth (Kingdom) symbolically entered Tiphereth. This new counterfeit Israel is supposed to be KINGDOM OF ANTICHRIST. The Shabbat started on the evening 14th, so the state of Israel was proclaimed on Friday, May 14, and recognized by Harry Salomon Truman late at night the same day when the Shabbat began:


On the day the British Mandate over Palestine expired - Friday, May 14, 1948 - the Jewish People's Council gathered at the Tel Aviv Museum to declare the establishment of the State of Israel. There is no record of who attended the meeting, but 350 invitations were sent out instructing the recipients to keep the information secret. Word got it out, however, and people started singing Hatikvah in the streets even before David Ben-Gurion began reading the dceclaration he had written. The ceremony was held at 4 p.m. before the British left to avoid making the declaration on Shabbat. It took 17 minutes to read the entire document in a 32 minute ceremony. Some people signed the declaration later and one person signed twice. Four hours later, Egypt bombed Tel Aviv. The new state was recognized that night by the United States and three days later by the USSR.
http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jso … Indep.html

In fact the exact dates of the creation of fake Israel were determined by Gaon of Vilna (Elijah ben Shlomo Zalman) as early as 1740. And 1948 (5708) was chosen as a very special year because its three-digit number (used by the cabbalists) equals the gematria (708) of a very important notaricon CHEN (חן) which means secret wisdom, popular denomination of kabbalah.


Since publication of Heinrich Graetz's "Geschichte der Juden" it is considered that this abbreviation and codename for kabbalah was used for the first time in the XIII century by Moshe ben Nahman:

Nahmanides, Ramban, Moshe ben Nahman Girondi, 1194-1270, famous Talmudist and cabbalist, great predecessor of comrades Stalin, Trotsky, Khruschev, Truman, Churchill, Roosevelt, Hitler, Ben-Gurion, Itzhak Luriah, Aleister Crowley etc.

I could go on and on but I just wouldnt like to tire you too much with all this secret wisdom that forms the main nonsensical body of modern masonic politics. One can easily figure out the extent of control over European affairs exercised by the cabbalistic mystics if the date of the creation of Israel was calculated and fixed in the middle of the XVIII century. All the modern wars, crises and revolutions were designed and financed by these irrational and inhuman creatures who for some vague reason and with no scientific justification at all consider themselves Jews. The same goes true for the so-called world chess championship matches - no less rigidly controlled.

Day Three of Week 4: Tiferet of Netzach
24th Day of the Omer
http://www.chabad.org/library/article_c … mer-24.htm


On this conspicuous date in the middle of the 4th week of Sefirat ha Omer (May 18, 1948) the Closing Ceremony of the World Chess Championship was scheduled by the wizards of Oz. Mikhail Botvinnik was triumphantly crowned with the laurel wreath in the beautiful Pillar Hall of the Palace of Unions, a very famous site in Moscow widely used for all sorts of cabbalistic events because of its obvious Etz Chaim symbolism.

FIDE president Alexander Rueb (1924-1949) condecorates Mikhail Botvinnik on May 18, 1948

The solar and Israeli sephira Tipheret (Beauty) entered Netzach (Victory). Comrades Zhdanov, Stalin, Voroshilov, Khruschev, Hitler (most likely still alive at that moment), Ben-Gurion, Truman could enjoy and savor the beauty of the moment. Their historical mission of destroying Christian civilization had come to fruition.

Dear readers, you can also savor that historical moment by watching the following video. It is a fragment of Vitaly Melik-Karamovs documentary Thirteen champions, 1993.

Rightfully Mikhail Moiseyevich used to say in his years of maturity and placid wisdom: We, the chess grandmasters, are nothing but pawns in the game of imperialists. I told you this story in order to make clear why Botvinniks name was symbolically and intrinsically related to the state of Israel. If his name was used in the annotations to the game KORCHNOI-KIPPUR it was done by the occultists with the objective of pointing at the Yom Kippur War in Israel.




Lest I be misunderstood, let me add a few words about Mikhail Botvinnik. I got to know him personally quite well in his late 70s, in the last years of his long and eventful life. I can testify that Mikhail Moiseyevich left a very deep impression on me by his human warmth, modesty and asceticism. I would even say that Botvinnik was the only top player who made me envy and wish for myself some of his human qualities. And this admiration of mine had nothing to do with chess.


Botvinnik is often criticized as some kind of "staunch communist", "Stalins henchman" or perhaps even a "puppet" and subservient "sycophant", who obediently provided a sort of propagandist window dressing for a terrible GULAG regime, being "submissively compliant" with all its crimes. They say today all kind of nasty things about Botvinnik as being the "oppressor" and "tormentor" of the Babylonian players like G. Levenfish, D. Bronstein or even M.Tal.

Some of that might be true but in this particular case like in many others we have a reflection of a general phenomenon of the incredibly hypocritical modern criticism of Stalinism. As a rule this vituperation comes from the circles and individuals still much inferior from the moral point of view to the object of their hatred. And in fact the moral indignation of these critics is more aimed against a few positive aspects of the Stalinist regime than its many disastrous and inhuman flaws.

Perhaps Botvinnik lacked cultural sophistication, his political views on the communist past were sometimes naïve and scientifically unsustainable in many respects. But it is very easy to understand why: he received technical education and worked very hard on chess all his life. No one is as easily manipulated and deceived as the technicians brought up in the spirit of the Marxist self-sufficiency and materialistic dogmatism. Rabbis know it quite well because they have designed this whole system of manipulation.


Botvinnik was brought up in the suffocating atmosphere of slavery, of aggressive soviet propaganda and intensive Talmudic Marxist brainwashing, with no access to truthful information about the nature of the pathological processes in the country. With that kind of oppressive vigilance and systematic disinformation it was extremely difficult for anyone to raise above the level of intellectual mediocrity. (Exactly the same socialist system of disinformation is now operative in the Western media with one loadable exception of a few internet channels.)

In his case it was almost impossible due to tremendous attention, support and incessant eulogy he was receiving from the true Talmudic sycophants of the regime. Who could have resisted it?

Despite all this, Botvinnik was a man of convictions all his life and he didnt betray them he lived in accordance with his ideas of social justice even though these ideas were very incomplete and brought to life by dangerous utopian reduction of human essence and aspirations to the most basic materialistic needs.

Soviet brainwashing machine

Still I must say Botvinnik was an extraordinary human being with strong moral kernel and this is something that his modern critics lack completely. As a rule they are corrupted to the very core or perhaps even worse than that they lack any core at all. Talmud is their "soul".

Botvinnik could be manipulated and perhaps even coerced into some kind of reprobate behavior (or much more likely - reprobate inaction). The modern ones simply do not recognize their behavior as shameless and ignominious by any kind of criteria. They are so nice and politically correct. They lack completely the ability of objective self-evaluation.

The top players of modern times as a rule are true golem and gollum-like monsters, accomplished Satanists. They are the true heirs and products of Leninist, T(a)rotskyist and Stalinist regime. They are Itzhaks Lurias dream made our nightmare.


So if you make me choose between Botvinnik and the most vociferous of his democratic critics among western chess journalists or grandmasters of younger generation (even leaving Kirsan, Kippur and Kapparos aside as the extreme cases of mental corruptness) I would prefer to stay with Mikhail Botvinnik.

The chess world in general is the world of mediocre personalities and disproportionately inflated egos. Its hardly surprising because chess is the game of the Babylonian satanists par excellence. If chess has become nowadays synonymous with corruption it is by no accident. The modern chess personalities are being carefully bred and selected by the rabbis, like cattle, - in the direction of maximum opportunism, intellectual shallowness and human meanness.

At the later stage of his life Botvinnik was the least satanic of them all, the least Babylonically Jewish, the most authentic and human. And it is the tragedy of modern times that the noble and straightforward characters like his are being systematically replaced by the rabbis with more and more sleazy and degenerated ones. This is one of the reasons why the return to Stalinist regime is not possible anymore. That regime with its millions of innocent victims was still too benign for the talmudists perverse palate.


I would even say that Botvinnik was too excellent a human being for our times. He couldnt have adapted to it. And he is the chess personality who would have come first to my mind if I were to seek some support of top professional players in the WPCs fight for disqualification of the cabbalistic chess cheaters and fraudsters. I have no such illusions about the modern champions and elite-players.

M. Botvinniks book "Half a Century of Chess" dedicated to me by the author himself: "To my friend Valery with a kind request not to read this book! 22-09-92"

Henry Makow is right: the humanity is satanically possessed. And the origin of this possession is the Babylonian Talmud and Chaldean kabbalah.



To make a long story short, lets have a look again at the position of the game Korchnoi-Kippur, USSR (ch) 1973:


Doesn't it remind you of anything? If we abstract from the chessboard what kind of imagery this position might evoke in us?

First, let me explain to our readers with little or no chess expertise at all that there is nothing weird or excentric in such a conjecture. The so-called graphic or scahographic chess problems form an integral part of the chess cultural legacy since the times of A. Petrov, C. Jaenisch, I. Shumov, S. Loyd, etc.

Some problems are notable for extremely unusual patterns of piece placement. For example, direct mates and especially helpmates have been composed with the pieces in the shape of a letter or number, or even a tree.

Look, for instance, at these two problems of Sam Loyd, composed in 1888 (mate in 4). The piece placement reminds us of a cat and its quite funny.

The solution is different in two positions: 1.Nf4+ and 1.b8N!

Or look at this curious composition it is the winner of the Soviet specialized contest for the symbolic chess problems, held in 1963:


The problem is called Africas Awakening, the pieces are huddled in a form of the African continent and the stipulation is also full of political symbolism: Black to start and mate in 3 moves. Even the island of Madagascar is supposedly reflected on the diagram (the black king on g3 and the white pawn on g2): 1b3! 2. Re6 Nf2+ 3.Kxe3 d1N mate.

OK, you are free to think that its a sort of mind-twisting and a futile or even perverse exercise but it doesnt really matter for us. It is important that my dear readers understand that it is not me who invented this genre of chess composition it exists and flourishes for several centuries. In fact its quite popular with the borregomatrix. Even Pope John Paul II who was erroneously considered a devout chess composer was falsely attributed one of such problems:


Im not sure what this apocrypha symbolizes Sol Invictus or perhaps the hebrew letter kaf. Anyway it forms part of chess history.

Perhaps, in a similar way the loose and highly vulnerable structure of white pawns in the game Korchnoi-Kippur was supposed to reflect something in our material world? How about African sand dunes?


And what about the Cyclopic Israeli fortifications at the Suez Canal known as the Bar Lev Line? Wasnt it one of the symbols of the phony Yom Kippur War raging exactly at the time the game was disputed?

In 1971, Israel spent $500 million fortifying its positions on the Suez Canal, a chain of fortifications and gigantic earthworks known as the Bar Lev Line, named after Israeli General Chaim Bar-Lev.

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan and Chief of Staff Haim Bar-Lev inspecting the Bar-Lev fortifications

The Bar Lev Line (Hebrew: קו בר לב, Kav Bar Lev; Arabic: خط بارليف, Khaṭṭ Barlīf) was a chain of fortifications built by Israel along the eastern coast of the Suez Canal after it captured the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt during the 1967 Six-Day War.

We still remember the despective and scathing remark of the rebe rex-moshiach on this outmoded defensive line expressed in Brooklyn in the strongest of terms, as it was cited by me before:

In fact for several years before the war the Rebbe called on Israel to fortify its borders with Arab nations, warning numerous times that the Bar-Lev Line was a disaster. "He considered [it] a disaster," writes Sharon in his autobiography, "an outmoded Maginot-like concept which could not be effective 'in our time of jets and airmobile forces.'"

Obviously this fortification, though extremely costly for the goyim (its overall estimated cost was about half a billion 1971 dollars, extorted from the American and German tax-payers), proved to be as disastrous as Victor Korchnois pawn structure in the game with Anatoly Kippur.

Generals Ariel Sharon and Israel Tal objected to the line, arguing that it would not succeed in fending off Egyptian attackers. Sharon said that it would pin down large military formations that would be sitting ducks for deadly artillery attacks, and cited the opinion of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, who explained him "the great military disaster such a line could bring."

You see: Sharon was protesting, Tal was against please, count my voice as well. The Egyptians armed with the modern Soviet weaponry easily overwhelmed the Israeli 450 soldiers of the Jerusalem Brigade, spread out in 16 forts along the length of the Canal and took it in less than 2 hours:

During the October 1973 War, the Egyptian army, led by Egyptian Chief of staff, Saad El Shazly, overran the Bar Lev Line in less than two hours due to the element of surprise and overwhelming firepower. To deal with the massive earthen ramparts, the Egyptians used water cannons fashioned from hoses attached to dredging pumps in the canal.

Breaches in the Israeli sand rampart

The Egyptian engineering corps rapidly and efficiently cut passages in the 60-feet sandwall using water cannons and pumps provided by Britain and East Germany. Egyptian tanks andheavy technique safely crossed the Suez Canal and penetrated into Sinai.

In exactly the same way Anatoly Kippurs pieces (which symbolised the might of the USSR-Egypt-Mitzraim weapons) crossed the chessboard along the weakened long diagonal and penetrated Victor Korchnois insecure line of defense. The adjourned position didnt offer any hope of salvation and Korchnoi resigned.


Well, Victor Korchnoi was always considered to be a very aggressive, active and dangerous player. After his defection to the West in 1976 he got a steady reputation of a very wicked man and the Soviet press attached to him a characteristic additional epithet of "" (villain, evildoer, malefactor).

Curiously, Israeli Armed Forces (IDF) were almost never referred to in the Soviet media otherwise but Israeli aggressor. No doubt, lots of Soviet citizens never trusted Soviet media, so that all this vituperation served more like a black PR for the IDF and the Israeli policy in general. Quite a clever move of the well-versed Soviet propagandists!

The same holds true in the case of Victor Korchoi who always counted with thousands of the most sincere sympathizers among the soviet chess fans despite (or rather thanks to) his official status of a "VILLAIN". Obviously, most of them didn't even suspect of the game that was secretly played behind the scenes.

What better esoteric ritual for rendering the Egyptian-Israeli military conflict one could imagine but the game between the Israeli aggressor V. Korchnoi and the obsequious Soviet citizen (Egyptian), staunch regime supporter, prominent komsomolets and later highly honored CPSU member Anatoly Kippur?

(Victor was also an outstanding Party member but the public is prone to forget about this fact for the reasons that well have to explain later on.)

Look at it from another angle as well:

The Aramaic word בר (bar) is cognate of the Hebrew word בן (ben), basically meaning son, much like the son-part in the English name Johnson, or the Mac-part in the name MacDonald (see the article on the word בן (ben) under the name Ben). This Aramaic word is used sporadically in the Hebrew Bible (Proverbs 31:2, Psalm 12:12). Why the Aramaic language uses the letter ר (resh) while most Semitic languages use the ן (nun) is a mystery, but a similar ר (resh) and נ(nun) swap occurs in the name Nebuchadnezzar/Nebuchadrezzar.

The name Bar-Lev means nothing else but son of Lev and this happens to be exactly the patronymic of Korchnoi! Victor Lvovich Korchnoi = Victor Bar-Lev Korchnoi. Bar-Lev Line = קו בר לב. Even the initials coincide: KV Lvovich. Arent we totally justified to baptize the absurd opening line introduced by Korhnoi in his historical encounter with Anatoly Kippur as the Bar-Lev Line?

"Bar-Lev Line" Variation

Or perhaps we should better baptize the same way all of the matches for the world chess crown between these two great Soviet actors?

For the moment I suggest, dear chess friends, that you see a brief fragment of a documentary Greatest Tank Battles dedicated to the Yom Kippur War or, to be more precise, to the Israeli armoured brigade counter-attack in an attempt to recuperate the Bar-Lev Line fortifications undertaken on October 8, 1973 (Tishrei 12, 5734) exactly on the day when the game Korchnoi-Kippur was being performed in Moscow.

Today is Tishrei 12, this is HISTORY LIVE, "Bar-Lev Line" Variation, Yom Kippur 1973 phony War.

1973 - Israeli tanks 8 of October attack

Since Victor Lvovich Korchnoi has been taking an important and active part in the Kippur-Kapparos project from its very inception, well have to pay more attention to his matrix role in the chess cabbalistic rituals.

(to be continued)



I would like to further comment on the declarations of Mr. Kapparos in his interview with the CNN host Fareed Zakaria on January 10, 2016.

I can rely on my mother. She is 78 and she was born and raised under Stalin. She saw everything, she heard everything, all sorts of propaganda and she is still in Moscow, shes been listening to this you know massive 24/7 attacks you know the brainwashing attacks and she told me that the difference between Soviet propaganda and Putins propaganda is that you know with all reservations about the contents of the propaganda, it still contained some element of positive future the bright future, the communism, the brotherhood Putins propaganda its all like cult of death, its all poisonous, its war, I mean we have no enemies we just you know have to fight everybody. Soviet Union had some friends and here are enemies: Ukrainians, Georgians, Estonians, OF COURSE, AMERICANS, JEWS thats everywhere. Thats why for the first time in my life Im fairly pessimistic about the outcome because I see no positive scenario, its all just choice for lesser evil.

So, Mr. Kapparos has claimed that Jews were great enemies of Mr. Putin. Obviously he did so to justify his constant begging for escalation of the military conflict in Ukraine and Syria and to support somehow his (totally false) pretense of being a political refugee in the United States.

Lets contrast this statement of Mr. Kapparos with the facts. We know already that Mr. Kapparos is a dedicated chess cheater and fraudster (in a worthy company of Mr. A. Kippur and Illuminated Kirsan). Lets also show that he is a highly dangerous political bluffer and swindler.

Please, listen to Mr. Putins introductory speech during his meeting with the representatives of the EJC in Kremlin one week ago, on January 19, 2016.

Here is the transcript of the meeting with my comments.


http://en.special.kremlin.ru/events/pre … news/51184

Meeting with European Jewish Congress Executive Committee

January 19, 2016, The Kremlin, Moscow
Vladimir Putin met with members of the European Jewish Congress Executive Committee.

The European Jewish Congress (EJC) is an international nongovernmental organisation founded in 1986, bringing together 42 European Jewish communities (about 2.5 million people). The EJC is headquartered in Paris and has offices in Berlin, Brussels, Budapest and Strasbourg.


Vyacheslav Kantor has been the organisations president since 2007.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: (Esteemed) Friends (somehow the epithet Esteemed was omitted in the English version of the speech - VS), allow me to warmly welcome you to Moscow.

I would like to say at the beginning of our conversation that we view your organisation and this is one of the most prestigious European non-governmental organisations as Russias natural ally in the fight against xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and various manifestations of extreme views, and our direct allies in preserving the memory of World War II, the consequences of that catastrophe of a global scale, the Holocaust.

(Right from the start Putin pledges his blind allegiance to the Babylonian mythology of WWII and the mentally lethal syndrome of political correctness. His words are superstitious magic incantations rather than responsible political statements. Shame upon Putin! VS)

I want to thank members of your organisations, perhaps as no one else, for directly hindering the glorification of Nazism in the past and in the present, and doing this openly, clearly, without any hesitation, and very effectively you may be one of the few organisations directly stating your position on this matter.

(Let's not forget, dear friends, that A. Hitler was financed by Wall Street banksters, the godfathers of Mr. Kapparos. - VS)

Moreover, I would like to note, and you probably know this, that members of the Jewish faith in Russia (Judaism is one of Russias traditional religions, which is reflected in our law) are highly engaged in public and religious activities.

As you know, in 2012, we opened the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre through our Jewish Centre.

(In the World Players Council we call it The Center of Tolerance towards corruption, lies, terrorism, human sacrifices, genocides and holocausts. VS)

V.V. Putin in the House of Tolerance (towards corruption and human sacrifices)

I visited it myself and I must say that it leaves a strong impression. I think that this is not just a centre for members of the Jewish faith or even just a centre for Russian Jews; rather, it is a nationwide centre that tells the various pages of our nations history, and everything there is done with great talent.

It houses the Schneerson library, which was the bone of contention for some time between the American Jewish community and us. But I hope now that these books have become freely available to everyone who wants to read them, those who want to use them for research, which is also of great interest I think we should no longer have a problem here. I hope that everyone who wants to, who truly wants to hold these books in their hands, to work with them, will get that opportunity. In my view, the situation has changed fundamentally.

But its not just about the fact that the Jewish community or communities are working in Russias major cities; they work practically across the entire country.

(Not only they work across the entire country but they have successfully organized no less than three holocausts in Russia, and every competent historian knows about it. V.S.)

Warm, friendly atmosphere in Kremlin

I cannot recall all the exact details now, but new synagogues and secular centres are being opened. Just recently, a new centre opened not far from Moscow. I havent had time to go there, but the rabbi there invited me, I will certainly go there and see it. I have seen photos, though; the design is very modern, but at the same time, quite modest. This is a kind of an educational centre and a religious centre too.

Center of organized crime in Zhukovka (Rublevka): modest design

And as I already said, things are developing in this respect in Russias regions, both from a clerical and secular standpoint. I would like to note that we are finding full understanding with representatives of Jewish communities. I hope this will continue in the future.

I believe we met with the Executive Committee in 2007. We hope we will be able to establish an intensive dialogue with the European Jewish organisations directly or through our representatives, who are sitting to my left and right.

To the left and to the right of Mr. Putin were seated (L on the photo) the chairman of FEOR (Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia) rabbi Alexander Boroda and the chief rabbi of Russia Shalom Dovber Pinchas Lazar (R). Both are fanatical adepts of the antichristian cult of the rebe rex-moshiach M.M.Schneerson (rebe-007) in a supposedly Christian Russia.

Once again, welcome! I am very happy to see you.

President of the European Jewish Congress Vyacheslav Kantor: Thank you very much, Mr President, for your warm words.

Vyacheslav Moshe Kantor is all smiles during the meeting. He knows well that he is at home in the bogus Russia

Of course, we know that you are a true friend of the Russian Jewish community, helping the community not only morally, but in all possible dimensions and respects.

(No doubt, president of the European Jewish Congress V. Kantor knows it, but Mr. Kapparos pretends to know nothing about the real state of affairs in Russia and lies on the CNN-show to incite hatred towards his fellow Zionist con-artist Mr. Putin and present himself as a sort of Kapparos victim of antisemitism of the ruling clique in RF. VS)

And even the fact that you know about the opening of this wonderful synagogue in Rublevka area, and your desire to visit it for us, this is an important signal of the Russian Presidents everyday participation in the communitys current affairs.

(Rublevka is the famous settlement of the counterfeit Jewish thieves, crooks and thugs at the outskirts of Moscow. Lots of presidential and governmental dachas are located there as well. It is one of the most universally hated neighbourhoods in the Moscow district. Obviously a new synagogue was opened there to emphasize one more time the firm grip of the organized crime over Russia and to make Rublevka even more odious to the Russian and Soviet people. The whole country is ruled by the kippur-kapparosian anti-human law. VS)

Mr President, this is actually my third meeting with the President of Russia. And you personally participated in the projects implemented by the Congress. This is, first and foremost, the anniversary of the liberation by the Red Army of the Auschwitz camp an anniversary that we will once again celebrate together soon, in just a few days, throughout Europe. We are grateful to you for the fact that our conversations have always been open and trust-based, even on sensitive topics.

Open and trust-based conversation on sensitive topics

And this time, we have come to you with a very frank talk, because we have alarming news. The position of Jews in Europe today is the worst since World War II. Jews are afraid, and a new exodus of Jews from Europe is entirely possible. (Wow! - VS)

Vladimir Putin: Yes, I saw these reports. People there are afraid to wear a kippah in public places, trying to hide their religious identity.

(A very curious example of mistranslation: Putin said nationality, it was transposed to religious identity. Obviously Judaism is none of these two. It is simply a methodology of massive deceit, mimicry and imitation. VS)

This is a problem. But I do not think that it [is] as bad as you say the worst situation since World War II.

(Apparently Putin is not happy about the situation but what to do? the peoples of Europe little by little get informed about the crimes of the fake Jews in Russia. VS)

Vyacheslav Kantor: Worse than you might think, Mr President.

Vladimir Putin: Well, maybe.

Noble protest and indignation are growing in Europe

Vyacheslav Kantor: Anti-Semitism in Europe has grown over the last three years, at 40% per year I am talking about very extreme cases of anti-Semitism, not small things. For example, more Jews have emigrated from the recently safe nation of France than from Ukraine, which is gripped by an internal conflict.

(This info deserves our attention. As we have seen before the most dreaded thing by the counterfeit Jews is the development of the human sciences and the spread of truth they call it growth of antisemitism. VS)

Why are Jews running from a Europe that was recently safe?

(Its very easy to understand why because they are afraid of the growing capacity of borregomatrix for logical and moral thinking. But as Mr. Kantor lacks this capacity himself he cant catch the reason. VS)

They are fleeing, as you rightly said, not only because of terrorist attacks against our communities in Toulouse, Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen, and now Marseille, but because of their fear to simply appear in the streets of European cities.

At the upcoming congress, we will discuss the topic of community safety on a practical level for the first time, because European nations can no longer fully guarantee the safety of their Jewish communities.

(First of all they cant prove that these communities ARE Jewish. And they want to continue their symphony of lies (chess Kippur-Kapparos hoax included). VS)

The active resolution on the issue of countering extremism, racism, anti-Semitism is sacrificed in favour of electoral priorities.

(Its very characteristic that the members of the EJC equiparate humane sciences with extremism and racism these people are really very dangerous obscurantists. VS)

The threat is coming not only from terrorists, but from so-called average economic migrants entering a cultural environment that is foreign to them. An example is the Cologne crisis. In this case, lengthy adaptation and education has no alternative. But the migrants from the greater Middle East are creating a new normality for themselves in Europe this normality is not safe for all others.

(As we know only too well, the wave of migrants from the Middle East was itself forced by the very aggressive messianic policy of Israel and United States, i.e. by the colleagues and cronies of Mr. Kantor, Kirsan, Kippur and Kapparos. VS)

Incidentally, the main principle the Jewish communities rely on in building their own security is education and creation of a structure consisting of professionals and volunteers that will bind the Jewish community and law enforcement agencies during pre-crisis and crisis periods.

(Ill try to translate it. Mr. Kantor is sharing with Mr. Putin his strong belief that the Babylonian Satanists who, guided by the mystical messianic scheming, deliberately caused major crisis in Europe, in Russia, in US and world over should now work at creation of the terrorist units who will suppress any kind of discontent of the defenseless gentile populations. And he adds that everyone should emulate British comrades as the most advanced in pursuit of this task. VS)

David Cameron, "the playboar" and "prime paedophile"

Unfortunately, the British, who have been working for 50 years now on creating such a structure, were right they have created the so-called gold standard in this area. You know, I was recently quite positively impressed when, at an annual meeting of this special organisation responsible for the security of the Jewish community, Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron presented a detailed plan of state financial support to ensure the security of the British Jewish community.

(As you can see the so called governments have in mind only the survival of the Babylonian criminals and Mr. David Cameron sets an example in this regard. VS)

We have always said that Jews are probably the most peaceful, tolerant, law-abiding European nation.

(It is not a nation, it is International. And if one is able to forget that this International, based upon the Talmudic ultrafascist doctrine and cabbalistic hatred of reason, had prepared and financed two world wars, three holocausts in Russia and quite a number of genocides all over the planet, ensured spread of sodomy and virtual ban on human sciences everywhere it was able to set a foot on - well, to such an ignorant dupe this International might seem peaceful and law-abiding. VS)

Putin: Soviet Government Was Mostly Jewish 80-85 % (115-120% Babylonian and Talmudic)

But they are the first and easiest target of hatred and violence, not just on the part of the Islamic extremists but radical nationalists as well.

(The "easiest target"? Just try to target one of these bastard-liars. - VS)

In particular, just recently, we received a message from the French National Front with a suggestion to consolidate against migrants. The president of the French Jewish community, one of our most respected presidents and the president of the largest community in Europe, Roger Cukierman, brought this question up at the Congress Executive Committee, and we unanimously resolved that consolidation with the far right is absolutely inadmissible.

(We have discussed it before: all these rights and lefts are shoddy political abstractions. They are mere reflections of the distribution of sephirots on the Etz Chaim and are being used to confuse the laymen. VS)

During the rich years, liberal democratic Europe coped with the problems of foreign culture communities, but since the crisis broke out, Europe has changed. We see an explosive growth in nationalism, xenophobia and racism, with radical right movements sprouting up like mushrooms.

(We have discussed the problem of racism as well it has its origin in Zohar, the main cabbalistic treatise of the XIII century. Yet another concept invented in order to brainwash the borregomatrix. Forbid Babylonian Talmud and Chaldean kabbalah and the racism will disappear in Europe as if by miracle. VS)

The manifestation of Islamic fundamentalism and extremism is whipping up these sentiments. And this is happening not only in France today; we are seeing this in Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Sweden and Italy. The continent has not outlived the age-old disease: during times of socioeconomic crisis, it is struck again by the virus of anti-Semitism.


That is why the Jews who carry the genetic memory of the horrors of the 1930s are leaving Europe.

(Yes, we remember how rebe-007 after having organized the bloodbath in Europe fled to the United States in June of 1941. Its a pity that gentiles start thinking i.e. show noble "Semitic" and "anti-Semitic" qualities only at the times of major crises. How many disasters could have been avoided if only the legitimate method of human sciences was obligatory in public schools! VS)

Vladimir Putin: They should come here, to Russia. We are ready to accept them.

(Just compare Putins statements with the lies of Kapparos in his CNN interview. VS)

Vyacheslav Kantor: This is a fundamentally new idea and we will certainly discuss it at the congress. I hope we will support you.

Vladimir Putin: They left the Soviet Union; now they should come back.

(Unfortunately they have never left. - VS)

Vyacheslav Kantor: You know, we want to express a truly high assessment of your policy, since the status of Jews in Russia today may be the best in Europe. After all, we are truly talking about the largest community after France.

(Well, this is highly dubious, because the official statistics make no sense. Rebe Schneerson himself put forward an estimate of the fake Jews in Russia at about 10 million and I agree with him. At least we can agree on something. VS)

Indeed, modern European anti-Semitism has no root relation to Jews themselves; this is a manifestation of a terrible systemic disease: Europe cannot handle civilizational, migration, and terrorist challenges.

(This one is really hilarious Europeans cannot handle the terrorist challenges, designed for them by the bearded mystics, and hence what a horror! - they start to figure out who is responsible for the terror. VS)


For example, the editor of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper wrote a week ago, The executioner now decides who is a Jew and who should be executed. We are all Jews now. That is a quote from the newspapers editor.

(Its impossible to read these clowns without a good laugh. VS)


The European Jews themselves are simply tired of condolences concerning the Holocaust.

(The Russian gentiles of good will are also tired of this nonsense. And they wait for the moment when the Babylonian Satanists instead of opening synagogues in Rublevka and incessant whining start paying reparations for the three communist and liberal holocausts carried out in Russia. VS)

They are awaiting practical steps from Brussels and national governments. But Europes leaders in many nations, for various reasons, often show irresponsibility in terms of practical resolution of problems, including so-called closed ethnic communities whose members often commit violent acts.

In our view, there can be only one criterion of responsibility does being closed off violate the laws of a nation, or it does not. For comparison, I will say that any Jewish community in the world abides by the primary Talmudic principle the chief rabbi will not let me exaggerate on this matter: the law of the country, and the responsibility of its leader is about such leaders ability to apply the national law regardless of the political situation.

(This statement of Mr. Kantor is very ambiguous and perhaps even deliberately misleading. VS)

A systemic illness of this kind requires a systemic cure. We need immediate joint actions by Russia, the United States and the European Union in fighting terrorism in all its forms. So our congress decisively supports the actions of the Russian Federation against Islamic State. The Russian Air Force is fighting not only against threats to Russia, but defending Europe as well, and we understand this quite well.

(Just compare again this eulogy and endorsement of Putins policy with the crazy assertions of the bobodebakú:

And nobody doubts now in Estonia or Latvia that if not for NATO membership, Putins tanks could be in Tallinn and Riga today NATO is the only the only thing that protects them, because Putin definitely looks for the weak spots on the map and he believes that, you know, if its if he can grab it, he does it.

So who is lying the president of the European Jewish Congress or the worldly known chess cheater disqualified by the WPC? In fact, both are lying but its another story. - VS)

In acting decisively against ISIS, Russia seeks to restore peace not only in Syria but also the greater Middle East to the same degree as in Russia.

(The so called ISIS created entirely by the United States and Israel. VS)

The threat of nuclear terrorism has now become even more real, things like a dirty bomb, the destruction of nuclear facilities or isotopes in medical centres, and so on. Islamic State already controls laboratories at the University of Mosul in Iraq, where 40 kg of uranium compounds were seized. According to some assessments, this is enough to build a dirty bomb.

Summing up all this, I would like to draw your attention to the following initiatives. With regard to anti-Semitism: supporting the legal recognition of anti-Semitism as a criminal offence;
(what a hatred towards human sciences and human rights! VS) supporting efforts and measures to ensure security for Jewish organisations; supporting the development of special on-going educational programmes for preschools, schools and universities, instilling the basics of safe tolerance in students.

(What kind of antiscientific and illegal crap is this: safe tolerance? Truly we are in the hands of accomplished psychopaths. VS).

With regard to global terrorism, including nuclear terrorism: the need for the leaders of Russia, the US, major states in Europe and throughout the world to recognise that countering nuclear terrorism is an important priority in ensuring international security; urgently reviving and strengthening cooperation along all previously adopted initiatives and UN Security Council resolutions on nuclear terrorism; calling a special session of the UN General Assembly on terrorism (I would consider it highly important to create a seventh UN main committee on this matter, specialising on the issue); ensuring maximum cooperation between special services and operational agencies to identify and prevent attempts to seize nuclear materials and stage nuclear attacks.

The US is no less controlled than RF

(First of all its necessary to recognize that Israel and US are number 1 and number 2 suspects of nuclear terrorism. VS)

But without a high level of political cooperation, which you always insist on, this urgent global project will be very vulnerable. We all very much need for Russia to play an important role in the coalition to counter global terrorism and anti-Semitism.

(Again its necessary to rectify: the main threat of global terrorism comes from three states: Israel, US and Great Britain, with their cohorts and colonies. They are opposed by all human beings of Good Will on this planet but in the first place by those who are capable of logical and moral thinking. These people - the best among the best, the pride of humanity, the cream of the Semites, the humble apostles of human sciences, the true children of God are contentiously, abusively and spitefully called anti-Semites by Mr. Kantor and his ilk. VS)

Mr President, I often think about why the memory of the Holocaust has not become a vaccine against the anti-Semitism that destroys any nation. We understand that anti-Semitism is the start of the trampling of common basic values, traditions, family, property and life itself.

(Just the opposite: the basic values have been trampled by the Talmudic ultrafascism and cabbalistic kippur-kapparosian rituals. At present moment it is absolutely vital to restore these values by means of sharp scientific criticism of Talmud and Kabbalah. VS)

And that is why the memory alone is not enough we need unity, since unity is power.

(Unity is fascio and when Mr. Kantor says FASCIO IS POWER he knows very well what he is talking about. VS)

We sincerely thank you for the fact that you have always been, remain, and I hope, will always be, a friend of the Jewish people.

(Once again lets recall the Kapparos cynical and poisonous LIE peddled for the CNN:


Putins propaganda its all like cult of death, its all poisonous, its war, I mean we have no enemies we just you know have to fight everybody. Soviet Union had some friends and here are enemies: Ukrainians, Georgians, Estonians, OF COURSE, AMERICANS, JEWS thats everywhere.

We can clearly see that Mr. Putin is a great friend not only of the Rublevka Israeli Mafia but also of the European Jewish Congress. And we shouldnt trust a single word of the Kapparos from Baku when he starts talking crap about Mr. Putin and former Russia. VS)

Thank you.

The meeting was a huge success: for counterfeit Jews only

January 19, 2016, The Kremlin, Moscow
http://en.special.kremlin.ru/events/pre … news/51184


Being strong supporters of the democratic procedures we have to insist once again: the decision of the WPC concerning the disqualification of the KKK chess crooks is irrevocable and must be implemented immediately. The levied fines could be reimbursed by Mr. Kantor himself if he really takes to the heart the prestige of his European Congress.



Dear chess friends, let me briefly comment, on behalf of the World Players' Council, on the recent declarations of the former "13th world champion" Garry Kapparos concerning the controversy stemming from the so called sanctions levied by the United States against the (former) FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

Garry Kasparov:

"Blaming Me for Ilyumzhinov's Corruption? This is Bizarre"


Wednesday, 10.02.2016 05:46

"The bizarre comments by Vladimir Kramnik attempting to blame me for FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's corruption are, if little else, definitive proof that exceptional chess skill does not represent broader intelligence or moral character. The habit in Vladimir Putin's Russia of blaming outside influences for all of the regime's crimes, failures, and blunders appears to be contagious enough to have reached Kramnik at his home in Switzerland.

Like anyone who cares about chess, I was saddened when the United States Treasury Department sanctioned Ilyumzhinov in Nov 2015 for aiding and acting for the brutal Syrian regime of Bashar Assad. It was another blow to the reputation of the game I have devoted my life to, one of many Ilyumzhinov has inflicted. It was also concrete evidence of the long-apparent fact that Ilyumzhinov has turned FIDE into an agent and money-laundering operation for Putin's KGB state. Ilyumzhinov's fate doesn't concern me, but the negative attention he attracts so consistently does great harm to the interests of professional chessplayers as well as to the activities of non-profit foundations like my own that are trying to spread the joys and benefits of the great game of chess".

Lets point out a few inaccuracies and distortions of reality committed by the disqualified Mr. Kapparos in his statement.

1. "The bizarre comments by Vladimir Kramnik attempting to blame me for FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's corruption are, if little else, definitive proof that exceptional chess skill does not represent broader intelligence or moral character.

Well, in this regard Mr. Kapparos personal example provides us with more than enough ground for concern and lamentations. We dont need bizarre comments by Vladimir Kramnik to draw the most unpleasant conclusions as regards moral character and broader intelligence of certain elite players.

Elite cheaters

2. The habit in Vladimir Putin's Russia of blaming outside influences for all of the regime's crimes, failures, and blunders appears to be contagious enough to have reached Kramnik at his home in Switzerland.

This kind of rebuke should be addressed to Mr. Kapparos himself, in the first place. No one better than him embodies the corrupt principle of shifting the blame from the criminal to his victim. This principle constitutes the core of the kippur-kapparos legal system common for both Zionist regimes in the US and Putins RF.


3. Like anyone who cares about chess, I was saddened when the United States Treasury Department sanctioned Ilyumzhinov in Nov 2015 for aiding and acting for the brutal Syrian regime of Bashar Assad. It was another blow to the reputation of the game I have devoted my life to, one of many Ilyumzhinov has inflicted.

We hope everyone is aware by now that this alleged blow inflicted by Kirsan to the reputation of the game is a far cry from the real damage dealt to the reputation of elite chess by Mr. Kapparos himself in his rogue matches with Mr. Kippur (1984-90), Short (1993), Anand (1995), and we are very saddened to mention it by his match with Mr. Kramnik in London, 2000. The dirty background of this rigged event organized by the British GM Raymond Keene in the capital of Financial International was fully exposed by the World Players Council as early as in 2002. Its truly amazing (and serves as yet another indication of the general level of corruption in the world of chess) that this story based on very strong evidence was not even mentioned once in the mainstream chess media.

4. It was also concrete evidence of the long-apparent fact that Ilyumzhinov has turned FIDE into an agent and money-laundering operation for Putin's KGB state.

Again we have to remind to Mr. Kapparos that he in person and his closest chess collaborators embody in the most efficient and spectacular way this very Putins KGB state (as well as Obamas CIA and Mossad state). Just have a look at some pictures of Mr. Kapparos cronies, blood relatives and associates who symbolize the present day criminal Russia.

Timur Leonidovich Weinstein, Mr. Kapparos' cousin from Baku, the General producer and Deputy General Director of one of the major TV channels in "Putin's Russia", NTV, appointed on December 1, 2015. Mr. Weinstein symbolises "Putin's propaganda machine", he is in charge of brainwashing Russian population. Do you see the pattern? While Russians are totally enslaved and have no access to the media at all, Mr. Kapparos' cousin spreads "Putin's propaganda" for the masses and then Mr. Kapparos in person insistently prompts "Western leaders" to punish collectively "slavish Russian population" for their endorsement of "Mr. Putin's dictatorship". Can you imagine a more perverse and criminal mindset than these "wizards from Baku" display?

Arcady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister in Dmitry Medvedev's Cabinet, former Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation since 13 May 2008 till May 2012. Son of Vladimir Jacob Dvorkovich, international chess arbiter, Secretary of the Soviet Chess Federation and Kapparos' inevitable "confidence man" for many years since 1980s. Dvorkovich Sr. accompanied Mr. Kapparos to all major chess competitions, his main task was eavesdropping, overhearing grandmasters' conversations in the corridors. Gens Una Sumus in action. His son Arcady Dvorkovich is considered to be one of the most corrupted members of the RF government. Being at the same time one of the "supervisors" of the "Russian Chess Federation" he is a key figure in covering up the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s chess hoaxes with participation of Kippur and Kapparos.

Kapparos' bosom friend as a cogwheel in "Putin's KGB state"

Close working relationship with prime-minister Dmitry Medvedev

Former executive director of the Russian chess federation Ilya Levitov, Kirsan Illuminated and Arcady Dvorkovich, Moscow 2010, Tal Memorial. Here's the declaration of Ilya Levitov made on page 76 of his book "Second's notes" (2006) dedicated to the rigged match in London between Kapparos and Kramnik: "In each generation the Jews (the counterfeit "Jews" - VS) have a spiritual leader whose life serves as an example for everyone. Since 1950s rebe Menachem Mendl Schneerson is such a leader." - Chapter "Chess and Kabbalah". It's impossible to overestimate the importance of the late rebe's antichristian cult, shared by Mr. Kapparos as well, for the present plague of corruption in "Russia".



Don't you notice that it's just one big chess family that shares the same antichristian "values of corruption"?

On the photo you see Mr. Kapparos together with Andrei "Makarov" (Rosenblum), former president of the Russian chess federation.

Here's the same "Andrei Makarov", one of the closest companions of Mr. Kapparos' in the criminal chess revolution of 1990s. At present he holds a very responsible post of the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on budget and taxes. He has also his own TV program on the 1st channel, ironically called "Freedom and Justice". Rightfully it can be claimed that Mr. Makarov is one of the spinners of "Putin's propaganda". As you see, the present day "Russia" is ruled by Mr. Kapparos' cronies and relatives who profess the same cult of Antichrist, the same cult of Global Deception and Slavery. The Orthodox Russians in this country have no human rights whatsoever. Everything is under rigid control of the Babylonian mafia (fake "Jews").

5. Ilyumzhinov's fate doesn't concern me, but the negative attention he attracts so consistently does great harm to the interests of professional chessplayers as well as to the activities of non-profit foundations like my own that are trying to spread the joys and benefits of the great game of chess".

Obviously, Mr. Kapparos suffers from a very serious mental disorder he is a Compulsive Liar. Such a sickly depressive quality (to pronounce egregious and absurd lies every time he opens his mouth) is a matter of great and legitimate concern for the chess community.

Not only because of the negative publicity he attracts to the game and the chessplayers at large, not only due to the fact that he perfectly symbolizes the criminal regimes of Putin and Obama but also because his meddling in politics is motivated by a very clear desire to accelerate the big nuclear conflict in Europe.

It is high time we put to end the psychotic ravings and whinings of Mr. Kapparos. We invite all our esteemed readers to think of their own possible contribution to this noble and democratic task.






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